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I(27M) fucked my married student(32F) – Part 2

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Check out Part 1, if missed.

So after lot of teasing and messing around her body, she could not take any longer. I kept on humping and grind my dick on her wet dripping pussy with my mouth on her massive tits. I have this fetish of always going down on a woman before going in her.

For me a pussy is not just a hole for my dick but a hole which should be treated with respect and lust. The taste of a wet pussy is a turn on for me and that’s what I had in my mind. I freed her arms and backed up at the edge of the bed and stood by the end. I glanced her from top to bottom, I could feel that she was ready. I placed my hands on her knees and slowly spread them apart. I could see a wet patch on the bed sheet under her ass and that was my cue. I knelt in front of her and brought my face closer to her pussy. She was clean shaved, just the way I like it.

I got closer and kissed around her labia. I would kiss and move my tongue around her wet pussy but not in her. I had thought of doing this for a little longer but she couldn’t stand it and she grabbed me by hair and pressed my face on her pussy. My tease plans were done and I began my exploration. I started by sucking on her clit. I made an O with my lips and sucked her clit, trapping it between my lips and tapping my tongue on it. The feel of it was just mesmerising and I knew we both were in heaven. I would glide my tongue on entire pussy, up-down like a hungry dog. My hands went towards tits and pinched her nipples. I pulled them and ate her for a good 15 mins. I could feel she was getting close to an orgasm as the juices were increasing and that’s when I let her nipples go. While eating her clit, I pushed my 2 fingers in her and they went in seamlessly.

Generally what people do is the in-out motion with fingers but mine is a bit different. I kept my fingers in and just moved the tips inside her. I felt her pussy walls and pushed in as deep as I could. Then I gave my lips and tongue rest and made the spiderman hand-sign while being inside her. Now, I was moving my hand up-down, changing my pace from time to time. I would press her clit with my thumb and just listen to her ecstasy of moans. She became louder and I knew what was cumming(see what I did ther). Her body began to tremble as her orgasm erupted on my fingers, I could see the face of a woman who was cumming hard. I did not stop and kept on the motion continue but gently. When her body relaxed, I took my fingers out and just looked at this slutty married woman lay in front of me.

Now it was my time.

I put on a condom quickly, opened up her legs and went straight in. She could not believe that I was in her right after her orgasm. She said, “Ohh God, what are you doing? This is too much! I have never done this”. I let her feel my thick dick in her pussy and moved in slowly. I asked her if she wants me to stop and her words, “Please don’t”.

“That’s like a good girl”, I said and began fucking her. I increased my speed and was pounding her married pussy. I held her legs with my arms and was pumping my dick, slapping my balls on her. This continued for 5 mins, I let her one leg go and hold her by her hair. I tend to get rough and that’s what I did. I held her leg with one arms and her hair with another, banging her hard. Something which makes you last longer is to add variations in your speed of fucking. I would go at her hard for few minutes and then slow down all of a sudden. As the room was getting filled with her smell and moans, she asked me to fuck her from behind. I can’t say no to that. I let her go, and turn her. Brought her to her knees, slapped her pussy and her ass. I saw that there was a mirror on the side. So, I moved her, held her by her hair and pulled her in a way she could see herself in it. I spanked her few times hard and shoved my dick in her. I pushed in deep with my dick to see her expressions in the mirror. I felt the dominance over her when I saw how this woman who was married and loved her husband but he was nowhere in her mind at that moment. I continued the fuck session and now the moans had become screams. This was the end for me as I felt my orgasm building up. I pulled out of her and took the condom off. I brought her face closer to my dick and with just few jerks, sprayed my thick cum all over face. Gave her a good facial and then made her lick my dick. She did what I told her to.

I let her go and we both fell on the bed to catch our breaths. We lay there silent and I just re-collected what all just happened. I couldn’t believe that I just fucked someone’s wife and felt good/excited about it.

We fucked 7 times throughout the night. Oh, she even clicked pictures on her snap with my dick in her mouth. I asked her if she would sent it to me but she refused and I didn’t bother to ask further as what I got, I was happy with it.

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