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Movie Theatre Fun

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Its a cold afternoon and we pull up outside the cinema. We enter the cinema, it’s deserted. We get to our screening and walk inside, met by the familiar dim lights of the screen. We walk all the way to the back of the theatre. I let you go first so I can see your beautiful arse bulge beneath your sexy black dress. We walk along to the aisle the darkest, quietist corner. No one will disturb us. As we look around, we discover that we’re alone. No one else in the theatre. At all.

As the lights dim and the movie begins, my hand gently caresses your knee and you move closer and wrap your arms around my arms and rest your head against my shoulder, sending sparks shooting down my spine. I brush my nose against your hair, taking in your scent that’s like a personal drug to me. My dick throbs at all the ideas running through my head as we sit there in this empty cinema hall.

I’m no longer paying attention to the film as I make my move. The hand on your knee slowly gets higher, caressing your legs..I drop it in even higher, running my thumb along your inner thigh. It makes you gasp and you sit up to look at me and you ask “what are you doing?”
I look at you and say nothing. The cheeky smile on my face says it all.

My hand begins to rub and squeeze your inner thigh more and more. I look down at you and notice your eyes close, breathing getting deeper. You’re enjoying this. Naturally your legs uncross and spread themselves, inviting my hand higher. I smirk and watch as my hand disappears under the hem of your dress. Your back arches and your hand grabs my arm suddenly as I rub your clit with my thumb over the top of your underwear. Your underwear is damp..moist.. you’re longing for me.. aching for me. Your words are begging for me to stop, but your actions say the opposite as your legs spread even wider and you lift your dress up higher. I lift your left leg and spread it across my lap, the weight of your leg making my dick throb in anticipation.

With skilled hands, I pull your underwear to the side. No more barrier between your pussy and me. You feel a slight coldness against your clit as I remove your underwear from in front of it, making you shiver and grasp me tighter. You look at me with pleading eyes. I don’t hesitate.

I rub your clit gently with my finger, making it swell and pulsate with my touch. Your lips part, letting out a small moan. Then I get to work. I slip my two fingers inside you, stretching your tight pussy. It shocks you and you slip down further in your seat, legs shaking slightly. I pull my fingers out and hold them up. They’re glistening, all wet with your juices. I bring them close to your face and you waste no time in sucking them, desperate to taste yourself on my fingers. Good girl 😈

You pull your underwear down and leave them hanging on the edge of your heels. Perfect. Nothing in the way now. I get to work. Your pussy sucks my fingers up desperation and I slide them back out. In out and repeat. Working up a rhythm. Your hair gets messier as you push your head back against your seat. Your hand is gripping me tighter and tighter as I fuck you with my fingers harder and harder. The wetness of your pussy can be heard as my hand smacks against you. You let out stifled moans and your eyes roll back as I rub your clit with my thumb. You tell me you’re close to cumming. I waste no time pulling my fingers out and dropping to my knees, eager to finish you off with my tongue. It’s all dark in the cinema theatre and you lose sight of me as I disappear into the darkness. You cry out as you feel my warm wet tongue prying between your legs, eagerly lapping you up. Tasting your delectable tastes in my mouth. I swirl my tongue around your clit and thrust it inside you, against the inner walls of your pussy. My thumb continues to rub your clit and I build a rhythm tongue fucking you until I push you over the edge. Your back arches and legs resting on my shoulders cross over, trapping me against your pussy. My mouth fills with your juices which I swallow desperately. Heaven.

I sit back on my seat and wipe my mouth with my sleeve. I glance at you and see you staring at me in disbelief, breathing heavily. You can’t believe we just did that, I made you cum in the theatre. You lean over the armrest and kiss me deeply, your tongue expertly parting my lips and snaking inside my mouth. You taste yourself in my tongue, the familiar saltiness. At the same time your hand reaches down and grabs at the bulge in my jeans. My legs stiffen. You begin to undo my belt and unbutton my jeans, all while kissing me. You pull away and smile. “Now it’s my turn”.

You yank my jeans down and rip down my boxers, my long hard erection springing free. You grab at it and squeeze it slightly with your hand. I sigh. You jerk my dick, bringing your hand up and down my shaft, making it harder and harder. The veins pop with pleasure and you handle my dick.

Then without warning you stand up and stand in front of me. You turn away from me to face the screen and slowly back up and lower yourself. You use your guide you guide my dick into your pussy. Simultaneously we both moan at the same time as my dick gets sucked up inside you, the warmth around it is heavenly. You get to work. Using the sexy strong leg muscles of yours, you ride me up and down. Bouncing on my hard penis, your ass shakes with each ride. I place my hands on your cheeks and squeeze them. So soft. You start fucking me faster and faster. The sound of your ass smacking against my body gets louder and louder, but we don’t care because we’re alone in the theatre. You moan louder but they’re drowned out by the dialogue of the movie. You’re grabbing at my legs for support as you ride me faster, working on my dick. I’m getting close. Very close. It doesn’t faze you and you fuck me even harder.

Until I’m there. My hips push up against your ass and I pull your body in close as my dick pulsates and I empty myself into you. My mind goes blank and I lose sense of my surroundings as I revel in the mind blowing orgasm you’ve given me.

I come to my senses and you climb off my dick and in a flash pull your underwear up. I look at you and raise my eyebrow in question. You blush slightly. “So your cum doesn’t drip down my leg” I laugh and pull you into me for an embrace and kiss your hair as we watch the rest of the film with you in my arms.

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