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Looking for women who can write creatively to help me with a weird roleplay scenario that I can *never* find anyone to help me with.

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So, I have a really niche fetish roleplay that I want to do but can never find anyone tohelp because it’s…niche, weird and requires some imagination. Basically it’s an 18+ son and a trailer trash, fat, nasty mother in either a run down trailer or a beat up run down motel room and the degenerate stuff they get up to. I’m hoping tofind someone willing to play the mother. If you’d help me, please message me! I RP on reddit messages and discord.

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  1. GoneInSixtyHours Reply

    Dude, you been asking this months now.

    The issue here is that you’re expecting a total stranger to do all this work for you **for free**

    If your trailer mom kink is so important to you, you either put in the work yourself or you start thinking about paying people a decent rate for their creative skills.

    No girl seeing this will do this shit for free.

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