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My (28M) First Time with my cousins best friend Gemma (27F) earlier tonight

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I guess this is the beginning if people want to read [\_m28\_first\_threesome\_with\_f23\_and\_f27\_on\_friday/](


Anyway on from that. Gemma came round to my house tonight after we’d been sexting and sending nudes and talking the past couple of days since the weekend, she got here at about 5.30pm.

When she arrived, I let her in the door and then gave her a little slap on the ass as she walked past me, we went in the livingroom and I asked if she wanted anything to drink she said no but I gave her a bottle of water anyway. I sat next to her and kind of pulled her in/on top of me for a kiss and said i’d been dying to do this again since the weekend. We kissed and snuggled on the couch for 5 minutes then I slipped off onto my knees and took her shorts off, I gave the inside of her thighs some little kisses just for fun and to tease her then pulled her down a bit and started to lick her pussy.

I put my hands around the outside of her legs and kind of pulled the inside of her thighs as I started to lick around her clit, I always kind of get lost in eating pussy where I am thinking about every movement im doing and where im licking. Her pussy is so neat and tucked that its tough to find your place when you let your tongue wander too far away. I occasionally went down and stuck my tongue inside a little and licked the sides and even gave her asshole a little tickle. I love when girls close there thighs and squeeze your head a bit and she did that quite a lot. After maybe 10 or 15 minutes I started to use my hands as well, rubbing around the pussy gently as I continued to lick around her clit eventually put a finger or two in and after a while she started to shake and wiggle and pull away a bit saying she was cumming.

I got back up on the couch and we kissed and and touched each other for a while, I stood up and took my shorts out, by now my dick had been rockhard practically since she came in the door. I stood in front of her and she teased it slowly a little at first, grabbed it with one hand and was kissing the head for a while just kissing it then pulling back and kissing it again, she did it maybe 15 or 20 times then let go then started to lick under the head a bit while she was holding my balls. I was so turned on at this point and just said “stick your tongue out” which she did and I started slapping it on her tongue and then said “open up” and put it in her mouth. She tried to deep throat it a little at the start but then held it in her hand and sucked on the head for a while.

At this point I want to fuck her so bad as it’s all i’ve thought about for like 4 days, we got up and got the rest of our clothes off and I said will I het a condom, she said no it’s fine if I don’t want to. So I just sat back down on the couch, she stood in front and I started to rub her pussy a bit before she climbed on top. She took my dick and guided it over and sat down on it slowly, I was surprised a little how easy it went in as I felt from eating her pussy that she was pretty tight and i’d been with a couple of girls like that before where it took a little more effort to enter but I slipped right in. She was tight but felt so wet and good as she started to move around. I wanted to let her do things at her own pace for a while so I only wiggled around a little bit as she was slowly riding me, occasionally stopping to lean in for some kisses.

After a little while, I stood up, picking her up and kissed as my dick was still inside, i’d always wanted to try fucking standing up and although planned it once I lifted her up I thought maybe not now lol so I put her back on the couch and sat back down and said we should try reverse. So she got back on this time in reverse and we fucked like that for a while, I like the view of reverse just something hot about it, I felt I was about to cum but didn’t want to so I pulled her back a bit and sucked on her nipple then kind of rolled her off, I didnt want to let her know I was getting close. I said come on into the room so we got on the bed, she layed in the middle and I lifted her legs up and feet over my shoulders and started to fuck her like that, tried to keep a pretty slow rhythm for a bit, eventually swapped positions to just one leg up and as I started to fuck her a little harder I said where do you want me to cum but she just said “wherever”, we moved into missionary and I started to go a little harder and then when I was about to cum I pulled out and came on her stomach, it was a decent amount of cum from me not masturbating for a while but landed quite neatly on her not making much of a mess. I had baby wipes next to the bed and grabbed them and passed her and she wiped up a bit and I wiped my dick.

We giggled a little just at the awkwardness, I grabbed a pillow and layed with my head on it on top of her legs and asked what did she want to eat as I did invite her over for dinner and we ended up ordering a pizza, while we waited we just layed in the same position talking still naked. Then I had to get up and answer the door so I got clothes on got the pizza and we sat on my bed eating it, her still fully naked watching masterchef.

I actually did contemplate grabbing a slice of pizza and wiping it all over her and saying “oh you’ll need a shower now” so we’d get in the shower together but thought it might be too much and too weird/crazy for the first time and she’d been at work and might want to go home. Shay stayed until just after 9pm then went home and now i’ve wrote this about it.

I took a picture of her when she was kind of reverse cowgirl on the couch and sent it to her after she was home with 😍 emoji saying I can’t wait until next time and she said “same” so hopefully it becomes seomthing good as I do really like her.

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