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[MF] Autumn Academy Adventure [Fiction]

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Alice had Xavier lying on the bed in the dormitory in front of her. His corduroy trousers were lowered to his knees. Xavier’s penis stood stiffly, covered only by his linen boxers, which at that moment looked like a tent. “Can you relax now and close your eyes? I’m being pestered by your gaze,” Alicia said. “Do what you want with me, like I’m not here.” “Silly you, how could I do anything with you if you weren’t going to be here?” Alicia didn’t let Xavier reply, because in mid-sentence she leaned over Xavier’s body, kissed is smooth and untrimmed chest and went lower and lower with her caresses. She reached for his penis through the wide leg of his boxers. She had time to warm her hand, chilled by the autumn air, placing it under her thigh just as Xavier entered the dormitory. She grasped the penis firmly up high, right at the glans, moved her hand a few times at the top. A moment later, she moved her hand up to the smooth, shaved root. She pulled back the foreskin, Xavier groaned, and the glans of his penis imprinted clearly in the linen material. A drop leaked out, marking his boxers with this moment of pleasure.

A moment later the door creaked open and Mistress Teresa entered the dormitory. Alice’s bed was in a dark corner of the dormitory, divided by a wardrobe from the rest of the room. Alicia quickly interrupted the activity and showed Xavier to keep quiet. Alice could hear distant footsteps and the sound of a window being tilted, presumably located on the opposite side of the dormitory. The autumn chill and the smell of decayed leaves. The freshness wafted into the musty corner inhabited by Alice and mixed with the scent of Xavier’s private parts. Teresa’s footsteps began to move away, and in a moment the door closed.

“I think we’re alone again. Why don’t you lie down on the bed?” – Xavier initiated. Alicia only nodded her head. Her eyes, however, said that she didn’t know what to expect, but was very excited by the developments. She lay down on her back. Xavier had in front of him a girl with wide hips and raven black hair, dressed in a plaid skirt, black knee socks and a light brown shirt. Sitting on the bed, he tilted his head and, in the semi-darkness of the dormitory, he could hardly see Alice’s hidden secret, opened to him by her parted thighs. Alicia hid her face in her hands at the same moment that Xavier’s hands grasped the thighs of her Academy friend at her side. With a slow movement of his fingers, Xavier rolled Alicia’s skirt up towards her head, exposing her beige underwear, which bore an elongated sag. With his thumb and forefinger he lifted the silk fabric slightly and swung it aside, hugging his outstretched tongue over his palm to Alicia’s exposed vagina.

\* \* \*

Xavier woke up the next morning in a room rented in a house next to the campus. The memory of Alicia’s slightly sour vagina was still very much alive, clearer than the reality around him. The lazy autumn light fostered a dreamy mood. The warm petals of the vagina were large and protruded beyond the smooth outline of the pubic sore. The taste was slightly sour, which, according to Xavier’s book knowledge, meant that Alice had infertile days. Unfortunately, he did not have the opportunity to use this knowledge.

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