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I love football season part 2

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So we had to wait 2 weeks before our next football party since my hubby has season tickets. The game starts at 1pm. Hubby finished grilling I am in the kitchen making the platters it us about 1230 and the guys start arriving, it is always the same 3 guys. We will just call them guy 1, guy 2 and guy 3. All 3 guys are here I start bringing in the platters. Guy 3 stands up and says here I owe you a shirt from last time and hand me a team jersey. I was on awe. He turned around to sit down I said oh wait. I took my shirt off and my boobs popped out (I don’t wear a bra when I am home) I said I don’t want to get anything on this one, got on my knees pulled his pants down and he was already hard and shaved just the way i like it. I put it in my mouth and was sucking and I could taste the pre cum. After like 2 or 3 minutes he was starting to shiver and pulling away. I grabbed his ass and pulled him all the way in my mouth. He was trying more and more to pull away but I wanted all in mouth. He started cumming and I didn’t stop wanting more and more. I finally let him go and almost fell. I was laughing you ok. He was omfg that was amazing. The other 2 guys just looked and looked like wth. I said well come here. They both stood up. I said come on pull the out, both were hard and leaking pre cum everywhere I was awe you guys are shaved. They were like what. I said don’t worry and started giving both of them hand jobs. As I stroked I guess they were over excites because the both started cumming within a minute. I was like really. I started licking my fingers. They pulled their pants up. My hubby come here I will get you off. I took my leggings off and got on him he was fucking for what seem 30 minutes. He said shit the game is starting because they just kicked off. He turned to the guys and said hurry up how many yards are the going to get on the 1st drive. Each guy guessed, all of sudden my hubby started cumming all in me. He said who ever guesses further away from gain has to eat my wife out. I was oh yes. My hubby will never do that and knows I want it so bad. Well guy 2 lost. My hubby said lay on the ottoman and spread them. I did and oh my gosh as soon as guy 2’s tongue touched my clit I started cumming and it was pushing my hubby’s cum out. He started licking all my hubby’s cum up and it made me cum even more. I was in heaven. I was squirming around and screaming. When he was done I got up , went up cleaned up. Came back and served all the food and drinks the rest of the game. Can’t wait until next game.

On a funny note I had a ladies night and all the guys wives went out one night with me. Guy 2’s wife was joking about how the other night they had sex and she noticed he had shaved everything and she said it was amazing. Then guy 1’s wife oh my he dud the same thing and she liked it also. I was smirking and said me too. So I know what is going to happen next Sunday. Ha ha ha

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