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Mom Son love gets steamy…Prt2

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For Archana , its hard for her to concentrate on her work , since Varun was back with her after so many years. She could not wait to get back home and spend time with her son again . As soon as Rachna gets back home, she just lights up upon seeing Varun ,and as they both embrace each other, Varun this time deliberately picks up his mom as they both hug. Varun could feel his mother’s soft bum against his wrist and her scent but also very emotional since he was near his mom again. They start the usual routine of chatting about their day , spending time together and this time both retire to bed at the same time. Archana again pursuades Varun to sleep with her as she doesn’t want to feel lonely. Varun is sitting on the bed , and expecting Archana to go change in the bathroom but instead Archana starts to change right in front of him . Varun’s mouth is gape open and he couldn’t help but stare at his mom’s full bust . archna cathces Varun catching glimpses of her full bust and clears his throat to bring him back to senses. Varun just smiles sheepishly while archana smirks and turns around taunting Varun ” He has started to behave like a grown up boy and not a little boy anymore” .archna wears the robe and starts her nighttime skincare routine and hands Varun to throw her undergarments in the washbasket. As Varun holds archana’s sweaty bra and panties , he feels little goosebumps on his skin , as he could clearly see a yellow patch on archana’s panties and a little sweat. Varun’s hands quiver as he feels the sweat dripped undergarments of Rachna. archna is back to bed and scoots up to Varun , keeping her arm on his chest and trying to sleep . Varun feeling the warmth of her mother calms down and goes back to sleep .


At midnight , due to feeling cold, Varun wakes up and he could feel Archana’s nipples poking in his chest with her warm breath on his neck . As Varun shifts to grab the AC remote , that wakes up Archana too . Archana asks Varun what’s he upto . As Varun replies he is feeling cold and turns up the AC temperature with the remote, Archana brushes her hand on Varun’s head , kiss his cheek and tells him to come into her arms. Now Varun is laying on his side , embracing his mother tightly , and they both are into each other’s arms. Their body warmth starts to wrap up around each other. Varun could feel his mother’s soft body and poking nipples in his chest , whereas Archana felt Varun’s hard body against her soft body .Varun was a deep sleeper so he drifted back to sleep again very soon . As Varun exhaled his warm breath on archana’s ear , Archana couldn’t make out , what’s happening to her body . She could feel her body heating up , she just embraced Varun tightly , feeling his back on her arms and the heat of skin of Varun’s neck against her lips. Archana slowly drifts back to sleep .


The next day is same for Archana and Varun , but Archana couldn’t get the thought of feeling Varun’s hard body out of her head. She felt a little embarassed , turned on , weird and confused and excited again as she kept thinking about it .Archana also started to get flashbacks of how her caught her son checking her out. She was a bit flattered by the fact that someone as yound as him fancies her and keeps stealing glimpses of her , but the taboo part of it that he is her son , still gives her a little cringe. After work is done and archana is back home , she and Varun finish their casual routine of little chit chat and then decide to have dinner. Since it was weekend the next day , they both decided to watch a movie. They browsed through the movie descriptions and started to watch a movie along with wine. As the movie went on they both scooted closer and closer to each other until they could feel other’s skin gently rubbing against each other. Things got to get steamy in the movie , Varun was about to skip the scene when archana stopped him saying he is not a kid anymore . Varun takes a sigh and kept the remote down as it was a bit embarassing for him . He started to get a hard on as the scene progressed. Neither Varur nor Archana expected the scene to go that steamy and long.Seconds felt like hours and as Varun caressed kept his arm around archana’s back , he involuntarily started to caress Archana’s arm . Archana herself kept her hand on Varun’s thigh and started to caress high thigh . They both looked at each other and felt a spark and started to lean in for each other. The wine had started to take over on both of them. Their lips became closer , they could feel each other’s breath on lips and slowly went for a kiss. The kiss lasted a few seconds, they parted their faces a little away , looked into each others eyes . They both knew what was coming, both were out of control and both felt were also feeling the taboo .


Archana wrapped her arms around Varun’s shoulder and Varun wrapped his arms around Archana’s waist and they leaned for a kiss which turned into a deep passionate smooching. They had their nose nudged against each other . Varun pulls archana closer onto his lap , Archana has her one hand caressing Varun’s cheek while other caressing his back as they passionately smooch each other. Varun is rubbing his hands all over archana’s back as he smooches her passionately and moves onto her neck and then starts to kiss on her collar bone. Archana upon feeling Varun’s warm wet tongue on her neck , starts to melt down completely and starts to whisper out little whimpers . Varun picks Archana up in his arms and take her to her bedroom , making her lay down on the bed on her back and kissing her neck .Varun gets up and removes his tshirt whereas Archana does the same. Varun comes on top of his mother ,and as soon as their bodies rub against each other, they both got goosebumps feeling each other’s heat. Varun started to kiss on Archana’s cleavage and while embracing his arms around her , unhooks her bra. Archana lets go of her bra as she feels Varun kissing on her cleavage. Varun is teasing Archana by kissing her on her cleavage and making her feel his warm breath on her cleavage. Archana grabs Varun’s head in both of her hands , looks into his eyes , touches his lips against her for a few seconds , and then pushed his head onto her nipples. Archana demands to be sucked on her nipples and Varun without any second thought just embraces his mom in a hug and starts to suck on his nipples. Archana is feeling tremors across her body as pussy is getting all wet and her slight whimpers had turned into moans now. Varun grabs both of Archana’s breast into his arms and start to suck them turn by turn . Slowly Varun moves down and starts to kiss Archana on her tummy .While circling his tongue around Archana’s navel and feeling Archana’s tummy on his face, Varun pulls down Archana’s pyjamas and also start to remove his pants. Archana tells Varun to stop and asks if he has the protection. Varun replies in negative. Archana gets up , walks to her almirah , and starts to fumble through her almirah. Varun is dumbfounded by this and a little jealous and asks in a trembling voice does she has some condoms . Archana senses the change in Varun’s voice, gives him a wierd look , smirks at him and replies him with a smirk ” Don’t worry sweetheart , A friend gifted them as a joke”.Varun was not satisfied with the answer , he did not want to ruin the moment but before the possessive son in him is about to blurt the stupid question , Archana already replies , “And No, I have never seen anyone else , idiot” . Varun is a calm to hear that answer and just embraces archana from behind , kissing the back of her neck , licking it , making archana whimper as she fumbles through the clothes .

Archana hands the condoms to Varun suggesting that they should use the chocolate one. Varun looks at his mother with a sense of doubt , and asks archana was she sure about the chocolate one. Archana is little surprised and taken back replying whats much to think about it . Varun tells her that the flavoured ones are not really used in penetration . Archana is startled and jokes about it and startled and smiles sheepishly as Varun tells her what they are used for. Archana blurts out about giving it a shot . Varun is surprised to hear that and before he could process the thought completely about his mother sucking his dick , he was already pushed onto his back with archana unwrapping the condom . Varun was rock hard at this moment as he saw his mother covering his dick with condom . Archana just starts to plainly suck his dick. Archana not being good at it , was still giving Varun chills down his spine because of the perverse nature of the taboo itself. Varun kept on diverting his mind so as to not look like a weak boy to cum too soon . Varun just groaned and as he is about to cum , he just pulls archana over top of him , starts to kiss her wildly , while rubbing his rock hard dick in his legs. Varun could taste the chocolate in his mouth as he kissed Archana. Varun turns over Archana comes on top of her , and in his sweetest voice asks if he could go on without using the condoms. Archana looks at him with anger on her face, replies him with a stern no as the thing they were doing , was already too taboo and too hard to accept for her. Varuns wraps condom around his cock , lays over top of Archana , her arms around his shoulders and his arms beneath her back , slowly smooching her lips , and pushes her inside. Despite the AC , their bodies are covered in complete sweat , Archana’s body glistening with varun’s sweat and saliva in dim light.After a few thrusts , Varun pulls out his dick and slams it inside Archana followed by a pop sound . Both are startled and as Varun replies his confusion that it must be condom , that sentence is enough to push Archana back to her soberness. She pushes away with all her strength in her arms , gently kicking him away with her legs. Archana in a worried tone begins to apologise that this is a sin and it has to be stopped and starts to panic. Varun tells her to calm down , take deep breaths and archana wears Varun’s tshirt as she is totally sober and embarrased now. Varun suggests that they should sleep and as Archana replies in positive he is sad , bows down his head and rushes to bathroom . Archana easily figure out her son is dissappointed and to make up for it , just rushes to bathroom following Varun . Varun is started but before he says anything , Archana sssshhhs him with a finger on his lips , turns him around , wraps her arms around him , with her one hand on his chest and other on his cock . She throws the condom away , and start to jerk off . The feeling of Archana’s soft hands around his cock while she touches his chest and exhales on his ears is just too intense. Within a minute of jerking , Archana senses Varun’s body tensing up and whispers in his ear ” come for mommy ” that triggers his orgasm . Archana could feel Varun’s body violently shaking as he closed his eyes and shot ropes of cum . Archana was surprised and flattered to see her son shoot ropes of thick cum all over the floor. Varun could feel all of his body weaking , and would have almost fell if was not held by his mother. As the orgasm subsides , the mother in Archana awakens and she quickly grabs the tissues and cleans up the mess. They finish cleaning up and washing hands and are back to bed . Varun wears his underwear while Archana is wearing a long tshirt as she is still not yet completely into the taboo idea. Varun keeps his head on Archana’s arm , and due to strong orgasm falls asleep immediately whereas archana tilts her head on top of his head.

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