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I [M19] met a random girl[F19] by the beach who got wayy to excited aftr drinks

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While walking down the beach I was suddenly approaceed by this gorgeous girl named E ( hidden name for obvious reasons) in the beach ….. she was like the most stunning girl I had seeen in a while considering I was going thru a break up of 4 years relationship .. and had no experience since then of liking any girl… we talked for a couple of hours and hit the club down the alleyway and then we ended up dancing and drinking a lot and got high and wasted and then she started goin all crazy here and there being all slutty while dancing and straight up kissed me and passed out .. and eventually the ordered Uber had arrived and we got in and she laid on my shoulder. She had a white tank top and pretty big boobs. We chatted for a little Aftr she woke yup slightly and she told me that she’s a college student who’s just moving into town. She quickly apologized for the mess in the club for acting out uncannily.
Without either of us noticing, traffic had come to a complete stop. This caused the driver to slam onthe brakes. Out of instinct, I quickly moved my hand across her chest to stop her body from moving forward after the driver slammed on the brakes. I held my hand on her chest without realizing my hand was on her big tits.

After we made sure we were ok, I began to pull my hand away… I was surprised when she grabbed my wrist and looked at me with innocent eyes..She put my hand back on her chest. She reached over and began to rub my bulge. “Thank you for being protective over me,” she said. Luckily the driver was looking at the traffic ahead and wasn’t focused on us at the backseat…
Traffic started to move. She grabbed my hand and put it between her legs. And told that we shud do somewhere private.. but she told that she wanted to do experience it in a car .. so we got down at my house and took my car to the underground parking of a nearby hotel .. then she got up and went to the backseat and seductively called me back to her.. she began undressing me and teasing me but not allowing me to remove my clothes all at once ..

She blindfolded me and slowly undressed herself whilst now allowing me to do it .. which made me go crazy and wanting to see her voluptuous body with my eyes .. her bare body lying there waiting for my eyes to settle on.. he huge tits waiting to be sucked and nibbled on and god I can imagine how wet that cunt must be .. I wanna touch it all soo bad rn but she’s not allowing me .. she’s playing hard to get .. she says that the only way I can undress myself and remove the blindfold is if I promise to make her feel good and dominate her and fuck her till her whole body throbs

And I agree to those words while she carefully undressed me and removed my blindfold.. her gaze fixated at my dick and my eyes lingering her stunning beauty.. she starts by grabbing my dick and stroking it gently till where i couldn’t feel my breath.. i rested her on the seat and went in rougher and deeper into her because she deserved to be punished. I suffocated her with my kisses and held her neck so tight that she wouldn’t be able to forget this moment. as and when i was to cum i put my dick in her mouth deep throat and splashed it fully on to her.. she had it eating like a fucking whore.. and soon started licking me from the balls to the tip of my dick… I can’t describe the feelings it gave me I trembled.

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