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It wasn’t really a mistake…It was a fantasy come true. The true story of roommates, pornstars, and an unforgettable experience.

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I saw a post on the reddit front page asking “Whats the biggest mistake you’ve ever made because you were horny?”. No one seemed to really appreciate my post and the more I think about it, while I thought it was a mistake at the time, it was an amazing experience that I think about often. So maybe it’ll be enjoyed here. It’s extremely long, but I remember the night in so much detail, I can’t help but share.

**TL;DR: Had unprotected sex with a pornstar.**

My roommate at the time was from a town about an hour and 15 minutes away. He went to school with and was life long friends with a girl who had suddenly started a sudden rise in the porn industry. She was starting to get work with some of the bigger productions and was often in other states for shoots.

I owned a 3 bedroom house and it was just me and the other male roommate. He suggested her to potentially rent the other bedroom as she was looking for a room to rent to store her stuff and stay when she wasn’t out of town. He said she’s generally only in town a week or two every month.

It seemed like a good idea. Get some rent money and not have to deal with a full time extra roommate. I did wonder beforehand if this would lead to any sketchy people being at the house, so he brought her over one night to meet and hang out and talk about potentially moving in.

She came over and I was in awe. I had checked out some videos prior to her coming over. While she was extremely hot in them, she was even more attractive in real life and had the biggest natural boobs I’ve ever seen in real life (that were prominently hanging out of her very skimpy half shirt). She and my roommate were very flirty throughout the night and I was pretty jealous and assumed that likely that night I was going to hear them having sex, but I stayed cool.

We did some drinking and hanging out and as the night went on, my roommate said he was getting tired and was heading to bed. I figured this was a signal to the girl and she would be heading with him, but she didn’t. We stayed up talking for about another 30 minutes and had one last drink. I never brought up anything about her work and acted as if I knew nothing about it. She just said she did modeling work and we left it at that.

There was no bed in the extra bedroom, so I set her up on the couch and headed to bed. I was extremely horny at this point and telling myself it was dumb that I didn’t shoot my shot, but if she was going to potentially live there, I didn’t want it to be weird, so I stayed cool.

Immediately after getting in bed I started to masturbate thinking how crazy it was there was an actual pornstar 10 ft away on the other side of the wall. Not even a minute into it, there was a light knock on the door. I kind of froze, with my erect penis in my hand and my underwear around my ankles. I quickly pulled my underwear up and went to the door, still at half mast at this point.

It was her. She walked in to the room and shut the door behind her and started whispering. She said she didn’t want to say anything in front of my roommate or in the living room where he might hear, but was wondering if we could make an arrangement. She offered to “take care” of me when she was in town instead of paying rent and that we could just tell my roommate that she was paying.

Being around 25 at the time with a pretty heavy duty mortgage payment, it wasn’t really the smartest move. But, being 25 at the time and about 6 months out of a long term relationship (and extremely horny at the time) I said that I think that could definitely work out.

Her demeanor immediately changed and her face went from cute goofy hangout mode to bedroom eyes seductive. She laid me back on the bed, pulled my underwear down and gave me a dream fulfilling, toe curling blowjob. She didn’t have the greatest technique, but gave almost constant eye contact and was so ridiculously attractive that I couldn’t help but be in heaven. Without warning she stopped sucking. She took off her shirt and shorts, climbed on top of me, and started riding. Her massive tits bouncing furiously (i’ve since learned from the internet they were 36E).

At the time my mind was elsewhere (getting annihilated with gigantic breasts in my face), until I realized after about 30 seconds that I was having sex with no condom with someone who has had a ridiculous amount of partners. Someone who I’d watched the night before in a video sucking and getting pummeled by two monster dicks and covered in cum.

I was living out a fantasy that seemed like a scene straight out of a porn movie, but all I could think of at the time was what the results of the test I was surely taking the next day were going to be. I started to lose my erection with a gorgeous pornstar bouncing on top of me. I considered asking her to stop and getting a condom, but I was already inside of her, so I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity in case there was no chance later.

I tried to put it out of my mind as best I could and flipped her over quick into doggystyle so she wouldn’t notice I was going a little soft. Her head immediately dove down as she arched her back and perched her ass up high in the air and wiggled it enticingly. My cock was instantly rock hard once again and started throbbing as I stared at her amazing round ass. I considered making a move to the nightstand drawer to grab a condom, but just as I was about to, she firmly directed me and said “I want you to pound me as hard as you can right now”. I wasn’t going to let the intensity of the moment linger away. I spit on my dick and began to slowly insert it into her pussy inch by inch. She let out the hottest squeal as I got deeper and deeper inside her pussy and let it just sit inside for 30 seconds while she slowly wiggled her ass in a circle. Then without warning I began to fiercely pound her as hard as I could. Her squealing turned into loud moans and screams of pleasure. I put all I had into it, so much so that I was getting winded. I pulled out and she turned around and began savagely jerking me off while lightly licking the tip of my dick.

She laid back into missionary as I held both her legs back almost to her head and found a steady motion to not get myself winded again. I had to let go of her legs so I could smash together her massive tits that I was being memorized by. My hand slipped for a second and slid toward her neck. She grabbed my hand and positioned it authoritatively around her throat. I forcefully squeezed and began giving my all again to pounding her pussy. I could tell she loved being choked. I was in such bliss and could feel myself getting close.

I love to give facials. It’s the number 1 most satisfying sexual experience to me and being that she worked in porn, I was excited knowing that she was going to play it up and would essentially fulfill a long standing fantasy of giving a pornstar a facial. In my previous relationships any facials I’ve given were generally met with disdain. I was getting close and asked “you want that cum on your face?”. Surprisingly, she said “No, but you can cum on my tits”. I was semi-bummed for a second, but could I really be bummed that I was about to spill my cum on this gorgeous girl’s 36E tits?

I pulled out, positioned myself over her chest, and put my dick in between her tits. She smashed them together around my cock and it was totally engulfed, just barely sticking out the top. I was already so close and ready to let loose, so I began thrusting and increasingly building up speed. It looked and felt so amazing that I considered just keeping on pumping my dick between her tits and cumming, but I wanted to complete a fantasy and cover a pornstar with cum.

I was at the point of no return. I’ve never been much of a shooter and I wanted to cover her as much as I could, so I pulled my dick out from between her tits and stood over top of her chest. She again smashed her tits together in preparation for my load. To my surprise the first stroke was a spurt that shot upward and hit the bottom of her chin. She noticeably recoiled a bit when it hit her. I didn’t even really feel it when it shot, but seeing it hit her chin was so fucking hot that my cock and muscles began to spasm and contract uncontrollably more than ever before and each following stroke was raining down ridiculously pleasurable puddles of cum one after another. It wasn’t a lot compared to some of loads I’ve seen her take in videos, but it was more than I’ve ever cum in my life. I got her chin, her neck, the top of her tits, across her nipples, and her stomach. I kept stroking my cock even after I dumped the last drop of cum I had left in me as it still felt amazing seeing this incredibly sexy woman covered in MY cum. She kept her tits held together as she sat up, bringing them to my dick, as the cum began to run down her chest and pool in the crevice between her mountainous breasts.

I was spent. I felt dizzy. My knees were weak as I got up to get her a towel to clean up. I handed her the towel and collapsed onto the bed breathing heavily and staring at the ceiling. I couldn’t believe this just happened. I think a lot of people have probably had a similar fantasy or dream of a pornstar walking through their door and fucking their brains out. I was in shock almost that this really just fucking happened. Unfortunately, a little post nut clarity set in and I started to worry again about having not used a condom and how my roommate would react if he knew what happened.

Things settled down a bit as I caught my breath and she got dressed. We decided it was best for her to sleep on the couch still so to not alert my roommate. I passed out pretty quickly in pure euphoria and had one of the best nights of sleep I’ve ever had. I woke up the next morning and she and my roommate had already left. I spent most of the day dreaming about the next time she’d “take care” of me. I was going to be ready with a camera and it was going to be amazing.

My roommate got back home a few hours after I woke up and ended up just locking himself in his room for the next few days when he was home to avoid me, he was obviously upset. I wasn’t sure if he had heard us or if she told him on the drive home, but he seemed to know. He never brought it up though.

Unfortunately, she never ended up moving in and it ended up being a one time thing. In fact, I only saw her one other time ever again, a couple months later at a bar about 2 hours away in a big city. She walked by and said “hey” as she guided what appeared to be a male model by the hand through the crowd. I wasn’t upset though. It was probably pretty forgettable to her, but I had my utterly amazing night that I’d always remember.

Test results were thankfully negative. A worrisome few days, but an overall 9.5/10 experience.

It’s awesome to be able to think back to that time, pull up a POV video of her on a tube site, and almost feel like I’m re-living it. I must’ve won the fantasy lottery or something that night. Nothing like that has ever happened again in the 13 years since.

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