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I (F25) got fucked at my apartment pool tonight

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If you all remember from a couple weeks ago, I ended up fucking a man I met at the bar and let him cum inside me that night. Today, I invited him over for some pool time at my apartment.

After the sun went down and I started to get tipsy, we were in and out of the hot tub, kissing, being handsy, and getting hot and bothered. My apartment pool has a few day beds, so we went to lay down on one together. We immediately couldn’t keep our hands off each other. There was no one else down there with us, except for the apartments that have a clear view to see the pool, and it was dark out. I asked if he would fuck me right there. He seemed taken aback, and didn’t believe me, so I reiterated that I was serious. I grabbed the pool towel and laid it across our hips while turning to have him spoon me. I started gently moving my hips back and forth, and moved my thong bikini over so that my pussy was ready to take his cock. I reached back and pulled down his swim shorts and started to stroke his dick. I turned back and he asked again to make sure I was okay with possibly getting caught and being fucked in public. I said “I want you to fuck me right here”. He slipped his cock inside me from behind, and slipped his hand under my bikini top to grab my tit. It felt so fucking good, and the fact that so many people had the ability to watch from their apartment made me so wet. We had to be quiet though, so I had him stick his fingers down my throat to help absorb my moans. He didn’t last very long, blowing a huge load into me within just minutes. That was the best part though, that he had to cum inside me to make sure we left no trace. But now I’m here, feeling so frustrated still because I didn’t get to cum myself, and knowing that his cum is inside me is making me so much hornier. I’ll have to finish the job myself, should I keep my apartment windows open again for others to enjoy?

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