Erotic Stories

[m4f] Just a little restaurant fantasy, considering you wanted to eat out tonight.

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The waiter comes by, takes our orders. We’re sitting there nicely, my hand on your knee while we talk about our days. You shift your legs slightly, opening them just enough for me to notice. I start to slowly slide my hand up your leg, secretly, nobody around can see. I lean over and whisper to you “I’m going to make you cum right here” – you let out a little moan, shocked I’m talking to you like that in public.

My hand goes up higher, sliding all the way up your inner thigh. You shift slightly, moving your body enough so I can move your panties to the side. I touch you, your voice sounded surprised I wanted to make you cum but by how wet you are already I can tell it’s what you wanted.

I start slowly, one finger lightly tracing the edge of you, it becoming easier and easier to speed up as you get wetter and wetter. I circle your clit, then slide one finger as deep into you as I can. You squeal a little in surprise but you’re hiding it well so far.

With my other hand I knock a fork off the table, I’m clumsy like that I’m sorry. I carefully pull my finger out of you, ensuring you see me put it in my mouth and taste you as I push my chair out to climb down and pick the fork up. As I stand slightly you can see my cock pushing against my suit pants, your eyes widen and you bite your lip. But you can’t have it yet, that’s for you when we get home if you cum for daddy now.

I slide under the table, obviously it’s clear now that the fork isn’t why I’m down there. You open your legs wider to let my face in, shaking the table cloth to make sure it hides what’s going on. I start gently again, using my finger to trace you as I did before, teasing you. Then my tongue flicks your clit, just slightly. My fingers start sliding in and out of you faster but my tongue touches you slowly, irregularly, when you least expect it.

“I have your wines Ma’am” the waiter says as he comes to the table. I know he’s there, but I’m not stopping, not when I can feel your pussy tightening around my fingers. You’re close.

You swallow, trying to hide what’s happening. “Thank you” you say, the words coming out louder than you intended as you try not to moan.

Finally he leaves, and you let out a deep breath as you feel the release. The warmth spreading through your whole body as you cum onto my face.

I stay down there for a moment – kissing your inner thigh. Before coming up, kissing you gently so you can taste yourself on my lips.

I sip my wine “what was the highlight of your day babe” like nothing ever happened

Just a thought x

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