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I once found nudes and videos of my cousin brother’s then girlfriend and now his wife on his phone

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It was about 4 yrs ago and I was at my cousin’s place for my vacation. I found an old phone of my cousin’s and switched it on, curious to see it working, then I opened the gallery accidentally and was just hooked to it instantly cuz I found videos of really sexy girl and her nudes!! At that time for me it was like I had found a treasure. I jacked off to it when I was there and few years passed. Then one day he showed his girlfriend’s pictures to the family as he wanted to get married to her. N I was just speechless seeing that same sexy girl whose nudes I had found on his phone a few years ago!! Meeting her was bit more crazier than I expected, as I was busy and couldn’t attend their wedding, I met her later n stayed with at their place for a day. All I could think of with her in front of me was her beautiful body! Though initially I was bit awkward with her bcz of the situation, I have gotten pretty close to her over the years n sometimes I have this outrageous thought of telling her what I had found!
But for the time being, I’ll focus on becoming closer to her .

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