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I fucked two of my office partners on a business trip! [24F]

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I just got back from a week long business trip. Two of the partners at my office had me accompany them. I knew I’d fucking them. They had told me that the plan was that I’d switch rooms between then each night. The first day was pretty much as I had expected. We arrived at the hotel and they had me unpack their bags, so I got everything arranged in Brian’s room and then Peter’s room. Back in Brian’s room I got drinks for everyone and they told me to strip down, which I did. They had me get on the floor on hands and knees between the chairs. They sat in the chairs and put their feet up on me. Being used like a human table turns me on every time. They drank and talked about the conference. They finished their drinks and took their feet off me. Then Brian gave my ass a squeeze and said, “Let’s figure out the order here.” Peter took out a coin. Brian chose heads. Peter flipped the coin onto my back and called out heads. So, Brian got to keep me the first night. Then Peter said, “And one more for the first go on her.” I knew they were flipping for whether they went for my mouth first or my ass.
Peter flipped anf it hit my back and came up tails. “Tails it is,” said Peter. “Come on honey,” Brian said, “Bend over the bed.”

I bent over the bed and Peter said, “Always a good girl. That’s what we like about you.” And they took turns on my ass and pussy. Thy were both really hard and slammed away fast and strong. My head literally shook back and forth and I was groaning out and when I spoke my teeth chattered. I was like “Oh fuck. Oh God. OhHoly shit.”

They took me to dinner and I spent the night with Brian. He sent me to Peter in the morning and I sucked him until e came hard in my mouth.

I spent some time with them in the conference but I was always back in the room so they could fuck me on breaks. They liked me to suck and fuck them in the morning, then be there at lunch for another bang, and suck their dicks when they signaled for me.

What I hadn’t expected came on the second day. I had spent the night with Peter and he sent me to Brian in the morning. Then they took me to breakfast. Guys from the conference said hello here and there, then one said, “So, this is Allison.” Before I could say anything, Peter said, “It is. Interested?”

“I am,” the guy said. Turned out his name was William.

“You can take her after breakfast”, Peter said.

Then Brian said, “She has keys to both of our rooms. We’ll keep her in one unless she’s out with us.” Then Brian said to me, “Looks like you are the best girl here, so we agreed to share you with others. From now on you’ll stay in one of the rooms unless we need you with us. You’ll take whatever visitors come to the room. You want to help out don’t you?”

I thought, “Stupid slut, of course it was going to be like this.” But I said, “Of course. I’d ;ove to help everyone.”

So William took me back to his room and gave me a hard face fucking. Then he took me back to my room and said he was texting Brian and Peter to tell them he had returned me to the room. I said, “Thank you. I guess I should just wait here.” “Yes”, he said. “You’re everthing they said you were – beautiful, obedient, a great piece of ass.” “Thank you,” I said, and kissed him and went in the room.

I got a text from Brian that said, “Put the do not disturn sign out whenever you are with someone. May as well just stay in panities or something easy to come off.” I texted back, “K. I’ll just stay in pantes and heels.”

The first knock came about an hour later. He didn’t even tell me his name but fucked my ass and pussy until I was dizzy. I was panting and my head wasspinning when he slaspped my ass and said, “That’s the best ass I’ve seen in awhile.” “I babbled “Thank you, sir.”

And that’s how the week went. One dick after another. I got a lot of attention. By the next day guys were stopping me in the conference and taking me back to their rooms or I was in my room and the knocks came regularly. On the fourth day, there was once when the guy let himself out only to let another guy in right away. Then he left and another said hi to him and came right in, then it happened again. My head was hanging over the bed and I was drooling cum while he fucked me. I was a babbling, drooling idiot by the time they were finished that day.

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