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Lucky Landlord Part 2: Punishing Denise and Kate

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I woke up the next day with every muscle in my body aching. I took a long hot shower and got dressed in a pair of athletic shorts and a t-shirt. I always make my bed and I’m glad I did today. I had forgotten that Valorie had taken my keys and was going to check up on me. I opened the door and Val was standing there scowling. I had no idea what I had done to deserve her displeasure, but I’m sure it was all my fault. She may be kind of petite, but in a fist fight I want her on my side. Val pushed me back in my bedroom and forced me back until I sat on my bed.
Val held her left hand palm up and was jabbing her palm every time she made a point. “What did you think you were doing last night? Never drink from any glass those two harlots hand you. If not for Michelle, you would have been laying here all night and who knows what would have happened to you. You will find a way to do something nice for my daughter. I am not the kind of woman you can play with so if you want a relationship with me, treat me well. I don’t know you so we’ll start all over again so ask me on a date like a normal human being. Finally, how will you punish those two tramps? You should have them arrested for spiking your drink.”
I cleared my throat three times. “I will find a way to thank Michelle and you can be sure of it. I can act like a gentleman and I will prove it. I don’t drink or go to bars so I’ve never had any experience with spiked drinks. I need some time to think about my tenants and I would like your advice on how to proceed. Most importantly, thanks for last night. I owe you big time.” Just thinking about being naked in front of Val made me embarrassed.
Val laughed and I looked up. She walked closer and tilted my head back and kissed me long and hard. She giggled. “You are a wonderful kisser. Now let me see your cock.” Val stood back a step with an evil little grin on her face. “Don’t be shy, I need to see there’s no lasting damage.”
As I stood, I could feel my cock getting harder. I didn’t mean to be, but I was slower than normal, I slid off my trunks and just had my compression shorts on underneath. Val stood two inches away from me and she smiled at me and let her perfume work its magic on me. “From that silly look on your goofy mug, you like my perfume. I’m going to examine you now with my hands.” Val raked my thighs with her finger nails and watched goosebumps pop up an all my exposed flesh. Her right hand stroked my cock and her left hand fondled my balls. Huskily she said, “Drop ‘em cowboy; I’m a busy nurse.” As I bent down to take off my shorts, Val grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her cleavage. To stop from falling over, I had to quickly put my hands on her and they ended up on her beautifully toned ass. Val giggled, “Not much a gentleman are you?”
I was done being teased. I grabbed a hold of her ass and lifted her off the ground. She was pretty light. She wrapped her muscular legs around my waist and ground her pussy on my cock. I was going to drop Val on the bed but she her legs were too strong. She laughed and said, “I can do this all day. You done trying to cop a feel? I need to examine you so put me down on the bed.”
I did as I was told and Val’s face was even with my crotch. She traced the outline of my cock with the tip of her tongue and I squirmed. She roughly pulled down my trunks and kept out of the way as my cock swung up. She grabbed it firmly and gave it a few strokes before she sucked my cock head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. While my cock was still in her mouth, she laughed and sucked harder until she finally pulled off me. My cock was pretty well lubed, but Val wanted more. “There’s warming lube over there. Be a good sport and get it for me.” She laughed as I walked there and back. It’s hard to be cool while your shorts are around your ankles.
I had used warming lube a couple of times so I was hoping for the same results on my cock. Val sat up a bit and pulled off her sweats and revealed a pair of crotchless red panties. She put some lube on her fingers and lubricated her pussy in this way three times. My poor pecker was left twitching and sticky from her spit.
I knelt down and removed her sweats from her ankles. Val lifted my chin and looked into my eyes. “It will help if you rub my clit a bit. I had a good time yesterday, but you can do better big boy.” Val grabbed my cock and guided me in. She was much tighter today but I slipped in easily. Val had her hands on my hips and she directed my thrusts. Since my hands were free, I split her pussy lips with my left hand and rubbed her clit with my right. The warming lube made her love canal warmer than I expected. Val was thrusting in return and I kept up massaging her clit. It got so big, I could slip a finger under the hood and rub her clit harder, She clamped me with her hands and legs and rubbed out her orgasm. She finally dropped my hips and pulled me in for a kiss that was almost savage. She was panting. “Clothes . . . off . . .now!” I pulled off her sweatshirt and saw a red silk bra with slits for her already hardened nipples. I bent down and gently nipped at them. Val pulled me in with her legs and humped me while I nibbled and sucked. It was probably less than five minutes before we came together.
Val insisted on washing me to check one last time for any noticeable problems with my cock. “I pronounce you good as new. I have to go to work. You have an hour to get ready for Michelle. She has something for you. It will help you understand those two tramps. Michelle has agreed to watch you punish them so I know you won’t go soft on them.” I received a final passionate kiss, and Val dressed and took off. I had time to shower again and make my bed before the doorbell rang.
Michelle came in looking pretty embarrassed and she had her computer with her. She was looking all over the house like she had been embarrassed to have seen me naked. “Yes, well, the thing is, they had a camera and I copied the video on to my computer and mom wants us to watch it. She thinks it will help me, you know to become a better lover.” Michelle blushed to her toes and started the video.
I have no idea where these girls learned how to do the things they did. They took turns using me as a sex toy but the worst part was Michelle was giving a running commentary. When Kate stuck her tongue up my ass, she said, “That’s a rim job. Kids like it, I mean giving and getting it.” The next part showed that Kate was behind me on the bed and she reached down, trapped my ankles and spread my legs. Denise mounted me but it looked like she was fucking me instead of me fucking her. “That’s the amazon position, you know the women warriors? It helps women be the dominant partner.”
The entire time the video ran, I just lay there unresponsive while the girls mounted me in a variety of ways, orgasmed on my face or cock and just used me like a plaything. The video lasted around an hour. I was about to go over to their apartment and kick them out, but Michelle held me back, “There’s more here. I, uh, you should see it.”
The next video showed Kate and Denise dressed in tiny outfits that covered their torsos and legs, but left their breasts and pussies exposed. They took turns using a large strap-on and vibrators on each other until they both squirted on the floor. That gave me an idea and I swore Michelle could read my mind. “They are free all day today and they are expecting you to punish them. Mom says I have to help.” Michelle blushed redder than before.
I called Kate’s phone with mine on speaker phone and she answered right away. “Kate, I just saw what you did to me and you’re in big trouble. I have no idea why you’d tape yourself, but I have plenty of evidence to go to the police. I really want both of you out of my building today.”
Kate started crying. “We have nowhere to go. We’re really sorry and we’re willing to do anything, just don’t kick us out and don’t tell our parents.”
I grunted. “I’m not so sure you understand. I saw that little film of you and Denise in your outfits. You’re going to have to work pretty hard to make me change my mind. Get dressed up in your vinyl outfits and be ready for me in half an hour. If you submit to your punishment properly, maybe you can undo the damage you’ve done. But if you displease me, I’ll send the video to your parents. Be prepared.” I hung up the phone and looked at Michelle. “I need you to tape everything so your mother knows I punished the girls properly.”
Michelle blushed even more deeply. “Just let me use the camera. I mean I don’t want to do anything else like touch them or anything and neither should you. I’ll make sure the only part of you on the video is your voice.”
I nodded and got dressed in my black suit, white shirt and black tie. Michelle and I walked over to the their apartment and I rung the bell. The door opened silently and couldn’t see either woman, but after Michelle and I entered, the door closed and both Kate and Denise were standing in their outfits. Kate’s outfit was red and Denise’s outfit was black. The suits had push up bras and both girls were shivering, maybe from fear or excitement or both. They both looked at Michelle and paled. I walked over and stood in front of Kate—she was much taller than me in her high heel boots. “Where’s your collar my little pet? Denise go get it and bring the leash too.” Denise went to a bedroom and came back and tried to hand it to me. “Oh no Denise; you put it on. Just hand me the leash.” After Denise completed her task, I made Kate open her mouth and I slipped the leash between her teeth. “Now my pet, get Denise’s and put it on.” Kate came back and both girls had tears dripping down their cheeks.
I motioned that Michelle should start filming and I waved the girls away from me. They were still crying silently. “You thought treating me like a dog was funny. You though squirting on my face was a barrel full of laughs. You acted like I was a dog and laughed at me when you came back in my house. I thought you enjoyed doing that to each other, but if you’ll be crying all the time, I’ll just leave. I’m sure your parents can find a better way to punish you. In fact, I think the police need to be involved.”
Kate wiped away her tears and said quietly, “You’re right to punish us sir. We were both naughty. Sir, don’t dirty your hands on us. I’ll punish Denise properly first and if I please you, she can punish me next.” I nodded and sat in a chair and watched the show.
Kate brought Denise in front of me by her leash. Kate spent a few minutes tweaking Denise’s nipples and I saw her pink nips become red and swollen. “I have no idea why sir thinks we are worth the trouble, but he’s doing us a favor. Assume the position slut while I get my magic wand.” Denise sat on the floor in front of me and spread her pussy lips with her hands. She took three fingers and jammed them in her pussy and stroked herself vigorously. Kate came back, plugged in the massager and pulled back Denise’s head by her hair. “Sir didn’t tell you to please yourself did he? Spread you legs nice and wide.” Denise meekly obeyed and watched as Kate turned the vibrator on and rubbed it roughly all over the outside and inside of Denise’s pussy. “Now tell sir how sorry you are and beg for forgiveness before you squirt all over the floor like a little slut.”
Denise was whining but she was trembling from the vibrator. “O, I’m sorry sir, it will never happen again, I don’t deserve another chance.” Kate shoved the whole head of the vibrator into Denise’s pussy and plunged it in and out. Denise squealed and squirted all over the floor as she orgasmed violently. She was still twitching as she cleaned up the mess she made. I waved Denise off and she came back after a few minutes wearing a pink strap-on. It looked like it was six inches long, but it was covered with bumps and ridges.
Kate assumed the position; she was on all fours in front of me. With no prelude, Denise rammed the fake cock into Kate and hammered away at her. “Our master thinks you’re worth saving you little tramp but I know you’re not. Beg for forgiveness now. Show him you’re a little tramp and beg him. You’ll squirt like a little slut won’t you?”
Kate whimpered, “I’m sorry master, I’ll do better from now on. You shouldn’t forgive me but I hope you will. Denise is correct, we’re both little sluts.” Denise was thrusting harder and harder, until Kate stuffed her leash in her mouth and bit down to stop her from squealing like a pig. Kate squirted even more and both girls came back still excited but cleaned up their mess.
I motioned to Michelle and she stopped filming. “Never do anything like that again or next time, you won’t be able to sit for a week.” Both women got on their knees and kissed my hands. I let Michelle go first and I closed the door behind me.
Michelle was biting her lip as we walked back to my house. I was pretty disgusted that people would enjoy being treated like that. I tried to speak to Michelle pleasantly. “I owe you for doing two nice things for me so you let me know how I can repay you. I’m not sure that was much of a punishment, those ladies enjoyed themselves too much.”
Michelle laughed. “Oh no; I witnessed the whole thing. They are so embarrassed and now I have something to hold over their heads. But you hated every minute of that didn’t you?”
“Yes, I did, but I want your mother to know I care about her so it was important I followed through. Now tell me how I can repay you before I owe you so many favors you ask me for a new car.”
Michelle laughed even more loudly. “Be good to us and that will more than repay us, but I have a few ideas. Let me run them past mom and thanks for standing up to those two cows. I have a feeling they’ll be nicer from now on. Just give me my computer and I’ll make a copy of the video before I wipe it clean. Yes, a tramp and a slut describes them perfectly.”
Michelle got her computer and was laughing all the way back to her house. I was pretty busy ordering flowers for two and making dinner arrangements for tomorrow night. I had to let them know as soon as possible. It takes a woman a long time to make themselves beautiful.
To Be Continued:

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