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[MF] I think I was a little too loud

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If any of you have read my previous posts, you know that I love getting attention. I’ve been trying to embrace that side of me more recently. I’ve been exploring myself at the club, showing myself off to strangers grocery shopping… and now this. A friend was coming over later that night to study (I know, I know, but we really intended on studying). Him and I weren’t anything serious, we met through class and became study buddies to help prepare for exams. Of course, eventually that led to fooling around a few times, but nothing more. We had to study for our exam, but still… I couldn’t take this opportunity and NOT tease him at least a little bit.

When he arrived at my dorm, I answered the door wearing a thin pair of black leggings, with a tank top. Of course, I made sure to not wear a bra that day. After all, it was the weekend and I was just lounging around in my dorm. I answered the door with a bright smile, and he didn’t seem to notice anything at first glance, but as we walked over to my room (my dorm has a common room with a few single bedrooms) I caught him glancing at my chest, and I think he finally realized I had no bra on, letting my nipples poke at the thin fabric covering them from being exposed.

The night started as a normal study session, going over our work and occasionally quizzing each other on different topics. I made sure that every now and then, I would lean over, showing off some of my cleavage. Another time I would lean to the side, letting him see a little bit of side boob. What a sweet boy… I could tell he was trying hard to stay focused and respectful, but who doesn’t like a good pair of tits? I was having so much fun, I could feel myself start to get wet.

As the night goes on, I continue my light teasing. I brush up against his arm, my chest moving into his line of view occasionally. When he asks a question, I lean over to look at his notes, my hand resting on his thigh. I could tell it was starting to get to him. He was losing some focus, and for some reason his textbook would never leave his lap anymore. I have to admit… at this point, I was no longer focused on studying. It took me a moment to realize just how hard my nipples had gotten throughout the past hour, as at this point they were fully poking against the fabric of my tank top.

“You’re getting a little too obvious.” He finally said to me with a smirk. Oh shit, maybe I’m not as good at this as I think I am. He finally closed his textbook pushed me back on my bed. All bets were off at this point.

His hands moved right up to grope me through my shirt, and I could feel his bulge growing against my thigh. “Fuck…” I let out a long moan. No one was home, so I had nothing to worry about. He continues pawing at my chest, so eager to finally get what he has been staring at for the past hour. I was such a wet mess, but wanted to take in every moment I could. I moaned his name and brought my fingers through his hair, entangling my fingers as I brought his head to my chest. His hands wrapped around my hips, grabbing the hem of my shirt as he pulled it up and off me. *Fucking finally*. He could see my upper half fully exposed now, as his lips enveloped one of my nipples. “Yesss” I let out through a hot moan.

**\*Clunk\*** That’s when I heard it, the front door shutting to our dorm. Oh shit, my roommate is home. We both look over to my bedroom door for a moment and- oh fuck, he’s squeezing my tits again. I look down to shush him with one finger to my lips, but nod to keep going. His tongue brushes out against my nipple, and it takes every fiber in my body to hold back a moan. That’s when I feel it. His other hand makes it’s way between my legs, feeling my how I soaked through my leggings. He doesn’t waste his time and removes them, revealing my entire naked body on the bed sprawled out for him. I didn’t bother putting any panties on before he came over, I knew they were just going to get soaked anyway.

He places both hands on me knees and spreads them wide, as his lips kiss down my inner thigh. My legs are shaking at this point, biting my lower lip as I can’t wait any longer. I take my hand and move his face against my pussy, as I instantly feel him take my clit into his mouth. “Oh GOD!” I let out loudly. I instantly clasp my hands over my mouth and blush. Shit. That was really loud… my roomie would have to be deaf to not hear it. The lovely man worked his magic down there and I was in bliss. Small hums moans would sometimes escape my lips, but I kept as quiet as possible. The worst part about it though… the more I thought about my roomie hearing, the more turned on I got.

I needed him inside me. I pulled his head up from my legs, and before I even said anything he started to strip down. Finally, his cock popped free and it was a sight to behold. Not that it was anything special, it was an average cock that got the job done, but I wanted nothing else right now. I was such a mess, I knew I was going to have to wash these sheets later. He climbed on top of me, the head of his dick teasing right at the opening. “Just do it already…” I was whining at this point, until finally I felt it. Inch by inch he entered me, until bottoming out. I couldn’t take it anymore. I let out the loudest moan that night. I didn’t care anymore.

At this point, this boy had been so focused on my pleasure, so when it was time for him to take me, he had lost all sense of composure. I felt him thrust in and out of me aggressively, slapping his hips against mine. I reached up to wrap my arms around his neck, steadying myself on the bed as he thrusted into me again and again. He took this as an invitation to bring his lips to my neck, nibbling at the sensitive skin beneath my jaw. Fuck. That’s my weak spot. I was such a mess, and could feel my pussy clamping around him. He knew I needed it bad and I felt him suck my skin in hard, and that was enough to push me over the edge. I held onto him tightly as my body convulsed, legs clamping around his hips to keep him deep inside me. I don’t know what was said at this point, or how loud my moans were. I just knew we were fucking as if we were the only ones in the building.

Finally it came time, and he pulled out to unleash a think rope of cum, right from my hips all the way up to my chin. Oh my god. The look on his face, he was spent. Out of breath he slumped against me as began catching my breath. I smirked, bringing a finger down to my chin, scooping up some his cum and bringing it to my mouth. I didn’t get to take his dick in their today, so this will have to do. That’s when I heard my phone go off. It was a text from my roomie.

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