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I watched my mom and sister get knocked out and sexually abused

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(If you don’t believe me send me a chat I have the pics)

My mom (Holly) and her daughter (caprice) were at caprices dance practice. The coach was mad at caprice I don’t even Remeber why. But she started calling her a talentless dancer and my mom was getting pissed. Holly stepped in the studio and said “don’t talk to her that way you bitch”. The teacher than punched my mom in the face knocking her out. Her eyes rolled back and she hit the ground. For some reason it really turned me on. Than my sister tried to punch the teacher but the teacher turned around and hit her in the mid section and than punched her head knocking caprice out cold in a propped up position. The teacher was going on a rampage and I don’t think she realized I was there. She than sat next to my mom and stripped off her pants, top and socks. I watched and got really turned on I started cumming. She propped my moms but In the air and started humping her unconscious body. She started spanking her and than did the exact same thing to caprice. She ran away in a hurry after that and took their clothes with her. I took pics of their limp bodies and it really gets me off.


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