Erotic Stories

In front of my window, my neighbor has been observing me get ready; today, I [F] caught him getting dressed. [25F]

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Because our buildings are mirror images of one another and my huge window faces his, we are literally across from one another.

I presume for privacy, all of our other neighbors keep their windows closed during the day, but I always open mine when I first get up.

Last week, I saw him using his computer with the blinds open after I had done getting dressed. Even though it didn’t appear that he was staring at me, I wondered whether he was.

He uses his computer again the next day as I go about my business. But I noticed him turning to face me as I began to put on my shirt. I waved and grinned at him since I enjoy the attention and think he’s cute, and he returned the gesture.

The following several days, I try to avoid looking in his way when selecting my clothing while still fully dressed. I suppose I like the concept of a tiny peeping Tom. I made certain to “choose out my attire,” hunch over to “study myself in the mirror,” spread my arms, and expose my tits to him.

Today was a little different; after getting out of the shower, I went to my closet and laid my towel on the floor. I gazed in his direction, feeling a little more at ease even though I was still completely naked.

I waved and smiled at him as he turned in his chair to face me squarely. I went to my window and hung my tits there so that when he woke up, he would laugh.

He looked in disbelief as I violently shoved them together. He moved his hands over his crotch as I began to pinch my nipples and gave him my best “fuck me” grimace.

I saw he was caressing his cock as I put my index finger in my mouth and slowly pushed it up and down my throat while staring at him.

Although I couldn’t see his cock, I could tell he was massaging it for me by the way his arm moved and the way his head cocked.

I inserted my middle and index fingers inside my mouth, making sure they touched my throat as well, to carry out the ceremony. With my oiled hands, I massaged his tits once again.

I stood there squeezing and shaking my tits until he finished as I noticed his arm begin to move more swiftly and realized he was going to cum.

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