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[MMMMM/M][M/F][Anal, Oral, Dubious consent, rape] Academy Chapter 3

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This is a work of fiction. All of the characters are above the age of 18. Specifically, all of the students are aged 22.

This is chapter 3. You can find the previous chapters under my profile. This work involves both the Male/Male sex and the Male/Female sex. Some chapters might have only one kind.

Story summary: Redmond goes to the academy where sex is assigned. His roommate takes advantage of him sexually. He meets girls and wants to have sex with them.


The next night was terrible for Redmond. Redmond arrived home to find Sven and five friends in the small dorm room. As soon as he opened the door he was greeted with cries of “Butt boy! Butt boy!”

He was immediately descended upon by five other young men rough tearing off his clothes.

“Let’s just- hey! Can you just calm down?” Redmond said his shirt was taken off and his belt buckle loosened. An impatient hand made his down the back of his pants and he felt a finger enter his butthole.

“Oh yeah! He’s tight! Fuck yeah!” said a voice.

Redmond tried to struggle but he was pushed down to the ground. His pants and underwear were pulled down to his ankles but no further because he still had his shoes on. His arms were held down and one person put their body weight onto his back.

One finger in his ass turned into two and they were being rapidly put in and out. It was uncomfortable. Redmond was overwhelmed and frightened. He was being completely ignored by the five people assaulting him. He desperately looked to Sven, who was leaning against the corner impassively.

“Sven… Can you please help? Make them stop or slow down?” Redmond said desperately.

“It’s cool, man. Just be cool.” Said Sven.

Redmond felt the first penis enter him savagely and burrow itself deep inside him with one rough thrust. He let out of wail and tried to struggle but he was being held down four ways. Trevor was one of the people holding him down and he looked up and saw his stupid grinning face.

Redmond could do nothing but grit his teeth and let out whimpers and grunts of pain as his hole was used as a sex toy. It didn’t take long before the thrusting slowed down and he felt a load of slippery cum fill his asshole. He heard the last raspy breaths of the person on top of him as they orgasm.

After he came there were some discussions and his shoes were taken off of his feet. He had gone limp and was no longer struggling and he put in a Doggystyle position so someone could be in his mouth while another was fucking his ass.

A hard penis was stuffed into this mouth as another was accepted into his now gaping asshole. He could not suck a dick while being roughly pounded from behind. The person in his mouth grabbed the back of his head and thrust it into his mouth.

Redmond could not take the face fucking and he struggled to get away. The penis hit the back of his throat roughly and his gag reflex was activated. He vomited all over the penis and onto the ground, with thick saliva being mixed in with the content of his lunch.

This elicited a cry from the participants of amusement. Redmond couldn’t stop the tears. The person behind him never stopped fucking him while paper towels were used to wipe off his face.

“Sven, please,” Redmond said, his face a mixture of snot and tears.

Sven was sitting down nearby, stroking his penis. He didn’t reply.

The penis reentered Redmond’s mouth silencing any cries. His mouth was roughly fucked. Redmond had trouble breathing. A thick load of cum was unexpectedly depositing in the very back of his throat which reduced Redmond into a coughing fit. He swallowed some of it as the rest spilled from his mouth onto his chin and the ground below.

“Ok, that’s enough,” Sven said.

Redmond looked over and saw Sven wiping off the end of his dick with a paper towel. He must have cum.

“What? We only started?” Trevor said. His pants were undone and his naked penis was outside his pants.

“Rich, you can finish in his ass but no one else. He’s done.” Said Sven, buckling up his pants.

The disappointed people gathered up their clothes. Trevor started to jerk off. The person in Redmond’s ass fucked him for another minute while this happened and then pulled out and came on Redmond’s back.

Redmond stood before everyone in the dorm room. Dried tears, vomit, and snot on his face. His asshole is loose with cum dripping down his back and his buttocks. He was emotionally exhausted.

“Hey, thanks that were great.” Said the person who just got done fucking him that Sven had referred to as Rich. His voice sounded genuinely appreciative and sincere.

Redmond gathered up his clothes, his shoes, and his socks. He clutched the items and walked swiftly to his room.

“Hey, man, you don’t have to go. Hang out with us!” He heard Rich call.

He closed the door to his room behind him and collapsed. He was dirty and he wanted to shower but he would have to walk out of his room to reach the bathroom. He used a half-filled water bottle to wash his face off and used some dirty closed to wash the cum off his body before putting on new clothes.

He took a moment to breathe. It had been so rough and chaotic and he wasn’t used to being used like an object. He was rattled and he needed something to take his mind off what happened.

His group project was due tomorrow. He needed to go through the data and double-check everything. He was acutely aware that his asshole felt loose and open and was throbbing.

He put all of his nervous energy into looking over the project. There were lots to go through. Before long he discovered big problems. Much of the data had been transcribed wrong, he realized that Pheobe didn’t run the calculations wrong.

He looked at the clock. He could fix this but it would take a long time. He quickly pulled up his e-mail and wrote a quick message stating the problems and telling everyone he would fix them.

He set to work. It was long tedious work. He worked through for several hours, then took a break to shower after all of the guests had left, then got back to it. The clock displayed midnight. He realized he was maybe half finished.

It was a long night and it was well into the morning hours when he finally fell asleep.


The next day Sven left him alone. Redmond suspected he felt bad about last night but they didn’t talk about it.

As he stepped out the door Phoebe was waiting for him smiling.

“Hey, there hero. You saved our asses. How long did it take you to fix all that?”

“Oh, you saw? You didn’t reply to my e-mail so I wasn’t sure. I was up until like 3 am.”

“Daaaang. I looked it over today. You were right. I completely fucked up the analysis. If we turned that in, we’d probably fail and then we’d be fucked for the semester.” She said

“Yeah. No problem.” He said

“I owe you one. That was pretty clutch. And look I know what you want… ” she said and raised an eyebrow.

“You… what do you mean?” He said.

“Sex.” She said

“Oh… you’re going… ” He asked

“Not me. I won’t fuck you.” She said

He felt a little hurt. She smiled.

“I wouldn’t fuck you in a million years.” She said but seductively. She pulled down his top to expose more breast flesh to him. “I bet you want this? But look, I can help you. What are you doing around 1?”

They worked it out and Redmond understood the details of her plan. Scarlett had her sex appointment at that time. It wasn’t explicitly stated but he assumed he was going to get laid with Scarlett. Phoebe explained that often girls will accompany girls to sex appointments (which was allowed and could not be denied under the school bylaws) and she wanted him to come along.

Scarlett was beautiful with large breasts and a big ass. She was slightly chubby which put extra curves in all the right places.

One pm rolled around. Scarlett, Anna, Phoebe, and Redmond piled into a small room. Scarlett’s appointment was with someone named Greg. He was older than them, maybe in his late twenties. Redmond didn’t recognize him. He looked too young to be a professor. He might be some kind of administrator or lab technician.

He thought that Greg would have about four observers but he barely looked at them. Redmond got rock hard as he watched Scarlett unceremoniously strip naked and then get on the bed. Her body looked gorgeous.

The appointment was for vaginal sex but Scarlett explained in a cheerful tone that she was happy to do what he wanted. He grunted that he wanted her in the Doggystyle position. He pumped away at her, then had her turn over and finished inside her doing the missionary position. Redmond heard Scarlett say “Good job!” when he stopped thrusting. Greg held his penis in Scarlett and Redmond could tell he was dumping a big load inside her.

Immediately after cumming, he rolled over and started to put on his clothes. He muttered a small thanks and was quickly out the door. Scarlett made no motion to get up.

“Ok!” Phoebe announced. “Scarlett has graciously agreed to let you take sloppy seconds if you want! Redmond, do your thing!”

Redmond quickly shed his clothes, horniness overriding any feelings of self-consciousness. He climbed on the bed and mounted Scarlett. Scarlett had a very wholesome smile on her face. He found her vaginal entrance and put his erect penis in her hole which was slimy with cum.

“Ok. You’re in. Go do it!” Scarlett said quietly but encouragingly. The feeling of his body so close to hers already made him super horny. He slid his penis back and forth inside her and came almost instantly.

Scarlett wrapped her arms around him pulling him close him. “Good job. You came. ” She whispered into his ear.

“That was fast,” Phoebe said and snorted.

“Shush!” Scarlett “Redmond, you did very well. You’re just overexcited which means you’re probably backed up. Why don’t we wait a few minutes and you can go again.”

“That… that would be great,” he said and lay beside her. Scarlett traced her hands over his chest and Redmond closed his eyes.

“You have a very nice cock.” She said softly.

“Thank you” He mumbled sleepily in his refractory period.

“I’ve seen bigger,” Phoebe said

“Shush, you!” Said, Scarlett

Anna had not said a word since meeting up. She was normally very quiet. Redmond idly wondered how she felt about this.

Scarlett laid her head on his chest, her golden hair spreading over his naked body. She ran her hand down his flat stomach until it reached his flaccid penis, which turned harder as she lightly stroked it.

“Are you ready for it again?” She asked softly

“Yeah.” He said and pushed him up on his knees. “Can I hit it from the back this time?”

Scarlet giggled and swung herself. She got in the Doggystyle position with her big butt facing him.

“You can do it in my ass if you want.” She said

“No, that’s ok.” He said and he reached out down with both hands and squeezed her big buttcheeks. “Oh my god, this ass is amazing.”

She giggled. “I’m glad you like it!”

“You guys are disgusting,” Pheobe said

“Don’t be mad because you’re jealous,” said Scarlett.

“Ugh, I’m just waiting for you two to be done,” Phoebe said

Redmond entered Scarlett from behind. He established a rhythm to fucking her and she started to push back against him to meet his thrusts. It felt great to have his dick inside a warm, tight hole.

He continued to fuck her for several minutes.

“Can I finish in your mouth?” He said as he thrust into her.

“Yes! Just tell me when.” She said

“Now would be good… I’m close.” He said

She athletically rolled over and turned to face him. He sat down on the bed so that her head was near his crotch.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth or on my face?” She asked

“In your mouth.” He said

“Ok!” She engulfed his penis with her mouth and applied constant but firm pressure on his penis. He felt amazing and it felt like she was sucking the soul out of him. He very quickly came and she milked his penis swallowing all of his cum expertly. After he finished ejaculating she pulled her mouth off his penis with a satisfying pop of her lips breaking the seal at the end of his penis and she made an exaggerated swallowing noise showing she had swallowed all of his cum.

“Oh, did you want to see the cum before I swallowed?” She asked and seemed genuinely dismayed. “I’m sorry I just swallowed it instinctively.”

Redmond’s mind was far away and he was in a post-orgasm haze. “It’s fine either way.” he managed as he laid back on the bed

“Ok, so you guys are done? Finally?” Phoebe said

“Let him rest for a moment,” Scarlett said and she got off the bed and started to put her clothes back on.

“That was hot,” Anna said. Her first words all day as far as Redmond could remember.

“I’m glad you have good taste,” Scarlett said

“It was pathetic. He barely lasted inside you.” Phoebe said

“Shut up. He’s having better orgasms than you.” Scarlett said

“I don’t imagine any woman will be having any orgasms with him.” Said Pheobe

“It’s not about my orgasms, it’s about giving him pleasure. I’m happy that he’s happy.” Scarlett explained.

“Hmph.” Said, Phoebe

Redmond rolled off the bed and put his clothes on.

“Phoebe tells me you did really well with the reports and really saved our bacon. She also told me that you’re having a little trouble in the love department, is that right?” Scarlett said

“Uh, thanks. And, yeah, I guess.” Redmond said

“I want you to know I wouldn’t do that to just anyone but I’m here to help you. If you’re feeling horny you can message me and I’ll help you. Don’t spread all over campus but I can help you.” Scarlett said

“Oh dang. That would be awesome. Yeah, ok.” Redmond said.

Phoebe rolled her eyes.

“This her origin story.” She said.

“Origin story?” He asked

“Why she came to the Academy. Before she came here she would find virgins or sexually frustrated guys and fuck them.” Pheobe said

“It’s true. But ironically all the guys doing sex appointments are older men and I don’t want to put it out there that I’m open to doing sex with lonely guys ’cause I’ll never hear the end of it.” Scarlet said

“Ah, ok. But if it’s just me it’s ok.” Redmond said

“Sure. And it seems appropriate because you saved us? You’re the hero that saves the day… and how does a princess reward her hero?” She said sweetly and she kissed him on the cheek

Even after two orgasms inside of her, the wet kiss felt electric on his cheek. He was blushing.

“Ugh, disgusting. You lucked out. If it was just me or Anna you would have gotten a thank you card. Or maybe a handjob.” Phoebe said

“That’s not true. Anna, you wouldn’t be averse to having sex with Redmond?” Scarlett said

Anna took a moment before answering, thinking about it. “I wouldn’t be opposed to it but I don’t like to have sex outside of the sex appointments. It’s not right.”

Redmond wasn’t sure what to make of that but didn’t press the issue.

“What’s your origin story, Phoebe? You know, for how disgusted you are with having sex with me and I have a sex appointment scheduled with you,” he said

“Oh yeah? When?” She said

“Next year but still.” He said

She snorted. “Maybe you’ll learn to dress better by then so I won’t feel like I’m giving a charity fuck to a homeless man.” She said

“Phoebe has a rape fetish,” Scarlett said

“It’s not a rape fetish.” Said, Phoebe

“You like it when people take advantage of you,” Scarlett said. “That’s a rape fetish.”

“No, it’s not. I like… I don’t know. It’s not the same.” Said Phoebe “I like loss of control, I guess.”

“So you came here and now you have guys taking advantage of you.” Said Scarlet curtly

“Basically. It’s pretty tame, though. Guys just want to get off.” Said, Phoebe

“What about the ass fucking you took? That you told us about the other day in class?” said Redmond

“Oh, I was there for that! His dick wasn’t even that big. Phoebe likes to tell tales.” Scarlett said. “You can’t trust her! I heard to tell the story again and she embellishes more every time.”

“You guys are no fun.” She said

“What’s your origin story, Anna?” Redmond said.

“I don’t know. I just really liked ‘Principles.’ It really spoke to me and I felt like I should do it.” Anna Said

‘Principles’ referred to ‘Principles of Sexual Health and Society’ which was the text the Academy’s foundation owed itself to greatly. This was common knowledge but Anna’s admission was surprising because almost no one read the massive tome. It wasn’t even assigned in school unless you went to Grad school in a very specific program.

“Yeah, right.” Phoebe said “You actually signed up because you’re secretly a huge slut and you like getting fucked in all of your holes day and night. You wish there were thirty sex appointments per week. Admit it!”

Scarlett rolled her eyes

“No way,” Anna said quietly

The group broke up but as Redmond was walking away Phoebe ran after him.

“Wait! Hey!” Phoebe said, running after him.

“Oh, hey? What’s up?” He said, surprised to see her

“I gotta ask you something but I didn’t want to ask you in front of the others.” She said

“Ok?” He said

“Is it true you’re a butt boy for your roommate?” Phoebe said

“Uh… ” He said and was intensely embarrassed.

“I heard some guys say he uses you for sex and he’s let other people use you as well,” Phoebe said

“I don’t know. I don’t want to talk about it.” He said and started to walk away

Phoebe rushed after him and grabbed his arm.

“That’s fucking hot!” She said

“I guess.” He said, continuing to walk fast.

Phoebe kept pace with him.

“Tell me about it. You have to tell me all the details.” Said Phoebe. “I got you laid! And she’s probably gonna fuck you a bunch more times. I put that together. It’s fucking hot that your roommate is fucking you and I want to know more.”

He stopped walking. He felt embarrassed but he also felt more comfortable with Phoebe despite her cattiness. She had seen him naked. And she had got him laid, and the experience had been heavenly.

He signed.

“Ok, what do you want to know?” He said

“How did it start? How often does it happen?” She said

“It started the first week. He punched me in the face and then fucked me. Now it happens about once a day.” He said

“Does he have to wrestle you down to the ground?” She asked

“No, he just tells me what to do and I do it. Sometimes I suck him but mostly he ass fucks me.” He said

Phoebe grinned a large malicious smile.

“Oh, I bet you love it.” She said

“Not really.” He said

“Oh, that’s even better.” She said “Does he cum inside you? Do you swallow his cum?”

“Yep.” He said.

“And he’s shared you?” she asked

“If that you call it.” He said bitterly.

“I heard about it. I heard it wasn’t too much fun.” She said, and she had a hungry grin on her face.

“From who? Fuck.” He said angrily. “This fucking sucks.”

“C’mon, it’ll feel better if you tell someone about it. Tell me all about what happened.” Phoebe said

He told her about the experience last night. He couldn’t contain his bitterness and anger when talking about the rough throat fucking.

“Ooooh yeah. Throat fucking while being held down is not fun.” Phoebe said

“You’ve had it done to you?” He asked

“The thing about having a rape fetish is you end up having to do a bunch of stuff you don’t want to do. You don’t want to know how many buttholes I’ve had to lick.” She said

“So you admit you have a rape fetish?” He said

“The term seems imprecise but I’ll go with it.” She said

“So, yeah, that’s about everything. Are you gonna jerk off to this later?” He said

“Unironically, hell yeah.” She said excitedly. “Can I watch?”

“Watch me?” He said

“Get fucked by your roommate. C’mon. Please. I got you fucking laid!” She said

He briefly thought about asking her to fuck him in exchange for watching him. He thought about it a while longer and thought better of it. Wheels began turning inside his mind.

“Yeah, sure.” He said.


Sometime later, he was standing in his kitchen with Phoebe, explaining this to his roommate.

“So, yeah, she wants to watch you fuck me like the first time.” He said

“Ok?” Sven said. “I guess I can do that. Whatever. Get down on the ground and strip off.”

“No… like the first week,” Redmond explained.

“Eh?” said Sven.

Redmond sighed.

“Punch me in the face as hard as you can, then rape my ass.” He said

Sven shrugged. Redmond closed his eyes and braced for impact.

Sven hit him with a straight cross and a red crumpled to the ground. Sven expertly jerked his pants down and pulled one of his arms behind his back. Swiftly he pinned Redmond to the ground while he positioned himself on top of Redmond using his other hand to guide himself in.

Redmond’s head felt funny and his vision was filled with stars. He tried to struggle to test Sven’s strength but it felt like he was trapped underneath a tank. He felt Sven’s penis lining up and he knew he would be thrusting inside of him soon.

He remembered his painful first time with Sven, but it wasn’t that bad when Sven entered him this time. Redmond closed his eyes and held still Sven violently pumped in and out of him. After a few minutes, Sven’s breathing became ragged and strokes slowed down. Redmond felt the familiar feeling of warm cum inside his ass.

Sven pulled out of him and got up. Redmond stayed laying prone letting himself recover.

“Ok, there you go lady,” Sven said as he stuffed his cock back into his pants.

Phoebe had her hand inside her pants and vigorously moved it.

“Oh shit that was hot.” She said, “Redmond don’t get up.”

Redmond sighed and laid still.

“How much longer do you need?” He said

“Oh…. oh…” She said and took sharp breaths. She breathed heavily a few more times and then pulled her hand out.

“Ok, I’m done. That was fucking hot.” She said

“Can you hand me a towel?” Redmond said, still laying in place

Sven threw him a towel and Redmond wiped himself. Then he pulled up his pants and straightened up.

“And that happens every day?” Phoebe said

“No, not like that. It’s more gentle now.” Sven said

“I still don’t like it,” Redmond said. “But it’s more like a chore now.”

“Yeah. I’ve told him he can do me if he wants.” Sven said and shrugged “But he doesn’t want to.”

Redmond was surprised that Sven mentioned that to Phoebe.

“Seems gay,” Redmond said and everyone laughed.


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