Erotic Stories

I was taken anally for the first time and I’ve been wet since [26F]

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I knew it was going to happen the moment I let it slip that I had never done anal before.

He had seen just how hard I came to having my ass fingered during oral so I think he just automatically assumed I had some experience in the field of butt play. I don’t.

I saw the delight in his eyes as he realized he could help me experience something new. When he realized he could be the first.

He ate me out, fucked me, and then asked me if I was ready. I wasn’t sure at first what he meant.

He slid a finger inside my ass, gently, teasing me for what was about to come. Then, with no warning and consistent pressure, he slid his cock inside my ass.

My moans of pleasure were replaced with desperate moans of pain. He held my shoulders as he sheathed himself inside me and whispered, “you’re doing so good.” It felt like my entire body was spasming to accommodate him. I squirmed, mewling soft pleas mixed with small squeaks of pain. “It will be better soon.” I could feel the pressure of his chest against my back. His hands curled over my bicep and shoulder. “You’re doing so good baby girl,” he purred in my ear.

His reassurance guided me into relaxing into his cock and with a little more reassurance I was rocking and grinding my hips into him.

Eventually we stopped to grab actual lube and by that point I was squirting from the overwhelming stimulation.

I can’t stop thinking of how his cum felt as it exploded deep inside of me. I could feel every single drop leak out and deep into my asshole.

I am so wet. I have every day fantasizing about it and each night I’ve had so many orgasms to the thought of how his cock felt when he slammed it all the way into me.

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