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It going to happen (Stepdaughter)

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My stepdaughter Savanna and I are inseparable! She has always been my little sidekick. She has always been a straight A student and a 4 sport athlete! She has grown to become an absolute triple threat. Her body is crazy gorgeous! Perky little tits and a bubble butt just like her mom! She knows that her mom and I have fun with other women. She knows I smoke weed. There isn’t anything I keep from her! We have always been close, and she knows she can trust me about absolutely anything! Maybe two years ago she would do things that I thought she didn’t know what she was doing. Like she would sit in my lap and wiggle her crotch on my leg until she made me rock hard. I’d catch her staring at my cock bulge when I wore sweatpants or basketball shorts. When we went swimming she’d jump all over me! Sit in my lap with her cute fkn bathing suit. About a year ago after some of her soccer games she would come home and go up to her bathroom upstairs and shower. Her mom was downstairs doing whatever she was doing. Afterwards she came downstairs asked me if I could give her a back massage up on her bedroom floor! I noticed she was wearing a sports bra that zipped up in the front that showed her cleavage and little booty shorts. I said yes of course and I thought nothing of it as this wasn’t the first time. I followed her up and she already had a blanket on the floor where she laid down. I started rubbing her back in an innocent way and after a few moments she stopped me and asked if it would help if she took the sports bra off…with a straight face a said sure beautiful girl. But on the inside of my head I was flipping out like omg what is happening lol…. She unzipped it and removed her bra and laid back face down. So I continued.. her body was moving when I rubbed her back rough a little then lightly drag a finger down her spine! She would arch her back like was turning her on. After a couple of minutes of that I turned to her legs and thighs. It didn’t take long after I grabbed a hand full of her thigh and lightly rubbed the lines under ass cheek , then she spread her leg revealing her soaked panties. Her shorts were just loose enough I could see! I couldn’t hold it back anymore… I began to rub her pussy! As I first touched it she let out an eager moan! I’d rub her pussy really fast to get her worked up then slow down to make her melt! I spent my time spoiling my baby girl! The pleasure I got out of pleasing her geez I can’t explain it! We did this a quiet a few times for months. She would basically fuck my hand as I rubbed her. I’d make her cum over and over! I would only ever play with her when she wanted a “massage”. Then one day she just never asked again… broke my heart! I haven’t said anything to her since then. We don’t really act any different! We still talk and hangout and cut up with each other. She still lives at home with us.Should I just let her come to me? Anyone with any advice? How should I talk to her!

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