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I (F22) haven’t had a hickey from my partner (M24) since before quarantine.

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So, I love hickies, bites, I would love to be choked to the point of leaving bruises. I love being arked by my partner.

Everytime he’s kissing my neck or we’re making out, I ask for him to mark me but he doesn’t. I think it’s fair since I live with my parents still and he comes over and doesn’t want to cause issues with them.

We were alone a couple of nights ago, the night after the cinema and I was so horny. I wanted him to fuck me so bad but since we don’t have any birth control right now I wanted the next best thing.

We started making out and I asked him to kiss my neck and tongue fuck my mouth. I fucking loved it, I’m very orally focused, even if we fuck I love to have fingers in my mouth or to be kissed. He bit my lip, he shoved his tongue down my throat, I told him I wished he could mark me.

He growls just a little bit and bites down on my neck. He does it so hard I can’t help but yelp just a little bit. “My dirty little slut” he whispers into my ear before sucking on my neck as hard as he can. I could have cum right there and then.

He then told me to “Do my job” and pushed my head down.

I’m going to leave it there for now because I love having my neck bitten and as much as I love being choked with his thighs and having his dick rubbed up on my face, if this does well I’ll do a part two.

I saw the hickey the morning after and it’s a bright purple bruise that makes me feel so hot.


  1. Billy_Maxx Reply

    Love bruises are fucking hot. Bright red streaks from nails for me.

  2. I’m also massive into this kind of play in the bedroom marks, bites, scratches the works it’s a huge turn on

  3. No_Inevitable_5010 Reply

    Isn’t this a bit dangerous! I mean no doc here but I have heard that this could lead to formation of clots and is this clots travel to heart or brain then its GAME OVER for u. No more sex, nothing. Take care gals/guys!

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