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I [F23] slept with my Dad’s coworker. [M54]. First time doing it with a much older man. Part 1

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I recently returned to college after being online for the last two years. Since I was very limited on what I could do or not since I was always home, I promised myself that once I was free to resume my life, I would enjoy myself before graduating.

Around the start of May me and my friends went to a club that ended up boring us (the music and the ambience where not of our liking). So we decided to go to a bar that had been highly recommended to us. In there we met several guys and kept receiving free drinks from random guys.

After some of them tried to approach us, one of my friends offered the game that the next drink we received we would have to go and thank personally the person. We all played.

It first started as teases and laughs. And many men would not know how to follow up. While some of my friends would play hard to get or use excuses to leave the conversation. I was set on that the next guy who would send me a drink, I would tease him all I could.

Eventually it happened. This 54M that was sitting alone in the bar counter, sent me a cocktail. As soon as I the waiter told me who it was, I grabbed it and walked towards his direction.

He first asked if the drink was of my liking, to what I replied that it was. From there the conversation began to move. He asked general stuff like who I was, I did the same. Funny enough we even talked that his line of work was the same as my dad’s. He fired back to my comment with a “I could be you dad”. I joked back that with his age he could, but we traded laughs and looks while at it. We both knew what he meant with that.

He would continue to throw comments like that while he talked, next thing I knew I was sitting right next to him, with my legs crossed I would have my right one touch his.

I was tipsy and he was charming. But what I found hot about him is that he was daring. His hand slowly travelled from slowly stroking my forearm, to my shoulder, to my back, and finally resting on my exposed lower back (I was wearing a crop top). Each time he would do a move he would look at me, I would look away and smile as a nod that it was okay.

He told me that he was divorced, that his marriage didn’t work due to that his wife and him mostly married just cause he got her pregnant. But that love and passion always lacked in their marriage. As soon as their kid turned 18 and left to another city to work and live with some friends he and his wife did the divorce process.

He continued with the words that he didn’t believe in love, but that he believed in passion. And specially “sincere passion”. When I asked what he meant with that, he replied that it was the passion that one could not help to express from feeling something. Specially something intimate.

At this point his hand was now on my waist and he tried to pull me closer. As he now dug his face on my shoulder to whisper in my ear, he asked me if I wanted to know first hand what he was talking about.

I teased him back by doing the same and telling him that I didn’t sleep with people on the first date. (I didn’t say this meaning I wanted to date him or that I considered this as a date. Also this is a lie cause I’ve slept with people in the first date).

He replied back that this wasn’t a date. Just as causal encounter. He used the argument that I wanted to experience more stuff (I told him about this), and that this was an opportunity to do so. I smiled and told him to lead the way.

I told my friends it was all alright and he would give me a ride home. One of them joked that it was “more like I was gonna give him a ride”. We got on his truck and he drove me to a motel nearby.

As soon as we arrived he pulled me close and kissed me. He was rough. His tongue immediately pushed mine to enter my mouth. One of his hand’s was on my back, pulling me towards him, while the other groped my ass.

He then turned me around and slid his hand all the way from my chest to my belly, to slid between my skirt and panties all the way to now tease my pussy. As he played with it he rested one hand on my waist and used his mouth to kiss my neck. I allowed myself to release some soft moans.

I then turned back to kiss him. Unbuttoned his shirt; revealing his bull torso, then I pushed him to lay down on the bed, and as he crawled back, I placed myself I top of him. He then removed my top, leaving me only with my bra.

We swung our hips back and forth while looking at each other, stealing kisses while at it. His hand now traveled to my hips, he pushed me off to the side, and then quickly got in front of me. He took the rest of his clothes off and only leaving his boxers on.

While at it I teased him with closing my legs, but moving them from one side to another. He removed my heels slowly while watching at me. And then as his both hands traveled through my legs, he quickly spread them. Like a animal on heat he quickly removed my skirt and panties all-together.

Without any warning he began to eat me out, and he clearly knew all the places to kiss, lick and suck. After he had me completely wet, he placed himself between my legs, I could see the huge bulge on his boxer. I sat down to lower them and reveal his uncut thick erect cock.

He reached out for a condom on the counter and handed it to me, asking if I wanted to do the honors. I laughed and said that it would be my pleasure. Stroking his dick to finally have it full erect, I placed the condom and as soon as I was done, he pushed me down once more.

Without any hesitation he quickly placed the tip on my pussy lips, and pushed it all the way in. He was huge, and the way he had slid it in, pushed one of my walls, making me moan.

His trusts where fast and aggressive. I had my hands go from clutching the sheets to scratch his back. My legs surrounded his waist and then just rested in the bed. I was his and he was enjoying every moment, as was I.

He then pulled out to turn me over, as he spanked my ass, he ordered me to get on all fours. As I did he unclipped my bra, letting it fall. He then reached over to my pussy with his hand, he began to play with it while he again kissed my neck. He then kissed all my back, even licked it. He then placed his hand next to my face and ordered me to taste his fingers. I did.

“That’s how wet you are for a old man who could be your dad”.

He pushed me then to be on my fours again and once more trusted his dick inside me. The simulation I would receive because of his hands running through my back, ass, and spanking, + his dick filling me up and hitting the right spots had me moaning his name in no time. He told me to call him babe. I did

He once more reached around for me, but this time while still fucking me. And then it finally came, the final trigger. He bit my neck and my entire body gave up. I felt myself as I was about to reach orgasm. And he felt it too.

As I tightened all my body due to the feeling of ecstasy, of release. He began to say that I was one tight bitch. And that I was gonna make him cum.

A minute or two later he pulled out, turned me over, took the condom off and came all over my bare chest and tummy.

This is the end of part 1 since the whole story doesn’t fit in one single post.


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