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I was 19 and had never even kissed a man. He was in his mid 40s. Part 1.

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This is quite hard for me to write but it’s therapeutic when I write it all out. I’ve never shared this on a public platform before.

Here goes, I guess.

I come from an extremely conservative Muslim family. All my life, I had never been alone with a man in a room. I wasn’t really that bothered by it as I had never been exposed to that “scene”- boyfriends, etc. My friends were also very conservative. My family were very protective, too. I was to go to university and come right back (unless I was finishing an assignment in the library after class had ended- I made sure I notified my family beforehand when I had work due in). In my culture, we are to get an arranged marriage and weren’t allowed boyfriends.

It was winter when this occurred. I had finished class and my parents told me that they won’t be home for a few hours as they were visiting cousins. I didn’t have my keys but my brother was usually home so I wasn’t worried. When I had finally got home, though, he wasn’t answering the door. I texted him but he didn’t answer. I thought I would do the normal thing and wait a while, but it had been half an hour or so and he wasn’t responding. I started shivering at this point and was pacing up and down to warm myself.

My neighbour was walking past with groceries and asked if I was okay. I told him that I’m just waiting for my brother to get home. He didn’t probe further, nodded his head and walked into his house.

It wasn’t that long before he opened the door to throw the bins out (looking back, he probably used this as an excuse to talk to me). He told me that it’s getting dark and that I could come in for a while. I was hesitant at first but eventually agreed.

To describe him: he was roughly 6’, Arab (Yemeni) and somewhat built. I’m 4’11 for context, so I’m pretty tiny.

He was really nice; made me tea and brought some Indian sweets to eat with it. I liked that he seemed respectful, too. He sat on the armchair whilst I sat on the sofa. He made small talk- asked me about university, what I aspired to be, etc, before he finally got up and took the cups and plates away.

When he returned, he had a slight change in demeanour- seemed more confident, basically, as opposed to modest when he first approached me. He came and sat next to me and started rubbing my thighs- his hands turning slightly towards my inner thighs and he told me that I felt so soft and good. I was extremely uncomfortable and shifted away before I finally got up and told him that I’m going to go. He was up before I could even get to the door; he slammed it shut and held onto my wrist whilst unzipping his jeans. I was stunned and could barely speak and begged him to let me leave. He didn’t say anything. Just began.

He turned me around suddenly and started touching me all over; his breath on my neck (I couldn’t feel it directly- I was wearing my headscarf) but his breath was hot and heavy. His fingers lifted my long shirt up and I pulled them down- resisting as much as I could. He held tight onto my wrist, pushed me against the wall and started violently caressing my breast with one hand. I remember him moaning into my ear and telling me that my breasts were juicy and gorgeous and that he would have them in his mouth soon; “I will bite and suck on them as I want”. I started whimpering at this point and I could feel his bulge pressing against my back. It wasn’t that I was scared of his violent groping- I was scared that he would take my virginity- something I wanted to preserve for my husband.

My headscarf was pulling down at one point. I was a mess. I was crying a little loudly but he continued his violence. I was facing him now. He ripped my shirt completely until my breasts were exposed. I put my hands on them ashamed and humiliated, but he grabbed my hands and pushed them against the wall so I was completely restrained and unable to resist. He approached them quickly without even looking. He spat on them, sucked harder and harder and lashed them with his tongue before biting around my areolas. My breasts were sore at this point; he moaned into them as he sucked and continued violating them with his teeth marks all over. “Fuck, I could bite them off. They’re so plump”, he told me. I had tears rolling down at this point and I looked away from him as he bruised them. He pushed his mouth on them harder and harder as my body thumped against the wall before he came up and grabbed my chin.

This was the scariest part to me as this point. He looked at me with no life in his eyes almost and said, “I will fuck your ass and pussy, do you understand? Never mind your future husband- your pussy and ass will be mine. I’ll fill them up and destroy them as I please. You know I watch you. I watch you everyday. Your bruised up cunt will take my huge cock and my tongue will lash them and swallow all your fucking juices. Your cunt and ass will be eaten now- take off your trousers, now”.

I was shaking at this point. I pleaded with him and told him to not do this- that I will go home and I won’t tell anyone but he wasn’t having this.

“Don’t fucking annoy me! You’re smarter than this. You can either take them off or I’ll do it myself. And you won’t like that. Maybe I’ll take your cunt right now as I see fit- as punishment. So take them off now”.

And I did. I took them off whimpering quietly as he stood there fondling my breasts and lashing them with his tongue every so often.

“You’re so slow, girl! Fucking come here”. He sat on the sofa and pulled me onto his lap as I let out a small cry. “Please, no. Please”, I begged and begged. He ignored me and continued.

He took them off me quickly, his breath still hot and heavy against my neck. I was now in my panties and I was sobbing loudly now. He didn’t care. He started rubbing gently on top of them- one hand on my thigh spreading my legs and the other pressing on my clit with his forefinger. I was ashamed to be slightly wet and soaking and found myself letting out a soft moan which I quickly repressed.

“Oh, you sound hot, baby! I love it. I want to eat your cunt. I will eat your cunt”. He began spreading my panties aside and rubbing in circular motion. I could feel his cock pressing against my bum. He held onto my waist now- pushing me up and down against him and I couldn’t hold my moans in. I let them out- tears still rolling down my cheeks- and I felt my body jolt.

He picked me up off him now and laid me down on the sofa and took my panties off. “They look so succulent. I will swallow your juice”, he told me before spreading my lips and spitting inside them. This felt like an immediate out of body experience and I began stifling my moans. He started by kissing my inner thighs whilst his fingers played with my clit. His mouth then moved to my vulva- kissing them hard and heavy- before he lay his tongue flat against my clit. He looked so hungry as his eyes looked up at me. He wasn’t gentle then. He ravished me. I started letting out loud moans and held onto his hair, begging him, telling him to stop as I had never experienced such a thing before. He moaned into them and lashed his tongue harder and harder. He rotated them, flicked them with his tongue and gently sucked on them (hard sucks were painful for me he found- this is when I knew he wanted me to feel good, too). My pussy and his saliva mixing together made the wettest noise. I came. Hard. My body shook and my legs jolted. This is when he placed his mouth near to my entrance and ate my cum clean before he got up and smiled at me. His chin were soaked.

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