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I make noise for Mistress as she studies… M 24

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My wife and I are switches. Before we started dating, I was a dom my whole life, she was a sub her whole life. Women had tried to dominate me before, but it was boring and lame and I couldn’t take them seriously. My wife however… holy shit.

She is simply built different. I am a beefy, 6’5 man. and this 4’8 woman who is 100 pounds soaking wet just has a way of getting me on my knees and putting me in my place. 😅🥰 she makes me so happy. She knows all my weaknesses, she knows what gets me desperate. She’s my best friend, and she fucks me so nice 🤤

Recently… we developed a new ritual for me as her slut, and I fucking love it…
I love it when she looks at me. I love knowing that she’s looking at me. She loves to hear me moan, and whine and beg. She loves to hear me call her name and plead with her to touch me, to fuck me, for mercy, to finish me.
She loves to watch my eyes roll, and hips buck, and chest jumping up and down as I pant and grunt…

One day she calls me into the apartment bedroom, and she’s at her desk studying, doing homework and taking quizzes. She greets me, kisses me, and asks me if I’m busy. I tell her nope, just kinda lounging right now. Doing little chores. She asks if I’d mind hanging around for a while, and I say of course not! I’d love to. That’s when her eyes revealed her intent, piercing and adoring. She tells me to take off my clothes and get on the bed, which sits next to the desk. I blush, and hesitate at first. I shake a little as I do what she says.
Resting on the bed and leaning back. With my already throbbing cock displayed towards her to admire.
She tells me she needs some background noise while she studies, and she wants me to fuck myself, and to be as loud as I can. She needs my noise to concentrate. So I better not stop, but I better not cum.

Before she sits at her desk, she leans down, grabs hold of my pulsing cock, and gives it a nice long kiss, right on the sensitive underside..
“Hello there Sweetheart” she cooes as she sits down and gets to work.
The heat is taking over, I’m her slut and I wanna play. I start to fuck myself with one hand, and play with my nipples with the other. I spend however long she needs on her homework fucking myself for her. Being her little noisemaker. She wasn’t cruel, if I needed something I could go get it, but most of the time I sit on that bed and whine like a bitch for my mistress. Sometimes she’d take a minute to watch me too, sometimes she would lean over and tickle my thigh or balls to get a squeal out of me. Sometimes she’d go to our play drawer and hand me different toys to use, or for her to use, or for her to put inside of me 😰🥵
Like the 6 inch vibrating plug she took her sweet time pushing into me.
She also gave me nipple clamps, and occasionally used a wand on me.
When she’s almost done, she tells me to cry for Mommy (The more merciful, loving dom personality) to come save me. So I do, I call for her, I moan like a slut. I’m broken.

She works hard and gets all of her work done for the day. she’d finish up in an about hour or two. That’s when she’d strip down, lean over me, climb up on top of me, pinning me, and fuck me silly. She was soaking wet. She must have been so ready for me, so horny that whole time.
She’s fuck me rough, and whisper in my ear about how pathetic I am, how slutty I am, and how much of a good boy I was for helping Mommy study. She begs me to cum for her, she orders me to take my reward and cum inside of her. I bite into her neck, my moans becoming obnoxious and uncontrollable.

I explode, I explode inside her. All of that pleasure flooding all over me, as she keeps fucking me. She only stops after her 3rd orgasm on my cock. I’m absolutely drained. My entire body is a soaking wet puddle of slutty pleasure. I don’t think I can move… my legs are still shaking.
She helps me clean up, taking everything off and out of me. Making sure I’m all cleaned up. Then she snuggles with me, kissing me, petting me, telling me that I did so good. Telling me she’s so proud of me. I tell her I love her, and smile. I promptly take a 2 hour nap and wake up in time for dinner haha.

I’ve “helped” her study 4 times now…😅

Thank you for listening. I love my wife.

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