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it’s been 2 months

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It’s been 2 months since we moved in together and I still can’t get enough of him. The way he falls asleep when his whole body starts twitching followed by loud and heavy breaths. The way he holds me tight when he is half-asleep in the morning or before he falls asleep at night. The way he cuddles up to me in the morning when he realizes I am waking up. I just can’t get enough. 

I feel the faint breeze from the sea smoothly runs across the surface of my skin. I gently pull the blanket over my face, while he cuddles up closer to me from behind and hides my face from the breeze. I quickly wiggle my body, letting him know that I am awake. He pulls me closer without saying a word. The sound of crashing waves fills our room while I feel his gentle fingertips run along my bare shoulder. Goosebumps fill my body in a matter of seconds and I let out a soft moan.  All of a sudden, the room is no longer filled with the sound of crashing waves, it’s filled with his sleepy voice “You know”, he mumbles behind me, “maybe we should try something new, something we never did before”. I knew exactly what he was talking about. I loved the fact that in our relationship, both of us were open to try new things and discuss them without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. I turned around to see a faint smile on his lips while his eyes were strongly fixed on mine, waiting for an answer. He already knew the answer. 

I place my hand on his warm cheek and give him a short kiss on the lips. Yet he suddenly pulled me closer to him, not breaking the kiss. His warm body strongly pressed against mine with passion and desire. The warmth of his body always makes me feel safe and at home. It could take me minutes to fall asleep in his arms without being tired, compared to hours on my own. I feel his fast heartbeat escape his chest while we are passionately kissing. I suddenly feel his hand gently grab my boob, something he adores to do. He can do whatever he wants with them. Slowly, I feel his fingertips move closer and closer to my nipple, building up the excitement. He knows exactly how to tease me and make me want him badly. He knows how much I desire his attention when his hands all over my body, but he doesn’t give it to me yet. More goosebumps run down my body as I feel him playing with my soft nipples which turn hard in a matter of seconds. His head is on the level of my chest now and patiently removes my nightdress while placing a soft kiss right on my nipple, yet again teasing me.  He knows he has control over me right now, and he loves it. 

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