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I had sex with a “lesbian”

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This situation happened when my girlfriend and I at the time threw a small New Year’s party at our house. About 20 people attended. My girlfriends sister brought 3 of her friends which one happened to be a “lesbian” well she claimed to be lesbian. Throughout the night we had some drinks and chatted and played some games. Once the new year hit everyone was drunk at this point. A little after that people started heading home and soon there was only my girlfriend her sister her boyfriend and her 3 friends and 4 close friends that were staying the night since obviously way to drunk to leave. My girlfriends sister and her man were staying the night in a room downstairs everyone else was staying in the living room. There was a few of us still drinking and chatting. Now from this point I don’t know how or what made me go downstairs but I ended up downstairs. The “lesbian” girl went downstairs because for I don’t know what reason all I remember was that she was knocking on the door of my girlfriend’s sister room for who knows what reason and as I’m waking down I see her there and asking her what she’s doing and without saying anything she started kissing me. We started making out and I slowly started to take her clothes off. There was a bathroom close by and we went in there and started having sex. It didn’t last very long because I started hearing my girlfriend coming downstairs and I quickly pulled up my pants and ran out the bathroom and laid on the floor pretending to sleep. The girl just kept quit and hid in the bathroom. My girlfriend came up to me and asked if I’m okay and if I needed help walking to bed and I said no and walked to bed and that was it. The next day by the time I woke up which was late in the day everyone was gone. Crazy thing is I did see her working at a gas station couple months ago and I pretended like I didn’t know her lol

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