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My (19F) First Time with a woman blew my mind Part 2

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Loved to know you guys enjoyed the first part 😊

The quick uber back to her place was a blur. Her slender hand rested on my inner thigh gently squeezing. I was in ecstasy trying to remember to breathe. I was so confusingly turned on by this woman, everything she did from her gentleness to her confidence made me desire her more. It just felt so right, I was tipsy enough that I didn’t even consider what this meant I was purely in the moment, feeling the throbbing waves of horny anticipation.

Just as we pulled up to her flat her hand brushed over my thong causing a low moan to escape my lips. As soon as we got through the door I was all over her. My tongue locking with hers as she guided me to the bed, pushing me lightly onto it.

I looked up at her standing over me with lustful eyes as she slowly removed her dress, slinking out of it. Her breasts were so beautiful, nipples just slightly up-pointed with her blond curls resting over them. She never stopped looking at me, basking in the effect she had over me. Her hips curved perfectly pulling my eyes down to her cutely trimmed bush. I’d never appreciated a woman more. She was stunning. She gestured at me to lie back and then climbed onto the bed.

She kissed her way tantalizingly up my leg, starting at the calf, I felt my skin flush at her touch and my pussy ache to feel her. As she got to my thigh I audibly gasped. I felt close to cumming just by her closeness and control of me.

She whispered softly “good girl, I’ve got you” it made a wave of horny butterflies flood my body. Then she did it. She slipped my thong to the side and ran her tongue over my aching pussy. I shuddered with the unexpected pleasure. She repeated this motion, up and down elicitng the most esquisite sensation like id never felt before as if she was savouring the taste of me. She held my hips with her hands pulling me into her face. It was as if she’d broken through a pleasure barrier I hadn’t even known existed with guys.

She started to gently swirl her tongue over my clit and added the slightest pressure to my hole with her fingers; just lightly fucking me a cm at a time. Short slow thrusts into me. I was in heaven. This combination threw me over the edge and I started moaning uncontrollably. I came all over her face pleading with her to not stop. She seemed to be smiling at me as she looked up as the torrent of orgasmic feeling began to gradually subside into ripples, “I’m just getting started”.

I had never cum from oral before and usually couldn’t cum from a partner stimulating me so this was such a profound and intense experience for me. That night I must’ve cum at least twice more as she teased and fucked me till I was shaking then as I finally was coming up from the depths of my pleasure, she grinned at me “my turn”…

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