Erotic Stories

[MF] After a night of being good and quiet because there were guests at our place, he came so hard all over me we needed multiple towels to clean up.

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For context, we both have very high sex drive and regularly fuck at least twice a day. He had family in town last week though, and on the night they stayed over we didn’t want to be overheard (the floors in our flat creak if you breathe sideways on them…it wouldn’t have been subtle). We eventually went to sleep after quietly teasing each other for a little while, although he refused to let me go with out making me come on his mouth a couple times.

The next morning, he was downstairs early seeing the family off to the train and came back to bed where I still was. He woke me up and within minutes had me face down, ass up and was pounding into me hard. His thick cock reaches so deep like that I was whining and crying soon, letting out everything we’d held in the night before. I came so hard it blinded me for a second.

He eventually turned me over and fucked me in missionary, whispering dirty things in my ear and licking up and down my neck. He was about to come, and though I really wanted it inside me, he asked if he could come on my breasts and I agreed. Soon after, he pulled out and began to come, and I watched as ropes of it landed on my abs and breasts. I don’t frequently get to watch him come like this and the sight was so hot.

But he just kept coming. All over my chest and abdomen, and a few spurts landed on my face. It felt like it went on forever, and pretty immediately I realised I was soaked—just absolutely showered in his come. I ran my fingers through it and took a bit of it in my mouth, and he was clearly trying to commit the image perfectly to memory. The thought crossed my mind that I really, really would have wanted that inside me.

Soon, we both started laughing at what an absurd amount of come it was, and he gave up on trying to wipe it up with tissues and went to grab towels instead. Eventually (laughing the whole way) we both gave up, realising it had gotten in my hair as well and just hopped in the shower together instead. But that’s another story….

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