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I [M] [42] once came home from work early and secretly watched my dad [M] [58] and my wife [F] [40] fuck… and I wish I could watch them again.

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I’m never gonna forget the day I came home early from work to find my dad dicking down my sexy little wife. I could hear familiar noises coming from our bedroom upstairs. From the sounds my wife was making, I knew exactly what was going on but I had no idea yet that it was my dad up there with her.

I crept up the stairs as silently as possible stopping each time a stair would Creek. But my wife was being so loud they didn’t hear a thing. Finally I made myself up to the door which was only about halfway closed. I peaked my head in and got a big surprise! My dad was fucking the shit out of my wife Doggystyle.

Both of them were completely naked, except my wife had on some thigh high black and white socks, that always get me instantly hard when she wears them, and she knows it. And my dad had his favorite watch on, that one of his ex-girlfriends had given him for a birthday present a couple years prior.

Before I knew it was my dad, as I was creeping up the stairs I felt twinges of jealousy and betrayal. But when I saw that it was my dad, strangely those feelings all changed and I found myself to be quite aroused and turned on. I have absolutely no idea why. So I crawled in very carefully and quietly so as not to disturb them. I sat down in the opposite corner from them between our two dressers in the corner where it’s pretty dark and shadowy as quietly as I could.

I have no idea if they had just started or if they had been going at it for awhile, but I got to witness, by my own estimate, about 40-45 minutes of it. Man we’re they fucking with a lot of passion and vigor. For most of it they both poured with sweat. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t help but notice my dad’s dick was extremely similar to mine. Bout the same size, same shape, same complexion, both uncircumcised. My dad is only 16 years older than me. And looks a lot younger than his age. But I could tell dad was basically a pro with the way he moved his dick in and out.

As I said, I’m pretty sure I witnessed about 40-45 minutes of this. Very upclose and personal. That’s because the whole time they never once noticed me in the room through out the whole thing. They were both way to into it and I kept seriously quiet. What made it hotter is that my wife kept screaming his name urging him to fuck her harder or faster or begging him not to stop. But instead of using his first name, which is the same as mine, she called him “Daddy”. I felt pulses through my throbbing dick each time she called him that. Normally she calls him dad or by his name. But something about her calling him daddy just made it all so much hotter and sexier.

As soon as I felt settled and comfortable I found an angle that I could see full close up details from. As I sat and watched a little while I noticed I was getting extremely aroused and could feel my dick throbbing and pulsating as it started stiffening up. So I immediately pulled my dick out of my shorts to jack off. I busted 2 fat nuts before it was all over.

Man the way my dad’s dick looked and my wife’s pussy looked together in and out wet and glistening was strangely beautiful, sexy and amazing to me. I saw them go from doggy, to a short but intense 69, to missionary, to my dad tossing my wife over onto her stomach as my dad crawled on top of her to plow her from on top, to my wife riding my dad’s dick furiously and finally back to Doggystyle before my dad finally pulled his dick out of my wife’s pussy and busted his load all over my wife’s back and ass. Even as far up as her shoulder, barely missing her long, black, beautiful hair. It was all over her. My dad came a lot. More than I have ever seen myself cum.

I can always tell when my wife is cumming and from my count, she came all over my dad’s dick 3 times through out their intense fuck session. She fell down to her face but with her ass still up in the air, her ass and legs quivering as my dad emptied his load all over her. When he was done squeezing drops out of his shaft all over her, he grabbed a towel from the floor and wiped my wife and his dick off.

They both plopped down next to each other, still wildly out of breath trying to slowly catch it, holding eachother in an intimate embrace and gently fondled eachother’s genitals. When they both got their breaths back they started tongue kissing and making out. My wife crawled on top of my dad, both still naked and dripping in sweat, and layed on top of him as they continued to kiss and make out. Not much longer after that my wife plopped off of him and layed tightly next to him as they held each other and fell asleep.

They only slept for maybe 15 to 20 minutes before getting up and getting dressed and both going down stairs. From downstairs I could hear them talking, probably telling each other by or something. I used that moment to quickly go down the back way and outside. I was parked in the garage, so neither of them ever realized I was ever home. After my dad left, I hung out in the garage for close to a half an hour before pretending I just got home and greeted my wife with a hug. She acted excited to see me.

I’ve never revealed to either of them that I know about them or that I witnessed things happening. My wife and I have a semi-open relationship already before this incident, but she had never let on that she had anything for or with my dad and to this day still never has to me. I guess she doesn’t think I would approve. And to be quite honest, had I not had the opportunity to watch them at work, I’m not sure I ever would have approved either. But since watching them, I’ve kind of become obsessed with the idea of watching them again. I want to video record it and keep it to watch over and over again. But sadly, even after purposely coming home from work early another handful of times since, I’ve never been able to catch them again. I don’t know if I’m just not lucky enough to catch them again, or if they just don’t see each other anymore.

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