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Multiple guys came in me at our office party! [26F]

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Some of my coworkers used me as entertainment at an office event

I have fucked a few coworkers in general, they definitely know I’m the office slut. My new office is a little space in the back, perfect for covert fucking. I wear my best work-appropriate slut dress (easy to go commando, accentuates my ass and tits, and I can pull my tits out of the top for quick fucks) and it pays off almost immediately. I see a few people eyeing me up and I just say hi, hang out a while.

I mention that I’m going to my desk to get charge my phone while we’re hanging out in the main common spot (I don’t drink much at parties so I’m more ready for stuff like this lol)

One of the guys I’ve given blowjobs to asks if he can join me. I gesture for him to follow, leading him back to where my desk is. It’s right behind a wall on one side, still open but far enough away that you can duck behind the cubicle wall. I also have a decent amount of space and a large chaise thing against the window that I use when I can lol.

As soon as I get back I plug my phone in and turn to him, asking what he wants.

“Can I uh- can we fuck? Quick?”

I smile and shrug, stepping forward to the little lounge and getting on all fours with no prep needed. I’ve been edging myself all day, and my pussy is soaked. I had no intention of not getting some action tonight.

“I’m clean but if you want condoms there’s some in the drawer.”

I hear the drawer go and then he’s sliding in, gasping in relief while I moan and gasp, adjusting to him. Finally our hips crash together and he wastes no time just driving right into me, my ass jiggling with every motion. It doesn’t take him long, then he’s sliding out.

“Do you want-,” he starts, clearly feeling a little bad I didn’t come but I’m not really in it for that tonight so i wave him off. I want to be USED.

I sit, stretching as another of my coworkers, some guy in a different department I’ve spoken to a couple times, comes in and though I’m sitting, my legs are spread wide, my pussy just barely covered. He swallows.

“You uh- looking for something?”

“I’m taken. Can I still-,” and I nod, lifting the skirt of my dress so he can see my pussy. I point him to the condoms and he hesitates, then looks to me, then unbuckles his belt. He’s already half hard, thickening quick. I take it into my hands and stroke it, taking my tits out of my dress with my other hand. He groans and I look up at him while my tongue teases the head of his cock with tiny, teasing licks.

I catch a drop of precum on my tongue and groan, sucking it down with a moan. He threads his hand into my thick hair and winds it around his fist, pulling me onto his cock slowly. My throat gives in easily, taking him to the root and being held there before being let go. I gasp and then he’s pulling me back on. I continue, letting him fuck my face, tears streaming as I gasp for breath.

He pulls out and I get into a comfortable position on my back, he climbs on the chaise and lifts my hips up, smacking the tip of his cock against my pussy, the wet smack definitely audible if someone’s nearby.

He fucks into me hesitantly at first but then I’m grabbing my own breast and throwing my head back and he’s filling me up over and over, leaning over me to suck a hickey right over my one tit. I come soon, gasping quietly so the whole office doesn’t come looking but I know the way I’m clenching around him sends him into his own orgasm. He cums inside me and I savor the feeling.

He leaves and I head back out, his spend trickling down my thighs. I grab another drink, a few cookies, talk to other people and mingle. My one work buddy that I fuck a lot when his wife is away flags me down.

“You wanna go back to my office? Need to break in the new desk.”

Clearly he needs to cum. His cock is pretty big so I can already feel my excitement build. His office is private and it takes us no time to start kissing the way I know he likes, he’s playing with my tits and slapping my ass. Just as he’s unbuckling I warn him.

“Condom unless you want sloppy seconds.”

“That’s alright, I’ll just make you more of a mess.”

I hum, giving him a grin before I present my ass to him, leaving over his desk. He teases the big head of his cock over my swollen pussy lips, fucking into me shallowly as I groan, feeling the way he stretches me as he bottoms out.

It feels so good, I feel myself start to pant for breath.

“You’re so much better than my wife” he whispers and I moan.

“Fuck me daddy, I need you so bad.” It’s overdone yes but it always works lol.

He fucks into me with no resistance now, all I can feel is the way he fucks me open and the way my hip bones crash into his desk. They’ll be bruised, I hope.

I’m a whining mess, my lipstick completely ruined as I bite my lip, taking every thrust until I feel him fuck me full of even more cum and then I’m coming as well. He takes a moment and then pulls out slowly, reaching in to scoop out some of the mess with two thick fingers.


He presents them to me at I’m still shaking from my own orgasm, I lick his fingers clean eagerly, tasting their cum and swallowing it down like a good slut. He leaves with a smack of my ass.

Eventually I collect myself and head back out, touching my lipstick up in the bathroom before going back to schmoozing.

I notice the last one of the night just as things are starting to wind down. He stares at my tits but hasn’t made a move. He’s quiet, but his voice is so low. As people are leaving, he says he has something to ask and I hang back, really hoping he just wants to fuck like the others.

Thankfully it’s just that and he eventually stutters that he wants to fuck my tits and then maybe my pussy.

That I can do! I take him back to my cubicle, lifting my dress off completely for mess purposes. He sits on my chaise, his cock swollen and and long, already leaking. I grab a small bottle of lube near my condoms and smear it over each of my tits so he can see. I’m a fat chick with big tits. They’re perfect for this. I get his cock right between and he fucks up into them as I hold them tight around his dick.

He grunts after a minute and then I tell him to scoot back. I offer him a condom. He shakes his head. “Can i- I wanna cum inside you. I think I saw some on you and I just. Like if it’s not too much uh- I wanna knock you up.”

It is no secret I think that’s like the hottest thing. I am an office slut. Word gets around.

So I’m over his lap, he’s playing with my tits, sucking my nipples as I slowly take each inch of his cock. He feels so good, it’s hitting all the right spots and I’m horny as hell. I ride him like a toy, my arms around his neck and we kiss, I moan without fear of even being caught. He’s whispering in my ear then, telling me he’s gonna fuck me full, that he’ll enjoy seeing me bred and pregnant at work without even knowing if it’s his- all the stuff that gets me going. I cum fast. It’s my kink it really gets to me.

He takes a nipple between his fingers and I actually scream, he’s driving up into me now as I come back down, my hips moving on instinct, meeting his.

I kiss him, moaning, telling him how good it feels to fuck him, how much I want him to cum deep inside and then he’s unloading, it takes like 10 seconds, i gasp as he fills my pussy up even more. I’m a fucking mess. It’s the best.

Anyway so yeah then I had to drive home with cum like staining the driver’s seat of my car. ✌️

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