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I had a crush on my boss

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August 2018, I remember as if it was yesterday the first time I saw him. A tall, brown hair and brown eyes, handsome man, in his 40s came to talk to me as I was the new hire for our company. The moment I saw him, I felt something weird inside me. I was hypnotized, I don’t think I have ever seen such a masculine, hot guy in my life before. I honestly don’t remember feeling that way ever before not even when I met my husband.
His office was across the room and from my desk I could see him when the shades were open. I felt bad because I’m married and I love my husband but i knew that the thoughts I was having were just thoughts inside my head…
About two months later, my husband moved to another state due to a work opportunity and I continued to live in our old apartment… one night me, my boss and other coworkers went out dancing, I honestly did not know he was going as well, and I was happily surprised.
We all drank a lot, danced a lot and I could tell something was happening. I noticed him looking at me in a different way, staring at me while i danced. I’m a Latina who really knows how to dance sensually and I put my best moves for him…. I was at the dance floor while he was sitting at the booth and he didn’t stop looking at me, I knew he was desiring me as much as I was desiring him. For a moment, I was concerned the coworkers were noticing all the flirtation happening, but it didn’t seem they were. After a few songs, he walked towards me, my heart was beating so fast but I pretended I didn’t see him approaching me and was just acting normal. He asked if he could join me for a dance, which I said “sure”. He grabbed me from behind I could feel he was rock hard. The club was full so I think nobody really noticed that. I was wearing a mini dress, and he started to grab my tights…. Omg, that was soooo hot! Eventually he touched me over my underwear and at that point I honestly wasn’t caring if anybody was watching us. Around 2:30 am, the lights started to lit up and people started to leave. One of my coworkers asked if I needed a ride home since my apartment was on her way home. I declined and said I’d take a uber home.
Everybody left, and just me and my boss stayed in front of the club. He asked if I wanted a ride , which I agreed. We got to his car that was parked a few blocks away on a desert alley and we were both so horny we started to make out there. Gosh, his kisses, the way he touched my body, the sweat, his voice telling me how horny he was…. I was ready to have sex right there, but he didn’t have condoms with him. He drove me home and I said well, I do have condoms upstairs and he came to the apartament with me. We took shower together, and the fire between us just got stronger. He knew what he was doing and I was loving it.

After we finished shower we went to my bed, and we had the wildest sex I rever had in my
Whole life! We were like two animals giving pleasure to each other. He would pump his d1ck in me so hard I thought I’d have trouble walking the next day. At the same time
He was gentle and made me feel so comfortable. We had sex in every position you can imagine, it was such a great night.
After we finished (it was day already), we cuddled for a Couple minutes before he left, since his wife was calling him. We both lost track of time. On monday, in the office we were all talking about how fun the party was and we should go out again and he would look at me and smirk. During the day he would Leave the blinds open and look at me in my desk and stare at Me, I just hope nobody else notices it, because it’s our little dirty secret

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