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Knotted again part 2 by Cloud2299

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Part 2:

So, I’m on all fours with King’s massive knot lodged almost painfully deep in my bowels. John is watching the video of me sucking his cock while he’s slowly stroking himself. And King is starting to get fidgety. He is ready to lay down and clean himself, but he’s still stuck inside my asshole, so he turns around and starts dragging me by my ass across the floor. His knot twists around inside my guts and puts new pressure on my already tortured prostate and on my painfully stretched sphincter.

We’ve been tied for about 30 minutes now, so we are both ready for this to be over.

John stands up and walks over to look at our point of union. “Looks like the swelling is starting to go down, Bitch. You should be free soon. But, I gotta go before the wife starts wondering whatxs keeping me.”

Getting down on his knees in front of me, John grabs my hair and pulls my head to his, looks at me eye level and tells me “Take real good care of King. He’s a good dog, he just likes fucking people too much to be around most people. So, here’s the deal. King is going to live here with you. Any time you are home, you are to be naked. Any time King wants to fuck, you’re gonna be a good bitch and let him fuck. I’m taking your spare key here so I can come check on you two any time I want. If I come in and he’s horny but you’re not letting him fuck you, these videos on my phone go viral. Nod if you understand, bitch.”

What could I do? I slowly nodded my head, agreeing to my fate.

John stood up and started for the door, “That’s a good little bitch”. After stopping to scratch King’s ears, he left and locked the door behind him, leaving me impaled on King’s cock in the middle of my living room.

I sat there on hands and knees, for at least another ten minutes, with my ass on fire and my stomach cramping from King’s massive knot lodged in my intestines, thinking about how my life had come to this.

I went from a mostly straight guy in his 40’s, just trying to get by in life, and now, since I just had to let Zeus fuck me that one time, I was King’s full-time bitch, and John’s cock sucker. My life was officially sttarting to suck.

Then I began to wonder how often King would want serviced, and how often John would pop in to “check on us”. That’s about where I was when King’s massive finally shrank enough to dislodge from my aching asshole. It still hurt like hell when he popped out! I heard, and felt, a loud pop as he exited my sphincter, and immediately felt a huge torrent of doggy cum come flowing out of my ass.

King was quick to lap it all up, and then laid down in the corner to lick himself clean. I fell forward on the floor from sheer exhaustion, gasping for breath.

Out of curiosity, I grabbed my cell phone, got back on my knees, and snapped a couple of quick pics of my asshole.

My hole was huge! It was gaping open at least two inches wide! No matter how hard I clenched, it wouldn’t even come close to closing.

“My God!” I said aloud. “How big is your knot King?”

Hearing his name called, King lifted his head, but didn’t bother to answer me. You see, I never got a good look at his cock before he slammed it up my ass.

Well, it didn’t matter either way. I needed to get muself cleaned up so I could find some food for me, and, since it was morning now, get dressed and head to town to get food and such for King, too.

I dragged myself to my feet, and headed to the shower. Looking in the mirror in the bath room, I noticed the fresh blood on my head and figured I had better clean that up too.

From now on, I thought to myself, King would only be fucking me indoors where there wasn’t any steps or concrete to hit my head on.

I cleaned up as best as I could on wobbly legs and fixed some breakfast. Smelling the food, King came to the kitchen to investigate. So, I fried him some bacon and eggs, too. Figured what the hell?

After we ate, i went to town and got everything need for a dog and headed back home. While in town, I bumped into one of my ex girlfriends. We talked a bit and actually up exchanging numbers with a promise to call or text later. We ended our relationship on good terms, we were just at different points in our life at the time.

I got home and unloaded the car, only to go inside and have King start sniffing my ass and pushing his body against me.

I looked at him and said,” Surely you’re not horny again. We just fucked like an hour ago, and I need to get some sleep before work tonight”.

He just whined a little and kept sniffing my ass.

“Well damn. I guess he is horny again” I said aloud.

I put the dog food and such away, and sighing resignedly, began taking my clothes off. King got very excited and began jumping around and trying to knock me down, all the while sniffing around my ass.

Undressed, I assumed the position on the floor. Face down, ass up.

King wasted no time mounting my sore, loose, over-fucked ass. He thrust his cock into me in one hard, fast motion. All the way to his balls. Then he began to jackhammer my ass like there was no tommorrow.

This time he pounded my ruined asshole for a good ten minutes before his knot began to grow. I felt his knot popping in and out of my loose ass as he fucked me like a pornstar could only dream of fucking. Finally, his knot grew too big to come back out of even my stretched sphincter, and we were tied.

Knotted again. Fuck! My asshole was burning! But, my cock had already risen to granite or limestone hardness. “This time”, I thought,” I’m cumming the way I want to.

So, before his humongous knot could stimulate another prostate orgasm, I reached between my legs and began furiously jerking my cock. I was determined to cum before the involuntary orgasms started.

It didn’t take long. Less than two minutes after King tied me, I was spraying cum all over the floor as I jerked my cock mercilessly. My balls retreated ao far that it looked like I didn’t have any. My abs and stomach muscles contracted violently. My sphincter clenched King’s knot so hard that he actually whined and tried to dismount. But, it was no use. We were well and good tied.

I don’t know how long we were tied this time, but I came three more times with King’s ungodly huge knot up my ass. All from prostate stimulation, no touching of my cock at all. When he finally started to shrink, I grabbed my phone and recorded his knot popping out of my loose asshole. It was fucking huge! His knot was at least the size of a canteloupe, and his cock had to be somewhere around 12 inches long and 3 inches across!

I had never seen a cock that big!

My asshole was, from the looks of it, permanately gaped open. Would it ever close again? Who can say? I will let you know in future installments.

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