Erotic Stories

I have been going to the park to fantasize.

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I [M]came to this park with a past lover and fucked in the dirt like a wild animal. It was exciting and I want to relive it.

I recently moved to a neighborhood with a beautiful women of all ages, seriously I just saw a 50+ year old grandmother with the hottest “fuck me” outfit on. There is also a beautiful park perfect for long walks and quick hikes. It’s like a forest except it’s at the tip top of Manhattan. Anyway it all started as a walk in the park in the mornings to clear my head and start the day right. As the depression subsided my appetites came back. Now I am sitting on a bench fantasizing about the hot moms and the pretty dog walkers all around me. I am in heaven. Have you ever gone to the park just so guys look at you?

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