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Mia’s Hookup Hotshot

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Mia sat at the foot of her bed. the lights were off but the glow from her iPhone lit up her smiling face. “No, no, no” her plump pink lips formed tight round o’s as she swiped left on boring boy after boy. “When did Tinder become so boring?” She said out loud to herself falling back on the bed. Her pert breasts bounced idly in the loose-fitting tank top she had on. “I just wish there were an easier way” she continued to herself biting her bottom lip trying to concentrate. Her left hand lazily circled her right nipple making it erect and poke through the sheer pink fabric of her top. Suddenly, she heard a loud DING! and her pink phone lit up. “A match!” Mia exclaimed giddily, opening Tinder once more. She clicked on the new profile and looked through his pictures once more. Alex’s bio stated he was 6’5” and looking for something fun. His pictures included a shirtless beach picture that Mia stared at for quite some time and a couple mirror pictures of Alex, covered in sweat, standing in front of a gym mirror. She felt her breast once more before opening the chat and typing out a short message: “heyyyy, I love your pic ;)” she hit the blue arrow and waited for a reply. Suddenly, her phone dinged again: “hey, you’re not too bad yourself. What are you up to tonight?” Mia giggled. Maybe Tinder would be more fun than she had thought. She rolled onto her stomach and twirled her blond hair around her finger thinking about what to say. After a few seconds she replied, “Nothing really why??” Almost instantly Alex responded, “come over” and before she could think she had typed out and sent her reply: “ok :)”

Mia stood in front of the bathroom mirror, applying eyeliner and redoing her pink lipstick. “What should I wear?” She wondered tying her hair up into two tight pigtails and walking over to her closet. Mia dropped to her knees, her hair bouncing, as she opened her underwear drawer. “What should I wear, what should I wear? I feel like Cinderella going to the ball!” Mia said with a laugh, smiling at her own joke. She pushed aside pair after pair before settling on the perfect one. A hot pink lace thong and matching bra. They were slutty and revealing and the perfect thing for a tinder date. She slid them on and stood before the mirror, proud of her astounding fashion sense. “Now what to wear on top?” She muttered looking through her clothes. “Oh! this is perfect.” Mia spoke with glee holding a white spaghetti strap tank top in one hand and short cutoff jean shorts in the other. Carefully, Mia lifted one arm and then the other, sliding on the tight tank top. She adjusted the front until it was just barely lower than the bra, the pink lace frill poking through. The whole bra was lightly visible through the sheer white fabric and Mia grinned in satisfaction before turning to the shorts. She stepped through the leg holes and wriggled the shorts up to the base of her firm bubble butt. She had been working out more since she bought the jeans, and they were much more snug. In order to pull them up, she yanked at the sides and jumped up and down, her ass jiggling and sliding slowly into the shorts. Suddenly, they were around the thickest part of her ass and slid up. She zipped up the front and buckled the shorts closed before looking into the mirror to admire herself. The frayed fabric was incredibly short and pinched slightly in the front, but in the back they looked perfect. Mia admired the curve of her ass and wiggled her butt in the mirror, admiring the way she looked in the skimpy shorts. “Perfect!” She announced, grabbing a pair of hot pink heels and strapping them on before Mia opened up her front door and walked out into the cool evening.

As Mia walked, she could hear her heels click against the empty sidewalk. She struggled to balance in her tall shoes and walked slowly through the cool summer evening. Cars sped by her on the road, more than a few slowing down as they passed her. “Hey hot stuff, want a ride?” an older man yelled from the window of his silver Audi. “Look at those legs!” a scruffy man yelled from the window of his Chevy. Mia’s cheeks glowed red in the evening. She felt excited and a little horny hearing so many strangers ogle over her perfect body. She could feel her asscheeks wiggle with each step she took and could feel a growing warmth in her crotch. She looked at her phone again before texting Alex “nearly there!” Her heart was racing, and a small smile spread over her face. She turned up a side street and saw the house. Alex lived in a large suburban four corner. The house was painted blue, and the front door was a bright red. She stepped up to the door and pressed the bronze doorbell.

“DING DONG!” Alex reclined on the gray sofa in the center of his living room. He flipped through the channels on the TV mindlessly before hitting the power button. In the black mirror of the television screen, Alex could see himself. He was a tall, handsome and muscled man. His pecs bulged through the tight white shirt he was wearing, and he could just see the tops of his powerful quads resting beneath the loose-fitting basketball shorts. He picked at the fabric, noticing how it bunched at his crotch. His cock—still soft—easily filled the groin of the shorts and made a noticeable bulge while Alex was sitting. He waited patiently. “DING DONG!” Alex always liked to make his girls wait. It made them more desperate. He could tell from her pictures that Mia was a stunning girl and could tell from her texts that she was horny for him. He smiled, imagining all the fun he would have with his new blonde toy and walked slowly to the door.

Mia raised her fist to knock on the door, but before she could, it swung open. Alex stood in the mouth of the door, which was raised six inches from the ground. Mia’s fist was about even with Alex’s chest, and she stared up, a good head and a half shorter than the man before her. “Now you must be Mia” Alex said in a suave voice, looking her over. Mia could feel his gaze slow as it rested on her cleavage which was especially noticeable from his height. “Wow, you look great! Did you dress up like this just for me?” Alex asked, a smile spreading across his hungry lips. “Haha, I did.” replied Mia, leaning in toward the doorframe. “Wow…” replied Alex, stepping out the door and walking around Mia, examining her every inch. Mia remained still, feeling Alex’s hand brush her pigtails as he walked all the way behind her. Mia tensed her ass almost instinctually before Alex walked back in front of her. “Well, please, come on in!” He said with a laugh holding the door open for Mia.

The door slammed behind Mia as she walked in, noticing the gray couch before her. “Hey, want to watch—” Mia began, but before she could finish her question, Alex was behind her, cupping her left breast in his left hand, squeezing gently and massaging her nipple through the fabric of her shirt and bra. She could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck as he reached up with his right hand to grab her other breast. “Oh.” Mia started and Alex pulled the tank top down below her bra, exposing the delicate lace thing she was wear. “hmph” Alex grunted, his right hand cupping her ass, squeezing her cheek and rubbing the exposed flesh. His left hand lingered on Mia’s front, slowly moving down her stomach like a snake until it rested on her shorts. Deftly and expertly, Alex undid Mia’s pants, the flaps parting slightly to reveal the matching pink thong. Alex smiled, “you really did dress up for me. Good girl” With a firm, hard tug, Mia felt her shorts slide down to her ankles, her full round ass on display. Alex leaned into her, his crotch pressing into the small of her back and he whispered “on your knees”

Mia complied with the man’s instructions—never one to disobey her father or in school—and dropped to her knees, her tits bouncing loosely in the lace bra. She stared directly up at Alex who still stood behind her, the noticeable bulge in his basketball shorts now pressing softly against Mia’s blonde pigtails. “Good slut” Alex growled, holding Mia’s face by her chin and leaning into her, his bulge resting on her forehead. Mia could smell the slightly salty sweaty musk of Alex’s cock as it rested on her forehead, and he smiled maliciously looking down at her. “We’re going to have a lot of fun Mia” Alex said, running his index finger down her cheek.

With one swift move, Alex lowered his shorts to expose his throbbing cock. Now the smell was even more powerful, and Mia couldn’t help but gasp as the long fleshy shaft slid onto her forehead, the tip of his uncut cock poking softly at Mia’s fake eyelashes. Still standing behind her, Alex gripped her pigtails in both hands and pushed down, forcing Mia to arch her back further and straining her neck. Alex’s cock now rested clean across her face. Mia could no longer see Alex’s chiseled face, only his tight taint. “Open up” Alex once again commanded and once again, Mia obeyed. Suddenly, Alex lowered himself slightly by his knees and deposited his fat full testicles in her mouth. “Lick them like a good whore” Alex snarled. Mia felt the wrinkled flesh of Alex’s balls with her wet tongue. Curiously, she explored their shape, running her tongue back and forth between the two large balls and then slowly circling each one. Alex grunted and pulled Mia’s face further up into his nutsack, pushing her nose into the base of his taint and holding it there while Mia dutifully licked his balls. “Yes, just like that” Alex spoke through gritted teeth, maintaining a firm grip on Mia’s hair. His erect member throbbed, and Mia could feel it pulsing against her chin.

Suddenly, Alex yanked on Mia’s braids and pushed her before him. She fell onto her hands and knees, saliva still covering her lips. But before she could react, Alex held her with a hand around her neck and turned her around to face him, his enormous thick dick slapped her cheek hard, and she gasped. “Suck it slut” he commanded pressing himself into her. Again, Mia complied and again, Mia opened her mouth. This time Alex pushed the tip of his cock in and using her hair to guide her, he pushed more and more of his enormous member into her mouth. Mia gagged as Alex’s long cock pressed into the back of her throat, but he did not let up holding her down as she choked and gurgled. “Goood, just like that” Alex said, a smile spreading across his face as he slowly withdrew his cock until just the tip remained in her mouth. Mia was grateful and breathed deeply in. But before she could exhale, Alex was sliding her mouth back up his shaft, making her gag on his dick once more. She blinked twice, tears welling in the base of her eyes as Alex withdrew once more. This time, Mia was more prepared as Alex slid her face back. She could see the shaft, a pink circle from her lipstick near the balls and the entire shaft glittering in the light from a thick layer of spit. This time, as Alex pushed his cock back in, he went twice as fast, slamming into her, his balls pressing firmly into her chin. She could feel how full they were. Alex, once more, slid his wet cock out of her mouth. “You like this slut?” Alex sneered but before Mia could respond he slammed his thick shaft down her throat so that her only response was a gargled “mmmph!” Alex laughed as he began to move his hips back and forth, holding Mia’s head in place as he fucked her saliva-filled mouth. Mia looked up, she could feel the tears running down her cheeks, ruining her carefully applied eyeliner, but she didn’t mind. It felt good to be a whore. Her lace thong was as wet as her eyes as she squirmed about gagging on Alex’s magnificent pornstar-length dick. Alex’s balls flopped against Mia’s chin, and she could feel a long string of spit drip between his testicles and her lower lip. She slid her left hand into her unbuttoned shorts and felt her own wetness and plaid with the lips of her vagina through the sheer fabric. Alex only smiled and fucked her face faster.

Suddenly Alex gripped the top of Mia’s head hard with his left hand and pulled her off his cock. Spit dribbled down her chin onto her firm round breasts as she gasped for air. “Tongue out. Open wide.” Alex spoke commandingly down to Mia, and she did as told. Alex held the base of his slimy cock with his free hand and stroked himself quickly, his whole body tightening up as Mia waited patiently, drool spilling from her tongue down onto her chest. Alex bit his lip and grunted before unleashing a thick rope of hot cum. It landed right on Mia’s upper lip and gaping mouth, and she closed her teary eyes in shock feeling his hot load shoot straight into her throat. His next shot landed slightly higher, hitting her closed right eye and spilling onto her cheek. Alex’s third rope of thick white cum landed at the top of her cleavage and dripped slowly down into her bra between her large, exposed breasts. Her fingers pressed firmly into her wet clit, and she rubbed herself through the now-soaked thong in tight circles. She opened her eyes and smiled, licking her cummy lip. However, Alex was not done. He gripped her head hard and launched a final thick long rope of his cum directly onto her face. It landed on her left cheek and ran down toward the corner of her mouth.

“Stay still” Alex commanded turning around and grabbing his phone. He pointed it at her and took a few pictures, his cum dripping all over Mia, her hand deep inside her unbuttoned shorts. He looked down at his phone and muttered “Very good” before looking up at Mia who was greedily licking her lips and rubbing herself.

“Well?” Alex asked looking at Mia before gripping her by the back of the neck and dragging her toward the door. “I’ll text you soon” he said opening the door the pushing her out onto the sidewalk. Alex fell forward, barely pulling her hand out of her pants in time to catch herself. She looked up from her hands and knees. It was now night outside, and Mia felt the cool air against her exposed skin. She stood up slowly, her left hand still wet and her face covered in Alex’s spunk. She blushed realizing Alex’s front porch light was on, and she was standing in the middle of it, effectively in the spotlight for the whole neighborhood to see. She pulled up her tank top, cum seeping through the top of it and buckled her pants, noticing the small wet spot at the bottom of her jeans. She tried to wipe away the cum from her face, but only succeeded in further spreading it around and further messing up her slutty makeup. It was clear to anyone that bothered to look that Mia had been roughly used as she blinked and looked around. “Well, I guess I better head home.” She said to herself, adjusting her messied pigtails and walking out into the night.

What should Mia do next? You decide!

A) Walk home through the night

B) Turn around and ring Alex’s doorbell

C) Finish fingering herself, publicity be damned

D) Something else

Leave your answers in the comments below

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