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[MF] Gave a pregnant woman a massage and more

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I matched with a 22 year old woman who said she was looking for fun and was pregnant.

We chatted for a bit and I offered a relaxing massage. I love giving massages. With pregnancy it’s more important and you have to be gentler due to clotting.

So she came over and I started with her sitting in front of me, back toward me and topless. I gave her a great back and neck massage. Then she leaned back against me and I massaged her chest, arms and breasts. After that she laid back with lot of pillows, took off her pajama pants and I massaged her legs and feet. Finally I finished with the sore muscles between her piping hot and oh so delicious pussy and her legs.

She was so turned on I asked if she would like me to go down on her with oral and she was very happy for that.

About 30 minutes later she’s had enough and I ask if she wants anything more from me or if she had enough. She said she would like more. I offered to fuck her and she happily nodded.

She got into doggy and I went to work, she was so fucking wet, soft and tight I hate to say it but I only lasted about 5 minutes. Then after cumming I just kept going for another 10 or so.

She was uncomfortable with position so we changed it to her on top cowgirl and she ground her way to another orgasm while I rubbed her clit.

By then it was close to midnight and she needed to get home.

So that ended our night.

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