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[MF] Sensational Massage

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A slow teasing kiss.

That’s how it starts.

After an exhausting day for both of us, it’s nice to come have a good destress. To let all of the tension and stress of the day finally be released.

You tell me how frustrating your day was. How things didn’t go your way, how slow the time moved and how unhelpful everybody turned out to be.

I know there’s not much to be done, but just listen. And stare into your eyes.

Stroke your cheek with my thumb. Brush your hair out of your face. Place my hand on your chin to steady your head as I lean in.

Electricity jolts as our lips touch.

A slow teasing kiss.

That’s how it starts.

Pulling and pushing, teasing each other as we play cat and mouse.

With our tongues rolling playfully in the bridge created by our lips.

I can sense your impatience as you start grabbing my body. But I let you hold out for at least another 30 seconds. A half minute that lasts an eternity for you as your body craves more.

I grab your hair hard, pulling it back firmly as I start kissing hard. I know it drives you crazy as I feel you jump and wrap your legs wide around my torso tightly. With one hand firmly on your head, my other is free to explore you, to slide down your neck teasingly, squeeze your chest playfully and finally take it’s place rightfully uo your dress and on your butt.

Slowly and purposefully, I walk step by step with you coiled around my body to the bed. I can feel your urgency as you desperately try to get me out of my top. I let go of your hair and trace my fingers down your neck slowly. I can feel the shivers down your spine as I reach round the back of your dress and start undressing you. As I grip the zip and pull down as slow as possible, I place my spare fingers around your spine, teasing you even more sensually as I take your clothes off.

The eternal kiss breaks naturally as you lift my top over my head and your dress is fully unfastened. We naturally lock eyes, but I can’t tell if it’s hunger I see in your eyes, or my own appetite for you reflected back at me. Perhaps it’s both.

A powerful surging urge comes from within. I want to place my strong hands on your shoulders, rip your clothes off, push you onto the bed and give it to you so good. I can see from your eyes that you’d love me to take you like that, and my knowledge is confirmed when you start tracing my muscles with one hand and slipping the other down the front of my body closer and closer…

I won’t let you though. I want to tease you so much and drive you absolutely crazy.

I brush your hand away, yank your hair back firmly, exposing your neck to me, as I lean in and start kissing it. I know that drives you crazy, as I use my fingers to start tracing over your shoulders and arms teasingly. I can feel you grabbing me and trying to work lower.

I break that kiss again, and this time I make sure your dress is down fully. As the sight of your beautiful body in a plain bra and panties swims into my eyes, I drink it up as I pull you closer to the bed. I spin you around, before you have a chance to get what you want and push your forcefully face down onto the bed. Savouring the view of your inviting hips and thighs from the back as I do.

It takes nearly everything I have not to grab you, pin those hips down and start clapping those beautiful cheeks and full pelt.

I grab a pillow and slide it under your tummy as your face down, I whisper in your ears to cross your hands over and tuck them under your head.

I reach over to the side table and slowly open the lid to the bottle of coconut oil.

I place it next to you as I kneel over your body and I start working my hands in your head. Grabbing that soft flowing hair of yours, working my way from the tips, all along each strand to the the roots and rubbing my finger tips playfully into your scalp with a light pressure.

Gosh, how I want to yank that hair with 2 hands as I stare into your eyes standing over you and filling your throat and mouth. However, I know that however impatient I am, I realise that you are doubly so and this is definitely going to end well.

I close my eyes and try to save that hot image for later, as I start using more pressure working my hands down the back of your head to your neck. Those flakes of coconut oil are melting on your skin as I work my hands into them and it smells delicious. I squeeze out the tension at each vertebrae level with a firm grip and use my spare fingers to tease the side of your neck.

My hands reach your shoulders and I start playing with you. Running my fingers along your shoulders and back like the piano, I can tell that makes you mad as you instinctively reach around and unfasten your bra. Oh hell yeah.

I start pushing down on your shoulder blades, using the force from my arms now. Really squeezing the tension out of your tight upper back. I make sure your hands are back under your head as I lightly squeeze along your arms and back to your clavicles. I trace my hands down the upper curves of your breast, lightly dragging my nails to your areolas and running my finger tips in light circles around your nipples.

I lean in and kiss your neck as I squeeze both your breasts firmly and I revel in a sharp inhalation of breath from you. I’m even more turned on when I accidentally brush against you from leaning in and I feel your body tense as you realise how excited I am. I make sure to move my hips back awya from your tempting body as I tace my hands along the inner curve of your breast, both hands coming into your sternum, grazing my nails slightly as I trace down to your belly button and kiss you lower down the neck.

You’re starting to moan now, and it’s very rewarding for me but also increasing my difficulty to stay on target. The sounds of your moans bring those hot images of you kneeling between my legs with a full mouth and my erotic impulses to seize you by whatever I can and start thrusting hard.

I block out your moans as I start squeezing your sides and hips and keep kissing your back as I move down. I can feel you impatiently trying to reach back and pull your panties down as I’m nearing your cheeks.

I slap your hands away from you and make sure they’re tucked firmly under your head as I resume my massage by squeezing your lower back with my tough hands and making it shiny with that warm coconut oil. It makes you even more delicious when I kiss you.

I slap your cheeks lightly and savour the phenomenal view of seeing the ripple spread across those amazing curves. I place one hand between your legs and start pushing on your tummy from underneath, as I hook one thumb under your waistband. Your moans are getting louder and I’m shuddering at the thoughts swimming into my head of throwing you in the floor and filling your moaning mouth till you gag.

I take a moment to collect myself and stay focus as I slowly drag those panties down to your knee level with one hand. I know the anticipation is killing you because its murdering me as your beautiful dripping wet lips are revealed. And a gorgeous deep dark hole between those voluptuous cheeks, finally fully uncovered. Man’s biggest weakness.

As I start rubbing and squeezing your cheeks, coating them in shiny coconut oil, I can hear your moans teasing me with mental scenes of you on all fours as I own you. I know I won’t make it if you keep moaning like that.

I hold your hips firmly with one hand, and yank your underwear off with the other, pull it off those hot legs of yours. I lean forward, pull your hair back so your head comes up and shove your soaked pants into your mouth.

Bite down like a good girl I whisper in your ear, as I push your head down firmly back onto your hands.

With a new found focus, I can begin really squeezing those cheeks with the full forceful grip of my veiny hands. As I work my way to your thighs, I make sure not to kiss your cheeks like I did with your back as I went down. I have to save the best till last.

I’m getting tired now and those dirty images in my head are getting stronger and stronger. I can feel the call from the healthy bulge in my pants and I know I’ve got to move faster.

Using the heel of my hands and the strength in my arms, and my fingers I massage those tasteful thighs of yours, focusing on the back with those tight hamstrings but also reaching round the front too.

When I’ve reached back of your knees, I start squeezing harder and resume my kissing with each of your thighs again.

As I slide my hands down your tense calves, I can feel you start to shake your body, you can’t take it anymore and I can barely either.

My hands reach your feet and as I kiss your calves, my massage finally comes to an end when I sensually run my fingernails across your soles and toes. You shake so much and I can’t tell if it’s desire boiling over or just ticklishness.

Instinctively, I grab both your ankles firmly to hold you still and firmly. I’m so turned on now I can feel the pulse in my lower body quicken and intensify.

You start twerking those sensational hips and it drives me crazy.

I take a moment to absorb that divine view. Your head down buried in your hands, your pleasing cheeks swaying up and down, side to side, that hot crease and tight dripping lips between your crazy thighs and that dark hold between your sexy crack, glistening with your secretions and your skin do beautiful and shiny, with the sensational aroma of coconut.

My brain is exploding.

Kiss her.

Suck her.

Eat her.

Fuck her.

Own her.

I remember what I thought earlier. Save the best till last. I place my veiny hands on those soft inviting cheeks. I spread them wide as I lean in.

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