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I got a facial from another guy while on the phone with my boyfriend. [26F]

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Sooo, this is perhaps one of the stories where I know I shouldn’t feel as proud about as I do… But this is a slut positive community, so I feel like sharing it with you guys is the right thing to do 🙂

See, the thing is, I’ve got a bit of a cheating fetish. The fact that you shouldn’t be allowed to be doing what you’re doing makes it just… so… much… hotter… Just giving into your urges and fuck the guy you shouldn’t be fucking. I just can’t help it.

I was in a two year relationship when I was 18, but we were sorta growing apart and I ended up cheating on him. One of those hookups was with a guy I met at the gym. We started talking, he was flirting with me, asking my number etc and there was an obvious mutual attraction. I ended up going to this guys place one day to fool around. Now when I was on my knees in front of him, enjoying the taste of his cock, I get called by my bf… Just like all of you I’ve seen porn where the girl is on the phone with someone while having sex and I just really wanted to try that out. So before I knew it I had picked up the phone. I was calling my bf, while I was jerking off someone elses cock right in front of my face.

When I did the talking I jerked off the guy and when my bf talked I licked and sucked his cock and balls. Couple of minutes later the guy pulls away and starts jerking himself as he opens my mouth with his other hand: bam! Cumshot on my tongue and face! I swallowed what was in my mouth and finished of the conversation with my bf with the rest of the cum on my face.

I genuinely love this story and I can’t really tell my friends as I feel like they’d judge me. I’m hoping you guys won’t 🙂 If it helps, I did break up with my bf about two months later.


  1. AmbitiousBookworm12 Reply

    I never encourage cheating but the taboo of it makes me want men who are taken.

  2. Slut positive is my new phrase I love it !!!!
    I’ve been the male recipient of the blow job whilst I was on the phone also … several times it makes it even hotter

  3. lilwolf9905 Reply

    Being a slut and being a cheater are different. You’re a cheater, not a slut

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