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Memory lane (a 10th grade teachers first Sapphic experience with a student’s mother)

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Jenny Hixson was my youngest son’s 10th grade teacher. My older son had her as well a few years previous so I was familiar with her.
She was a younger woman in the area of 29 or so., I was 38.
She was married and had a young child of her own. Cute brown eyes, very nice lips and a cute smile with dimples, loved her face!
shoulder length very curly blonde hair which she parted over on one side often pinning it back.. she had a very cute body, B cup breasts and a very cute perky butt, after her pregnancy she had put on a little weight. When my first son was in her class she was very slim and had a firm cute butt. But when my second son was in her class she was more curvy and held a lot of it in her hips and butt , and it definitely drew my attention.
When my older son was in her class I would come and help out occasionally and I couldn’t help but admire her as she was up at the chalkboard or doing some other thing in the classroom. I also noticed that some of the boys were taking notice as well.
She and I became good friends and I began to volunteer more to help out in the class. Quite often I would be there after school helping her to set things up for the next day, while my son had other after school activities going on and quite often we would just stop and chat. She would ask me questions about marriage and motherhood and things like that, and every once in awhile our conversations would dip a little bit into the sexual areas of marriage. I came to find out that when she was dating her husband they had been a little more open with their relationship, however when things began to settle down for them they left a lot of that behind and she missed it.
I was able to share with her how our life changed after I had my first experience with another woman. And how my husband and I had begun exploring things.
Actually at this point I only had been with two women one who I was involved in almost a year-long affair and the other just a one-time occurrence. But it was enough for me to get the bug. I began to see women in a whole new light. And she was no exception.
When I would be taking one of my sons to after school curriculum I would often stop into her classroom just to say hi if she was there.
A few years later my youngest son was in her class I had gone to visit with her one night. It was a parent-teacher meeting and I was her last appointment. The school was pretty well emptied out and she felt comfortable staying late for me because she knew me so well. I had a number of appointments that I had to take care of which is why I had to come so late. The janitors were already busy cleaning some of the classrooms in the hallways.
She and I sat there and talked at her desk. I was wearing my work clothes a knee length skirt, stockings, heels, rib knit top and a blazer. She was wearing a long knit sweater with a pair of leggings both black. They really contrasted against her blonde curly hair. As we talked again our conversation relaxed and we began to talk about things sexual. She brought up the conversations we had had previously when my first son was in her class. And she asked me if I had , has any other experiences with women. I told her that currently I was in a somewhat flirty relationship with someone, but nothing more than that.
Then unexpectedly,
She just stopped leaned forward and said I need to be honest with you. I have always found you very attractive. I was surprised that she would just come right out about it. I always felt that there was this extra sense of friendliness between us and this kind of flirty atmosphere, but it was one of those flirty atmospheres that was just friends joking not really as in let’s get it on flirting.
I studied her face to see if she was just joking but she was very serious.
I reached my hand over and put it on top of hers and told her I found her attractive as well. We talked some more and I never removed my hand from hers.
It turned out that she had never actually been with a woman and had become really super curious. I asked her if she wanted to find out, to which she eagerly nodded her head yes with a big smile. I wrapped my fingers around her hand and held it warmly.
She pointed back to a small supply closet in the back of the classroom. Then she walked over to the door of the classroom, closing it and locking it and turning the lights out. We walked back to the closet and closed the door behind us.
It was a tight space and we were standing close together. I slipped my hands around her waist and she put her arms on my shoulders. She was a few inches taller than I, even with my heels on. I kissed her and then kissed her again. We began to make out right there in the closet.
She began to grope all over my body and I let her. She had my knit top up over my bra and was squeezing my breasts. It was like someone who had a new toy. She couldn’t stop smiling. I told her to go ahead and take my breasts out of the cups and she did. Rolling my nipples in her fingertips and I asked her if she would like to kiss them. Again she nodded her head eagerly yes, then she kissed, at first in a tentative way and then lingering there tonguing and sucking the nipples. Now I have always had sensitive breasts to the point where I can orgasm just from breastplay.
I reached down and pulled up my skirt to my hips exposing my panties. Then taking one of her hands and I put them down on my pelvis. She began to massage eventually her fingertips dipping into the waistband of my panties. All I could do was bite my lip while she had her way with me.
I slipped my hands down into the waistband of her leggings feeling her beautiful little kitty. As I touched her pelvis she moaned, her lips pursed around my nipple. She was extremely wet and I began to tickle her clitoris. I was on the verge of orgasm just from the breastplay she was giving me when suddenly she burst out in a low hushed moan. She had an orgasm and I could feel her stomach spasm and quiver against my hand. She slumped forward holding on to me.
Looking up at me with puppy dog eyes I kissed her again and told her to get on her knees.
She first opened the door slightly and peeked around to make sure nothing was happening out there then closed the door and slowly lowered herself to her knees. She was looking at my wet panties which her hand had been in previously. she began to rub the outside of them eventually slipping them down gently from my hips until they were around the tops of my stockings. I put my hand on her head and guided her lips to my clitoris. She kissed then flicked her tongue and then engaged fully. I arched my hips forward to give her a better access standing there with my legs spread wider than my shoulders. Her hands ran up and down my legs I could feel the warmth of them and how soft they were through my stockings. It wasn’t long before I orgasmed squeezing my own breasts and nipples as she licked me. It just poured out of me. I was somewhat loud and she stood up giggling and putting a finger to her mouth to signal that I should be quiet. We kissed more and I worked her leggings down off of her hips. Her panties following.
Lowering myself down to my knees reaching around I grabbed hold of her beautiful round butt squeezing as I began to pleasure her with my tongue. She would have these moments where she would tighten up holding onto my head and pushing her pelvis into my mouth and then release I would try to look up at her face to see what she was doing when she tightened up. she would shut her eyes tight and I could feel her Arch forward again her ass tightening up as it flexed in my hands. You could tell she was struggling with this orgasm.
Releasing one side of her ass I slipped two fingers up inside of her now wet kitty. She blurted out
I began to fuck her with my fingertips as I licked, sucked and nibbled her clitoris and labia. Over and over again she would tense up like that but it became more and more frequent her breathing was short deep and heavy until finally she began shaking and repeating yes over and over and over again in a hushed tone. She orgasmed hard and squirt.
I could feel it land on my exposed breasts and stomach
We finished up I stood up and we kissed. She took my hand that was wet with her juices kissing it and licking it as she looked into my eyes.
We got ourselves together, she peeked out of the closet and we stepped out. We now stood there in the dark classroom embracing and kissing.
Afterwards she couldn’t stop saying how wonderful that was and how long she had wanted this.
We had gotten together four or five times after that at different locations.
And whenever I was at school we would always look at each other with this secret that we had shared.
My boys are both grown up and on their own now.
I haven’t seen her now for quite a few years, but I look back upon her fondly.

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