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My (31 M Straight) hypersexual adventures (Adventure #1) (Quickie, Cheating, Fantasy)

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In my life I have had many sexual experiences. Some Direct and some indirect. Im a hypersexual and its nearly impossible for me to stay away from fantasies and experiences so I thought I would stop hiding who I am and just share them with the world. I decided to make my first story a fantasy in which I had about this woman I met at my job. I hope you enjoy as I have many more to share. I numbered all the small chapters so you can skip to what ever part you want. The good stuff starts at part 4 (hint)

1. I fix aircraft for a living and I have a large team of individuals who are mainly rich or super priviledged. I myself am not very privileged and it took me a lot of work to get where I am. I was partnered with this woman to work on a rotar blade. Shes 25, white, brownish blondish type hair with a petite body. Freckles on her face and has a slight southern accent and grayish eyes. Shes not even a complete 10 but what stood out was this event I went to with her weeks after we had completed our work. Our company was having a get together for someones birthday so out of respect I made sure not to miss it. I had no Idea she would be there.

2)Im standing in the backyard near the grill just making small talk with random people when she walks in (with her husband smh) and this was literally the first time I seen her out of uniform. She was wearing this lacefront belly shirt with some tight jeans that came down to her ankles. Judging by her cleavage, I could tell she was probably like a b or c cup. She immedialtely started drinking as soon as she got to the party.

3)Skip ahead like 30minutes and shes just plain drunk. She let her hair loose from her pony tail and started Shaking her ass and dancing while touching her tits. I was trying to mind my business but I couldnt stop peaking over at her. Her husband noticed me glancing a couple of times but honestly if he had a problem with it he should have just told his girl to stop dancing. After a couple of minutes of me drinking as well. I really didnt care about her husband and just kept looking. I was in such a trance. She noticed me staring and winked at me. When the party was over I drove home thinking “What if I had winked back at her?”

4)I imagined her waiting til her husband wasn’t looking anymore, then walking past me brushing her shoulder against mine and as I turn towards her to apologize for blocking her path she’d whisper “Follow me!” and proceed to walk into the house and I’d discreetly follow her as she leads me into the bathroom. As soon I get to the door she’d pull me in then look outside of the door to make sure noone noticed us. Then she closes the door and locks it and turn around with a slight giggle then gets close to me and bites her lip as she starts rubbing on my dick. I grab her by the waist and pull her closer to me and then proceed to rub her ass as she starts to unzip my pants. We would start kissing as I slide my hand up her shirt and begin to feel her breast. Noticing she doesnt have on a bra. She then takes her shirt off and exposes her pink nipples and then unbuckles her pants while whispering “We gotta hurry before my husband starts looking for me.”

5)After our clothes come off she tries to put my dick in her mouth but giggles and whispers ” It’s too big for my mouth” So I lay her down on the floor and begin licking her clit and shoving my toungue deep into her pussy then out and into her ass and then back into her pussy as she breathes deeper and deeper while pushing my head further in between her legs. I can taste her cummming into my mouth as I rub my rock hard dick. She then whispers “I cant take this anymore I want you inside of me now!” So I lift my face up and my face is just completely soaked with saliva and her juices.

6)I slowly begin to push my 9 inch dick into pussy her but shes so tight that Im having trouble getting it in. She lifts both her legs up and I finally thrust my way in. She lets out a gasp and then covers her mouth. She then pulls my head close to hers and whispers “Oh my Gosh its so big!” Shes so tight Im already feeling like Im going to explode inside her at any second but I just steady my breathing and begin stroking her. She closes her eyes and begins moaning softly and then more intensly as I begin stroking harder. I can feel her pussy pulsating and becoming wetter with every stroke. It’s only like about two minutes and Im litterally hanging on for dear life trying not to impregnate this chick!

7)All of a sudden she opens her eyes and begins staring at me with extreme intensity while biting her lip really hard. I hear sloshing noises and notice my legs are getting soaked. I look down and notice her squirting all over me. This was it! I couldn’t hold it anymore. I begin pounding her as hard as I possibly can, pressing my feet against the wall for better leverage. She starts screaming and I forgot to pull out as I suddenly explode deep into her gut. Then I just just lay there on top of her for like 15 seconds as we both breath heavily. She then whispers “I really needed that thanks. I got to go. I’ll see you at work”.

8)As I pull out, all of my fluids just start pouring out of her but shes in a rush so she just pulls her pants and shirt back on and slowly opens the door. She then looks to make sure the coast is clear and turns around and winks at me again, then she walks out and closes the door as I sit there just stunned at what just happened.

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