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Me & My Moms Weekend At The Lake House

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I can honestly say I’ve been attracted to my mom since I was young kid. Watching milf porn growing up only made her more attractive to me. Growing up I had 2 older brothers and 1 younger sister. I felt favoritism from my mom growing up and my older brothers used to say the same thing . My oldest brother went to the Air Force after high school and 2 years later my other brother went to college Which left me , mom , my dad & sister. My dad has an engineering job and travels a lot for work , we didn’t have the best relationship growing up but he always was home on holidays . He didn’t get to use to lake house as much as he wanted (which he bought). But encouraged me and my mom and sister to start going even when he couldn’t make it. After my brothers left the house , it left me, mom , sister & dad which traveled a lot his job pays for his hotels & flights . My sister was involved with a lot of activities after school and wouldn’t have to get picked up till 6:30pm .

My mom was a stay home mom my dad always took care of the whole house my whole life . I used to give my mom signs I was into women I used to leave playboy magazines out in the open in my room , I used to leave a condom on a dresser knowing she would see it . I would walk around the house with just my boxer briefs on and no T-shirt with a halfway hard dick in the morning , I’ve wore boxers around the house my whole life so it was nothing new but when I got older my dick grew and I just wanted my mom to see . It caught my attention when she would wear tanktops around the house with no bra under especially if she was doing laundry but when my sister comes home from school she would change into more appropriate clothes . When my mom would talk to me I’d make it obvious I would stare at her tits for small second then look her in her eyes , she knew what I was doing and wouldn’t get mad about it . She used to tell me often how handsome I was . On certain days she would come in my room and tell me how she’s had a long day and her neck and back hurts and ask me if I can rub the kinks out. When I would she acted like it was the best feeling ever with the grunts n soft moans she would make .

It all started to come together slowly I used to dream about it happening but never expected it to happened the way it did . Our first sexual intercourse happened 4th of July weekend me , my mom and my sister and my sisters friend from school when to the lake house , there 6 bedrooms in the whole house but my sister and her friend shared a room , I had my own room and my mom slept in my parents room . When I was taking a shower before bed because I smelled like lake water I was in the middle of my shower which had a glass door she knocks light on the bathroom door n barley opens the door to see if there’s a extra towel in there . I instantly cover my dick with my hands because I wasn’t expecting that . She laughs and tells me relax it’s nothing she hasn’t seen before in a laughing voice. I felt butterfly’s throughout my whole body . Next she says to me move my hands and let her see , i couldn’t believe what I was hearing it’s almost like I froze up but I listened and moved my hands my dick started to grow immediately. She told me after I finish showering to come to her room but don’t let my sister see. I hurry up and finished fast because I something was going to happen , my whole body felt nervous but I knew it’s what I wanted to do. When I went upstairs to her room she had a bath robe on she dropped it within 10 seconds of me being in the room , I still couldn’t believe what I was seeing , I felt nervous & guilt but knew it was a once in a lifetime chance. When I went up to her I laid her on her bed and started sucking her titties , there are natural and pretty damn big I’ve looked at them my whole life and it was my first time seeing them bare. I could literally suck on her titties all day but after 5 or so minutes she told me she wanted to suck me cock after so I laid flat on her bed , she spreaded my legs and got in between to where it looked like I was making a snow angel It felt like I was living in a dream watching my mom suck my cock . She was laughing in a joking manor as she was doing it , my main focus was tryin not to cum fast . Within 5 minutes she stopped and got on top of me. She put both her hands on my chest and started riding me slow I have flashbacks till this day of watching them titties bounce in my face . My sister and her friend were downstairs at the time. My mom wasn’t trying to be to loud but I could tell she enjoyed it a lot , she started calling me by my first and middle name as she was riding me . I knew I couldn’t last to much longer after 5-6 minutes so when I asked her where she wanted me to cum she said inside her . Once again I was mind blown the way she said it , I been knew she had her tubes tied after her last pregnancy but I asked her again are you sure you want me too ? When she said yes it was about 20 more seconds and I exploded all inside her , it knocked the wind out of me it was hard to catch my breath after . It was one of the craziest feelings in the world still hard to explain , She sat with my dick inside of her for 2 minutes after I finished cumming and talked about how nobody never find out about this before she got off top of me , cumming inside the same pussy you came out of was hands down an experience of a lifetime. If there are any mothers and sons out there debating on fucking my opinion is go for it !

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