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Last night a routine visit to my (38f) friends (28f) house ended with us both getting a facial from her fwb (21m)

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Last night, the kids went to bed for half 7 and my husband had his friend coming round to watch football so I went to my friend Lisa’s to drop off a wooden cat bed my husband had made for her (he’s great with woodwork). I stayed for a bit chatting to her over a cup of tea when her phone rings. She says it’s her “friend” Callum answers it and tells him she’ll ring him back she’s got a friend round. I don’t hear what he says but she laughs and tells him to behave and she’s going and then hangs up.

Less than 30 seconds later he rings back again but this time he’s facetiming her. She answers and he said he wants to see her friend, meaning me, so she spins the phone around and I wave and say hello. She tells him she’s going now and he says he’s going to keep ringing until he sees us kiss. She laughs and puts the phone down. He rings her again and I tell her I have an idea and we both go and lay on her sofa with a blanket over us and as she answers I kiss her on the cheek and then dip my head under the blanket and she tells him “sorry I’ve got to go we’re busy” and he shouts out “I’m coming round!” Just before she puts the phone down lol.

We carry on chatting for another half hour or so and I’m just getting ready to leave when there’s a knock at her door and it’s Callum! I notice straight away he’s a lot taller and more handsome than he looked on FaceTime lol. I say “you’re too late we’ve finished and I’m about to go” he stands in front of the door and says “‘not until I’ve seen you kiss!” Lisa walks over to me and gives me a peck on the lips and says “there!” He doesn’t move and says “nope I want to see a proper kiss” it sounds bad but it was a playful vibe so I said “fine Lisa come here” she walks over and we are both laughing and she says “really?” So I said “yeah why not” and we start kissing.

The atmosphere in the room seemed to instantly change. I can’t describe it but what I thought would be a five second kiss had been going on for nearly a minute and we were both moaning and pulling each other closer. We stopped and looked at each other and both smiled then started again. It was like we were suddenly lost in the moment and couldn’t help ourselves.

Callum must have been enjoying it as he stood behind Lisa and started kissing her neck and he wrapped his arms around her. With me and Lisa being so close together his arms brushed against me and he was pressed against my arms which were wrapped around Lisa’s back. I couldn’t help myself but to stroke his body while he was there and as he ran his hands up Lisa’s body to her tits I could feel the back of his hands against mine.

Lisa pulled him round to kiss him and then she kissed me again and I was sure whether I should kiss him but before I could decide he pulled us both to him and the three of us were all kissing at the same time. He had his arms around his both and he was squeezing my arse and pulling me up to him.

He was getting braver and pulled us both towards the sofa. I told him I was about to go but he said “you’re not going anywhere” and pushed us both down so were laying next to each other and he got on top of us both and took turns kissing us. While he was kissing one of us the other one was kissing his neck and running our hands through his hair.

He told us two to kiss each other again so we started and we wrapped our legs around each other. I was just about to pull Lisa’s top down (I had been groping her tits the whole time and was dying to see them lol) when Callum kind of leaned over us and if felt his dick on my face! Lisa put his dick straight in her mouth and i didn’t know what to do so I started licking it and then got to his balls and started licking and sucking on them.

We then swapped as he pulled out of Lisa’s mouth and put it straight in mouth. We did this quite a few times and each time he got a bit rougher until he was proper face fucking us, doing it to one of us then pulling straight out and doing it to the other one.

He then stopped with the face fucking and we both started giving him slow wet sloppy head at the same time. His dick was so big and it felt so hot us both being kind of trapped underneath this big guy. We were both really going for it, sucking and licking his dick and balls.

I was licking his balls while Lisa sucked his dick and I was thinking it would be hot if I licked his ass so i started to work my way round but for the second time in the night I was stopped just as I was about to do something! He told us to kiss again so we did and started wanking above us and before long he came all over us. Most of it went on our faces but some went on my top (the black one I’m wearing in one of my photos) and my first thought was I couldn’t wait to show my husband the stain when I got in lol.

Once he’d finished Lisa started licking his dick while I licked the cum off her face and then I started licking his dick while Lisa returned the favour and licked my face clean.

We got back up and things were a bit awkward at first but Callum broke the tension by saying “same time next week?” Me and Lisa had a cup of tea while Callum had a beer and we sat and chatted for a bit before I said “right I really have to go this time” said my goodbyes and left.

Was really looking forward to getting home but when I got there my husbands friend was still there! I asked my husband to come in the kitchen quickly and when he did I shown him the stain! He got so excited and told me to go have a shower and he’ll be up soon. Ten minutes later his friend had gone and he was sitting in the bathroom watching me shower while I told him all about it.

I got a text from Lisa just before midnight as well asking me if Callum can have my number which was a great ending to a fun night!

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