Erotic Stories

It finally happened

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We have been playing and teasing for a while, sending pics and talking about meeting bulls. We ended up talking to a younger guy (20) who attended the college about half an hour from us. they talked for roughly a month and he told her he went to the clinic to get tested regularly. My wife (40) wanted to visit him so we made plans to meet. She got dressed up the day of the meet without any exact idea of what would happen. Watching her get ready was so much hotter than I ever imagined. I told her to just follow her instincts when she got inside and don’t do anything that she didn’t want to do. We drove to the dorms and he met her at the door. I stayed in the car with my blood rushing. She came out about 40 minutes later and said they fucked and he came in her. She was glowing. She is making plans to see him again but also wants to find other young guys too…We ended up going home and I ate her out and then she jerked me off. I really want to slide into her next time…She said he was much bigger than me, but that’s not saying much.

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