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I (m19) jerk to a friend (f20) from work and keep staring at her ass

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So earlier today I got into work and my friend (we’ll call her M) was in the office. We’re the only ones who go in there on Thursday’s. But I just couldn’t stop staring at her ass. It’s not that big but she has some amazing curves on her that gets me hard every time. When she went to another room to change out of her uniform, I took my pants off and started jerking my cock so much for M, wishing I could just bend her over and fuck her. If she didn’t have a bf I probably would have fucked her but oh well. While I jerked off to her I saw her phone on the desk and thought “what the hell”. So I got it and took a pic of me and my hard dick.

Maybe next week, when we are both in, she will bring it up on my phone. That’ll turn me on even more.

P.S. sorry if this sorry isn’t good. It’s my first time making one of these

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