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I was the first guy to give her multiple orgasms

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I’m a male in my early twenties and she was a year younger than I am. My dick is relatively average in the length department as I’m sitting at about 6.25 bone pressed. However, my girth is sitting at 6.2 inches, which is a MAJOR outlier from what I’ve read. My lived experience also reflects this, with girls I’ve fucked usually commenting on the thickness once they get their hands on it.

The girl in question, was a girl I had dated for a couple months. She was short with a big butt, pretty face, medium size breasts, slim waist, and the most gorgeous vagina I’d ever seen. Our first time having sex was really uncomfortable as I did not have lube on hand meaning we had to go very slow even with a fair amount of foreplay beforehand. As she got used to me (which took a while) we would fuck vigorously every time we had sex. I could usually make her orgasm two or three times within the span of 10 minutes of sex. Her favorite positions were doggy or missionary. I remember how she used to cut me and draw blood when she would dig her nails into my back during missionary. About two months into our relationships she confided in me that she’s only ever orgasmed from two other guys and that I was her third. She also stated I was the only guy to ever give her multiple orgasms at a time. Keep in mind that she had quite a few partners prior to me. Definitely went to bed with a grin on my face that night. We later broke it off for a multitude of reasons.

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