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Morgan L. by biggoxx

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Morgan L

Morgan sat in her kitchen now for the first time she began having doubts my god she thought I just spent the night fucking two of my son’s friends I enjoyed the hell out of it, but young guys talk I would not want Terry to find out. I would like to see them again, but this may become difficult when Terry is home. Her phone buzzed bigguy came up she instantly answered, what Morgan didn’t know was her two new fuck buddies were planning a gangbang on her for Saturday night.

Saturday morning, she was walking around the house very happy, she was still leaking cum from Friday nights sex with Roy and Jesus. She was sure they would be back tonight, so she was going to get laid again.

Her phone rang bigguy was the name, “hi Roy baby what’s up? Well in a couple of hours me babe just wanted to see if 7:30 was good for you, sure is lover I’ve got another outfit I’ll be wearing its green, so I hope you’ll like it”. Roy told her he had to go so he’d see her at 7:30 the line went dead.

At 4:30 she was in her bathroom getting ready, she had opened a bottle of wine finished it so she started on vodka just enough to take the edge off as she was giggling with anticipation of this evenings sex. She had never had sex with two men at the same time so Friday night was a first, she admitted to herself it was exciting they could do things to her she never thought possible. She had never squirted until last night, but she was sure she wanted to do it again. What she didn’t know was Terry was on his way home as the trip was cut short due to his friend’s dad breaking his leg on the quad.

She was finishing her third vodka as she heard a car in the driveway, she walked over to the garage door she opened it the guys walked in. They immediately wedged her between them, she felt their rock-hard cocks pushing into her she was getting sexually charged. Roy had his tongue in her mouth while Jesus unhooked her bra to free her big tits, he then started manhandling her nipples.

The rough treatment to her nipples was electrifying she could not believe how much she enjoyed being treated that way. They finally separated but Jesus was still working on her nipples, “babe it feels wonderful but let go in the den have a drink get comfortable and see what we want. I want that hot, tight, wet pussy” came from Roy. “Well your going to get that but we’ve got all night so I need a drink, would you like something warm and sticky” Jesus asked She cocked her hips to the side with her hands on them she smiled wickedly, “oh yes I’m definitely have warm and sticky to night but now I’d like cold with ice”.

They all laughed they headed for the den, after she made drinks, she sat between them putting one of her legs over each guy leg she was spread eagle sitting between them. “Are you going to suck my cock after these drinks” asked Jesus “certainly god I’m really glad cum isn’t fattening” again they all laughed.

Both guys now stood up Roy put his thumbs in the waistband of her panties she lifted her butt as he slid them off. She was smiling she didn’t realize they had taken pictures of her spread eagle nor did she realize the conversation was being recorded.

Roy got down between her legs she realized he was going to eat her pussy, she gently spread her pussy lips now her clit was in full view he went to work sucking on it while with two finger sound her g spot he was going to make her squirt again.

She had a couple of orgasms as he continued to work on her pussy, they heard the front door, Jesus jumped up “I’ll get ride of whoever it is”. She closed her eyes she waved her hand totally consumed in animal lust.

What she didn’t know was at the door was 4 more of the team Jesus showed them in, quietly they stripped down, they entered the den as she was moaning, “Roy please fuck me now I’ll squirt later but now I need a big fat hard cock”! As she felt the cock slid in her wet cunt it felt different, she looked up to see the smiling face of another black kid Clarence she would be told all their names later.

Due to the drinks the wonderful pussy stimulation from Roy she just accepted the new cock with a grin. His cock was long and fat it felt wonderful he was balls deep pumping her hard she was responding with grunts and moaning as she had a strange cock in her mouth actually it was in her throat. She grabbed his shoulders her moans told them what was happening, she body convulsed from the climax she started having. “UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG was all she could utter as the sensation of cum flooding her pussy caused her to continue to orgasm again. As the pounding of her pussy stopped cum was blasted down her throat the volume was so great it shot out through her nose, but a good deal went down her throat.

As the two new guys moved away, they were replaced but two more new faces. It was apparent she was going to get fucked by all these guys, so she just laid back as she would enjoyed it. After receiving more cum in both her pussy and mouth they moved off her, she sat up cum leaking from her swollen pussy lips and wiping the cum from her nose she looked at Roy and Jesus.

“Excuse me gentlemen who are the new faces or let me say the new cocks”? Jesus made the introductions, they were Clarence, Tig, Ralph and Willie all four were black. “Let’s go to your room Morgan” with that said Roy took her hand and led her to the bedroom. As she walked, she made squishing noises as she was leaking cum.

“Morgan we’re going to do something new with you, both Jesus and I have discussed it we’d like to really do a DP”. She looked at him, “what’s that Roy laid on the bed he pulled Morgan on top of him impaling his cock deep in her cum soaked pussy. He pulled her close to him, so her tits were in his chest, then she realized Jesus’s cock was about to enter her ass. He had lubed his cock, but it was still large, she felt pressure as the head entered. “Stop your tearing me apart” he kept slowly pushing forward she felt his cock bottom out he pulled his cock almost out then slammed it back in her body shuddered her butt cheeks squeezed causing her pussy to contract around Roy cock soon they were rocking at a steady rhythm.

“ Ohhhhhhh fuccccccccccc meeeeee oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk myyyyyy sloppyyyyyyyyyyy cuntttttttttttttttttt please deeper harded oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk”, she had never experienced anything like this in her life. She felt shock waves rippling her through her body she was at the edge, suddenly Roy’s cock blasted cum deep in her pussy causing Jesus to pump cum into her bowels. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk myyyyyyyyyyy cuntttttttttttttt fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee”.

She lost consciousness for several seconds, she opened her eyes looking at Roy she uttered, “WOW! That was unbelievable”. She heard cheers as she realized the room was filled with the other four guys. Roy and Jesus got off the bed they were replaced by Willie and Tig, “hey guys give a girl a few seconds”, they grabbed her and she was once again impaled by two hard cocks. It didn’t take long before she felt the tingling in her pussy. “Oh god my cunttttttt feelllllllll wetttttt your strectching myyyyyyyyy ugggggggg she orgasmed again after several more orgasms she felt cum being pumped into her bowels. “Oh, fuckkkkkkkkk her pussy exploded as another load of cum was deposited in it.

The two guys separated from her two more replaced them, “guys please my ass is burning I’m leaking cum like an old faucet” she was once again impaled. Her pussy and ass had been stretched by now so both new cocks fit in deeply without effort it wasn’t long before she once again was moaning as her body was racked by several large orgasms until more cum was deposited in her.

As they separated, she realized her ass was gapping open from the use it had been given her pussy was swollen cum was leaking out to the point she was soaked in it.

Finally she sat up looking at the gang all sitting around the room, “when I asked you to stop why didn’t you guys, my ass will be sore for a week not to mention my pussy is stretched I’ve got a gallon of cum in me! Stop bitching Morgan you just got fucked stupid how does your body feel”?

She hesitated for a moment, “well I guess I’ve attended my first gangbang I can honestly say I’d consider doing it again but I’m going to need practice I’m not sure I’ll have a normal bowel movement for a week”. Everyone in the room laughed, “ok Morgan time to start sucking cock lets drain any cum left in our nut sacks”. Without hesitation she started sucking the closes cock.

After swallowing six loads of cum she was exhausted the four new guys got up they were leaving, “Morgan we’ll be back tomorrow night so be ready”. She smiled, “ok but I’m going to need a lot of practice being a gangbang slut”. She pulled on her panties they as she went to the kitchen to get Roy, Jesus and herself a drink.

As the guys were leaving, they saw Morgan’s son Terry walking up the driveway they quickly texted Roy, his answer was get him butt fucked! Clarence grabbed him hang on Terry we want you to meet some friends of ours they shoved him in the car and took off.

Morgan came back in the bedroom with their drinks Jesus was asleep, “wow morg you really are leaking cum badly from both holes”. She smiled a coy expression on her face, “well mister you should know your responsible for putting a good amount of that cum in me”.

Roy looked at her with a big smile, “so do you like black cock? Oh god yes what you guys did to me was a sexual high I cannot describe; do you want more black cock”? She chewed her bottom lip thinking I guess so, but I don’t want to be known as a cheap slut”. He laughed, “Morgan you will be known from now on as our cum dumpster cock loving slut so get used to it”!

Her eyes opened wide, “Roy I don’t like that”, he put his hand up to stop her from talking. He grabbed his phone pushed a button their she was fucking guys moaning in sheer lust. “Morgan this entire event was videoed so if you start shit the whole world will be seeing you”.

He shook Jesus, “wake up man I really want to bust another nut in her” Jesus opened his eyes “sounds good to me”. Morgan looked in horror her ass was burning with cum still oozing out that and her ass was gaped open from the use it had received. Her pussy was soaking wet from all the cum dumped in it right now she didn’t think another DPing was a good idea but that didn’t matter to the guys.

They pulled her panties down she was protesting, please Roy let me suck your cocks instead I’ll do a great job, we know you are a great cock sucker morg but now we want your wonderful ass and cunt so clime on”. Suddenly she was pulled on top of Roy his stiff cock slipping balls deep into her soggy pussy. A few seconds later Jesus cock entered her ass, ugggggggg was her first response.

As their bodies started working a steady rhythm, she started feeling the small shocks deep in her pussy her tits were flopping around as they continued to quicken the pace. “Ohhhhhhhh godddddddd myyyy cunttttt is on fireeeeeeeeee soooooooo gooddddddd pussyyyyy sooooooo wetttttttttt fuckkkkkkkkk fuckkkkkkkkk”. In spite of the discomfort in the beginning she knew she was going to have another explosive orgasm.

Because of all the fucking the guys had already done they were able to last 10 minutes she had several orgasms until finally she knew this was it her body tensed she felt their cock stiffen and go deep suddenly it seemed as if both cocks exploded at the same time. “Ugggggggggggg fuckkkkkkkkkk pussyyyyyyyyyy was all she could utter; her body shook for at least 15 seconds the three separated.

She sat up cum leaking out of both her holes, she was torn between anger and complete sexual bliss. “I’m not sure whether to say thank you or fuck you at the moment, why not thanks get between us so we can get some sleep”. She gave Jesus a sly look, “ok thanks I guess we’ll be sleeping together, let me get my panties on so I don’t have to sleep in the wet spot”.

The next day the guys left her sitting in the kitchen in a short silk robe still completely covered in cum. They told her they’d be back that night to clean up dress sexy be ready for the party to start at 7.

Sitting at the table drinking her coffee as her son Terry walked in, his cloths were tattered he had a strange look on his face. She immediately tried to cover herself. “No need to cover up mom your sex party has been sent to me, “oh god honey I’m so sorry”. She saw the look on his face he continued, “apparently you are the team cum slut you are having guests tonight as well, as bad as that is, I got home at about 11:30 four of you friends were leaving”. Now she had a panic look on her face, “they threw me in the car drove me to a house two miles away where three very horny guys dragged me inside. I’ve been butt fucked, given three blow jobs and was given a prostrate jerk off, they are coming back with you friends so were both getting FUCKED”!

Morgan just sat there in shock finally she spoke, well I guess we’d better get cleaned up for tonight then discuss how we need to handle this”. He just nodded in agreement.

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