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Miguel, Kate & I (MMF)

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This story is about how I (M) came to share the love of my life (F) with my best friend (M) and how it became something more for the three of us.

I met Miguel in middle school. His parents are from Honduras, but he was born here. Both of us had always been big guys and we bonded over the wrestling program at our school. Also over our shared obesity complexes. We weren’t really that obese, but sometimes teenagers exaggerate things.

I spent a lot of time at his place and his parents made me feel like part of the family. His dad made a gym for him in the basement and we would work out a lot. His uncle Carlos, who is a physical education teacher, taugh us many things and over the years we both turned into beefy muscle beasts. After all, it was in both of our families DNA. We all tended to have strong body complexions.

We grew up to be 5’11” (me) and 5’10” (him). I’m white with dirty blonde hair and he is dark skinned with very typical native features on his face. Both have big chests, big asses, big arms.

He and his family were very religious (evangelical) and they invited me to church. That’s where I met the love of my life and it was the summer after we graduated from highschool.

Her name is Kate. She is a white latina (5’7″) with a beautiful face and an amazing personality. We clicked right away. She and Miguel were also second cousins. She also has big tits and an incredible ass. Even the pastor would stare and it was so funny when I noticed for the first time. I told her and we laughed.

That motivated us to start a game. The game was that she would wear some provocative clothes and I would watch who stared. Man! It was the youth pastor, the musicians and almost every man (including Miguel’s dad). Some of them while holding hands with their wives.

I wasn’t bothered by it at all. I found it funny, tho, but after a while, I just got used to it and didn’t care. Didn’t give it much thought. After all, that ass, pussy and mouth were already mine.

(Yes. Kate and I were fucking each others’ brains out. We didn’t believed what they preached about that and I was so relieved she was in the same page, but we definitely had to hide it.)

But something changed the first time I caught Miguel checking out Kate and lustfully. It was a year after I had met her. We were already a couple. It was a summer day at a water park. We went with a small group of friends (not from church) and Kate wore a very sexy bikini. He thought he had been discreet but I got him so bad. He didn’t noticed I was looking at him and it was a long stare. Up and down. He even got an erection and did everything he could to hide it.

I didn’t say anything to Kate and didn’t think much about it, but it definitely made an impact on my subconscious, because that night I had a wet dream. In the dream, Kate was being fucked really hard by Miguel. She begged me to let him fuck her and said things like: “I know this is what you want. I wanna to give it to you”.

I woke up with the biggest hard-on. I wanted to explode and ended jerking off twice. What the fuck is this?! What is wrong with me?!

Well, that was the birth of my cuckold fantasies and soon it was not just Miguel who would be fucking her in my dreams, but also the youth pastor, Miguel’s uncle (Carlos) and Jerry, my neighbor who was a cop, among others; but Miguel was always the main guy.

I would imagine them fucking in every position and I jerked off to those fantasies. Those images also invaded my mind when Kate and I had sex and it definitely made sex more intense. She knew something was up (in a good way, of course) and sometimes try to inquire, but never got the real answer. I kept it all to myself, for years, fearing that people (specially Kate and Miguel) would think something bad about me.

A couple of years later, Kate and I got married and moved 250 miles away because we got good job opportunities there. Miguel also married a girl but stayed close to his parents. They kept going to church, but Kate and I ditched religion altogether and started developing a more openminded and “secular” view of life.

We occasionally interacted with Miguel through social media (not much with his wife) and even saw each other the first years, during holidays, but eventually the radio went silent for years.

I felt sad about the growing distance between me and Miguel. I never renounced to my fantasies and they evolved into fully bisexual scenarios, where I would sometimes get fucked, swallowed his cum or fucked the other guy.

One night, after a really nice fuck, Kate said out of the blue:

KATE: “You know I love you with all my heart, right? And that sex with you is too fucking great?”

[I made a face of confusion]

ME: “Yeah…. ? What weird questions…. ? I know.”

KATE: “I sometimes feel like there is something you wanna say when we’re fucking, but feel ashamed to. Please, talk to me. Could it be that bad? I know you. You are a good man and whatever it is you can tell me”.

[I had been holding back this for so long, that I was fucking tired]

ME: “I’ve been fantasising all these years about watching you getting fucked by another guy… and it goes back to our church days”.

[She was speechless, in total shock]

KATE: “oh… wow…”

ME: “Yes”.

KATE: “I dont know what to say… definitely not expecting that… Are you bisexual?”

ME: “I don’t know.”

KATE: “I wouldn’t mind if you were…..”

ME: “Really?”

KATE: “Yeah…..”


KATE: “Was there an specific guy or guys in mind….. or was it just random?”

ME: “um…… all of that, but mostly one specific guy.”

KATE: “who? Do i know him?”

[I took a deep breath, because I wasn’t sure I had to tell her]

ME: “…. um… ok… please, don’t freak out… it was your second cousin Miguel”

[She opened her eyes]

KATE: “For real?”

ME: “For real.”


KATE: “…I’m glad you’re telling me this because there is something you should know… you and I met when we were 18, but I lost my virginity to Miguel when we were 15. Uncle Carlos busted us but he never reprimanded us or told anyone. He didn’t participate, either. Instead, he would buy us condoms and became our cover. So during all those years, I fucked Miguel at least twice a week…. Remember the day you and I met? The group went to the movies. After we dropped you at your house, Miguel drove me home and I gave him a blowjob inside uncle Carlos’ garage. He also went down on me. We would do this all the time and nobody even suspected.”

ME: “Wait… What? Are you fucking with me? That is so hot!”

KATE: “I’m not fucking with you.”

ME: “Kate, this is making me very horny again”.

KATE: “fuck me for another round and I will confess more to you, while we’re at it. What do you say?”.

ME: “OK!”

We fucked ’til 5 am and she wouldn’t stop telling me stories. To my surprise, Miguel’s dick is easily 8.5 to 9 inches long and fat. I’m 8 inches. They had been fucking even when she and I were boyfriends. They wished they could do threesomes with me (this one made me cum), but were too afraid to ask. Oh, and he is fully bisexual!

Then, when they turned 18, they asked uncle Carlos to join and he didn’t hesitate. She told me they sucked off their uncle many times. Unvle Carlos often fucked Miguel while Miguel fucked her. No wonder she was so good in bed. She had two excellent teachers all those years and the sex didn’t stop up until she and I got married! If I were another guy, we have been done right there, but this only made me more horny!

ME: “This is too good to be true. Is it true?”

KATE: “Haha really? I feared you would react in the worst possible way. Yes, it is true! I really love you, sweetheart!”.

ME: “I love you even more now, baby! Do you think we could reconnect with Miguel and make this happen?!”

KATE: “I dont know, but I’d be happy to try!”

ME: “Let’s do this!”

We started making a plan. We wondered whether to be upfront about it or just trick him. We wondered about including the uncle, but Carlos got married with a fellow teacher and had two kids. He was a family man now and too invested in church.

Miguel had divorced and he had left religion as well. Pretty vocal about it in the social networks, actually. I had been following him, silently, all these years. He was now 33 y/o and that beard made him look better than ever! He also had lost his job recently, so I decided to write him.

ME: “Hey, man. It’s been a long time!”

MIGUEL: “Yes! Damn! What’s up? You and Kate alright?”

ME: “Man, we’re doing better than ever. Ive been very fortunate.”

MIGUEL: “I’m glad. You deserve it”.

ME: “I know we dont talk much anymore but you’ve always been on my mind. You know? I saw you are now an atheist. Kate and I feel the same way!!”

MIGUEL: “Really? You guys dont post much”.

ME: “Yeah, well, Facebook has never been a big thing for us and we prefer to keep it down low. But I love what you share!”

MIGUEL: “Thanks!”

ME: “We were remembering the old days and I felt I had to write to you. Ive noticed you’ve also been having some difficult situations and I thought it’d be great if we could meet again. I dunno”

MIGUEL: “Yeah, man. I lost my job recently. What you propose sounds good to me!”.

ME: “I also heard you divorced Rachel”.

MIGUEL: “Best thing that has happened to me!”

ME: “haha! Ok!”


ME: “Well, what do you think?:

MIGUEL: “Sounds great!!”

ME: “I’ll tell you what. Why dont you visit us and stay a week or two? I know its a bit far. Dont want you to drive 4 hours just for a weekend. Dont you think? We are taking a two-weeks vacations next Friday and would like to take you to our favorite places around here. Plus there are other places we want to visit for the first time. We invite!”

MIGUEL: “Well, I need to check on something first and I will let you know tomorrow!”

ME: “Ok. Tomorrow then!”


[Miguel immediately texted Kate]

MIGUEL: “Hey, you. Hows it going?”

KATE: “Amazing. What about you?”

MIGUEL: “Well, Im ok, in spite of having to deal with some shit lately. I hope Im not bothering you. I just wanted to ask if you told anything to Kevin about us?”

[Typing, hesitating, deleting, typing again]

KATE: “….He has the same fantasies you have had since you and I were fooling around. If you visit us this Friday, they will finally come true and I guarantee you will not regret it, Miguel. We are 33, like you are, and we have decided not to hold it back anymore. Please, come. I wanna see you so bad. Kevin, too. Just make him believe I haven’t told you anything. He wants to have “the talk” with you, alone, over drinks, and I think it is so fucking sexy. I want it to happen the day you get here, so I will pressure him to talk to you.

MIGUEL: “I’m so fucking horny right now! I will do what you ask!”

KATE: “BTW… we’re going bisexual, like when we messed around with uncle Carlos!”

MIGUEL: “Really?!”

KATE: “Yes!”


KATE: “We are going to get what we always wanted.”

MIGUEL: “oh, you bet. Im texting him now”


MIGUEL: “Hey, see you on Friday. Send the pin”.

ME: “Great!! That was fast!”

We only had to wait for two days and they felt like an eternity. Then the day came and I saw that SUV parking in front of our house. Holy shit! It’s happening! My heart was racing. Kate was nervous, too.

MIGUEL: “Jesus, man! Are you a WWE wrestler now? Look at you!”

ME: “Haha! Maybe I should be! Look at you, too!”

[We hugged hard]

MIGUEL: “I can’t believe its been 10 years since the last time I saw you!”

ME: “Me neither!

[Kate came out]

MIGUEL: “There you are. The most gorgeous cousin in the world. Sexier than ever”.

[Kate laughed and blushed, then they hugged]

ME: “Well, let me get your stuff and let’s go inside”.

We put his things in the guest room and Miguel said he wanted to take a shower. I had already showered, so I helped Kate finish the dinner. Then we had dinner with wine and kept drinking for a while. We all got tipsy and Kate said she was going to shower. So I offered more wine to Miguel”.

ME: “Man, I know we have been very distant all these years, but I still think you are the best friend I’ve ever had, you know?”

MIGUEL: “I think the same about you”.

ME: “There is something I’ve been wanting to talk to you”.

MIGUEL: “Yeah?”

ME: “Kate told me everything”.

MIGUEL: “I know.”

ME: “I want to…”

[Miguel leaned forward and kissed me with tongue]

MIGUEL: “I know what you want. I know what she wants. You guys know what I want. I cant wait to just get on to it. I’ve been waiting for too long”.

ME: “Me too!”

We were making out in our living room and I unzipped his pants. He too out his incredible 9 inches cock and I just went right to it. It was so good to feel the muscles contract in my mouth and to hear his heavy breathing and moans.

MIGUEL: “Please, take out yours. I need to suck you off, too!”

I took it out and he sucked so good. Then we started kissing again. Kate caught us in the act and immediately stepped in, making with out of us.

ME: “We are going to fuck each other until we are completely exhausted”

Miguel and I took her blouse and bra. Her big tits are amazing. It turned me on so much to watch Miguel suck her tits. Then we would all make out and then she wanted to suck off us, while he and I kissed. Then he went down on her and she smiled at me, saying “finally”.

She had many orgasms. Miguel and I had 3 and 4. I loved when she was fucking her and I would give oral at the same time, licking also his dick, balls and her clit. They both came to this. Also when I was fucking her and he started to suck my asshole and I had an intense orgasms. We double penetrated her and she came on us varios times.

It was as if those 10 years without seeing each other had never passed. The old passions were still there, very vivid, and came out to the surface. The three of us were determined to make the most of it. It was too fucking great. Too fucking intoxicating. We fucked as if the world was going to end the next day.

For the next two weeks our house was filled with a lot of panting, moaning, squeaking, bed noises, grunts, ass cheeks being slapped, gag noises, intoxicating clapping sounds and screams asking for more. It was a fuck fest. We did everything two guys and a woman could do. Every position, every combination. We didn’t care about anything else, just to please each other as much as posible.

Over the course of the days, we convinced Miguel to stay longer than 2 weeks and we even helped him find a job 2 miles away from our house. In two months he had moved in with us and the three slept in the same bed every night.

We have been like that for years. This is our family. This is our most precious treasure.

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