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I invited an old friend to my housewarming party and he fucked my wife [cheating] [cuckold]

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A while back, Chloe and I moved into a new place. It was much nicer than anywhere we had lived before, a large house with plenty of room that was perfect for entertaining. My wife loved to host, and she loved parties, so of course she started planning a housewarming party the moment we moved in. Her plan was to invite basically everyone we knew with the assumption that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to make it and we’d end up with a medium-sized group.

So we planned the party and sent out invitations. Among those invited was an old friend of mine named Taylor. Taylor was one of those guys who got along with everyone. He and I met in high school, and while his “tribe” was definitely the jocks, he was friendly enough with everyone that people were just drawn to him. I remember him as being one of the only jock-types that I actually liked and we became friends. Of course, that was years ago, and he and I sort of lost touch when he went off to play football for a university team. But now he was back in our home state, so we invited him. Taylor was definitely one of the invites we expected to get a “no” from, but to both my surprise and Chloe’s he RSVP’d “Yes” almost immediately after invites went out.

The day of the party rolled around and we had about 35 people. It was summer, and the forecast called for a hot day, so Chloe dressed in short denim shorts and a crop-top t-shirt. Instead of a bra, she elected to wear her bikini top underneath.

People started to filter in mid-afternoon, just as the sun started to sink behind the house, casting a shadow over the backyard that made being outside bearable. The backyard was large enough that we were able to set up a full volleyball net, and there was almost always 6-8 people out batting the ball around. I mostly managed the grill, while Chloe greeted each new arrival at the front door and directed them to the beer and the backyard.

Taylor showed up after the party was in full swing. By the time he knocked on the front door, Chloe was already two drinks in, so she was feeling even more friendly than usual.

“Oh my God! I’m so glad you made it!” she said as she welcomed Taylor in. She threw her arms around him in a big hug, which Taylor returned awkwardly, clearly caught off guard.

Taylor was dressed like a frat boy, a short-sleeved button down shirt and pastel colored shorts with boat shoes, and he looked even better than he did when I saw him last. His football background was clearly evident, but he had more of a wide-receiver build than a linebacker. Not stocky, but fit, and tall — easily 6’3″ — so he towered over Chloe’s 5’7″.

The party continued generally uneventfully from there. People ate, drank, played volleyball, chatted, laughed. I was impressed at how seamlessly Taylor integrated himself with the other people — you never would have guessed that he basically didn’t know any of them. Even I was laughing at all of his jokes. At some point I was sitting on one of our patio chairs when one of Chloe’s volleyball friends, a girl named Katie, came walking up to me.

“Have you seen your wife lately?” she asked. “We’re up next for volleyball and I can’t find her!”

I hadn’t but I told Katie I’d go look for her. I came back into the house and glanced around, but didn’t see here. There were about 30 people at the house between the living room/kitchen area and backyard, so I searched for quite a while. Eventually I figured I’d go upstairs to check our bedroom, even though there wasn’t much reason why she’d need to be up there.

As I opened the door to our bedroom, I audibly gasped at what I saw. Taylor was sitting down on the edge of my bed, his shirt unbuttoned and his shorts pulled down around his ankles. Kneeling on the floor before him was Chloe, bare naked except for her black thong. Her shirt, bikini top, and shorts lay in a crumpled heap on the floor. She turned to look at me as I entered, the look of horror on her face quickly replaced by relief as she realized it was me and not one of the random party guests.

“Chloe, what the fuck?!” I finally managed.

“Shit, man, I’m sorry, she said you had an arrangement,” Taylor answered. It was true, we did, but Chloe always got my permission first before hooking up with someone. She had never snuck off like this as if she was trying to hide it from me.

I shoved that thought aside and ignored Taylor, continuing to speak to Chloe. She still hadn’t unwrapped her fingers from around Taylor’s dick.

“Chloe, Katie is looking for you, she said you’re supposed to be playing volleyball with her, what are you doing?” I asked.

“Sorry, I got distracted,” she smiled. She was using that voice she uses when she’s trying to turn me on and get me to think with the wrong head. I knew what she was doing immediately, but that didn’t stop me from getting rock hard. Still looking at me, she wrapped her lips around Taylor’s cock and took him into her mouth, maintaining eye contact with me all the while. Taylor was dumbstruck, the look on his face reminiscent of a deer in headlights, but he made no move to get up or try to stop Chloe.

“Chloe, baby, you can’t do this right now. Katie is looking for you, what is she gonna think?” I pleaded.

“Fineeee,” Chloe whined. “I’ll go play volleyball with Katie.”

She gave Taylor’s cock a few more full-length strokes before standing up and moving towards her clothes.

“Wait, so that’s it? What about me?” Taylor complained.

“Oh, I’m not done with you yet,” Chloe answered, pulling her shorts on.

“So I’m just supposed to what? Go back to the party? Sit here and wait?” Taylor continued.

“I’m sorry. I can have my husband keep you hard while you wait if you want?” Chloe offered. I felt my stomach drop. Taylor may not know what Chloe meant by that, but I did. Still, the hardness in my pants kept me from protesting.

“Your… husband?” Taylor trailed off.

“Sweetie,” Chloe turned to me, “would you please keep Taylor’s cock hard for me while I play? I won’t be long.”

She finished tying her bikini top back on and came over to kiss me as she finished, the smell of cock lingering on her breath. I didn’t answer, but Chloe took my silence as agreement and left the bedroom, closing the door behind her and leaving her crop-top behind.

“Dude, what the fuck,” Taylor said as Chloe left. “What does she mean you’re gonna keep my dick hard?”

I didn’t answer, instead wordlessly moving to take Chloe’s spot on my knees in front of Taylor.

“You’re gonna suck my dick?” he asked when I remained silent. He seemed to pause for a moment to consider, absently stroking his own cock in front of my face as he did. Taylor’s dick wasn’t the biggest Chloe had ever had, but it was still impressive — about 7″ and a medium thickness, clean shaven and dripping precum from Chloe’s work.

“Fine,” Taylor finally said. “But when she gets back I’m gonna fuck the shit out of her.”

I wrapped my hand around Taylor’s cock as he accepted Chloe’s offer, stroking him with the spit Chloe had left behind as lube. I took him into my mouth and began to suck on him, taking as much of his length down my throat as I could.

“Wow, ok, you have definitely done this before,” Taylor taunted. He was right, his was far from the first cock I’d sucked, but this was definitely the first time I had been offered up by my own wife to keep a guy hard for her until she could fuck him. “Is this usually how your little arrangement works?” Taylor asked.

I pulled my lips off his cock and focused on stroking him. “No, usually it’s much more planned out.”

“Ah, so your wife saw me show up today and just couldn’t help herself,” Taylor gloated. “I’ll remember that later when I’m fucking her.”

I just wordlessly returned to sucking Taylor’s cock, making sure not to go too fast. I knew Chloe would be upset if I made him cum instead of her.

I probably sucked Taylor’s cock for about 15 minutes before the bedroom door opened once again. My adrenaline spiked as I looked up, terrified that it might not be Chloe. Thankfully it was, and she entered the room and shut the door behind her. She was sweating from the effort of the volleyball game, but the look on her face was one of pure lust.

“Thanks baby,” she said to me as she once again started to strip, letting her bikini top fall to the floor. “I’ll take it from here.” She removed her shorts and underwear as well, leaving her fully naked and revealing her bare pussy to Taylor for the first time.

“About time,” Taylor commented as I stood up. Chloe didn’t take my place, but instead pushed Taylor down so he was lying flat on his back and straddled him, his hard dick just behind her. She began to bounce her ass, teasing Taylor’s cock with the jiggle of her cheeks.

“You need to go back to the party before people get suspicious,” she said to me. “If anyone asks tell them I had to take a call for work.”

I heard Chloe, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away and stood frozen, watching.

“You ready?” Chloe said, now talking to Taylor. He nodded, so she repositioned so that she was hovering above his dick, his tip still leaking precum as she aimed him at her entrance.

“Aren’t you guys gonna use a…”

I trailed off as Chloe lowered herself onto Taylor’s dick, eliciting moans from both of them. Once she adjusted to Taylor’s cock, Chloe immediately resumed her ass-bouncing motion, gliding up and down Taylor’s shaft as she did.

“Get out!” she ordered, noticing I was still watching.

I made for the door, trying to hide my erection from showing as I rejoined the party.

The next 45 minutes were agonizing. I resumed mingling, covering for my wife as she rode someone’s dick in my marital bed. I still wonder if the other guests knew what was up — if any had bothered to glance at my hard dick or notice the redness on my face they might have guessed immediately.

In any case, I chatted casually with people, refilled drinks, and generally played host until I noticed Taylor had rejoined the party. He was a bit sweaty but otherwise looked very well put-together for what I knew had just happened. We both pretended like nothing had happened as we chatted, until we found ourselves alone in the kitchen.

“Where’s Chloe?” I asked in a whisper.

“She wants to see you upstairs,” Taylor answered.

My dick got hard again as I climbed the stairs, taking them two at a time. I had a pretty good idea of what it was Chloe wanted, and my suspicions were confirmed as I re-entered the bedroom. She was lying right in the middle of the bed, still naked and covered in sweat. She was idly tracing circles around her clit with one hand, and she looked up to smile at me as I came in.

As I approached, she stopped touching herself and instead pointed to her freshly fucked pussy.

“Would you mind?” she asked simply.

My mouth watered as I got into position. Chloe’s pussy was absolutely covered in Taylor’s cum. It was all over her inner thighs and had already began to leak out of her onto our bedsheets. I began eating her out immediately, starting by licking from each thigh up to her clit before plunging my tongue into her soaking wet hole. Chloe moaned loudly as I serviced her, and I crossed my fingers that the sounds of music playing and talking downstairs were enough to drown out the sound.

Once I was sure I had cleaned every drop of Taylor’s cum from my wife, I focused my licking directly on Chloe’s clit. I continued until her body began to quiver and shake, and then pressed on as Chloe bucked her hips against my face in orgasmic pleasure.

“Thank you baby,” she said after catching her breath. “For cleaning me and for my third orgasm of the day.”

I kissed her, and then we agreed that we’d filter back into the party separately to avoid raising any more suspicion.

The party continued for another couple of hours, well past sunset. People gradually filtered out, and as I closed the door behind the last group of friends I realized that Taylor had hung around all night and it was just him, me, and Chloe left.

As soon as she confirmed with me that everyone else had gone, Chloe was immediately all over Taylor again. They kissed their way up the stairs as I followed them into the bedroom. I sat in the chair in the corner as I watched them fuck for the second time, no need to run any interference this time. Being that it was their second round, Taylor lasted much longer, and they fucked in a variety of positions for the next hour and a half. It was always a treat to watch Chloe fuck another athlete — Taylor’s stamina and the power of his thrusts put my performance to shame. He brought my wife to another two orgasms as I watched.

Finally, Taylor finished for a second time, emptying his balls inside of my wife. Chloe was far too exhausted to have me clean her a second time, so I finished myself off as I watched Taylor’s cum leak out of her.

Taylor got dressed and prepared to leave, and Chloe saw him off with a kiss, her still-naked body pressing into his as they agreed to do it all again another night.

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