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I [F] was married, received a cream pie from a friend, spent time with my parents with cum inside me, and was raised in a strict religious home. [23F]

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I went to my regular guy’s house after work on Saturday after he texted me to say he wanted to see me. We started right immediately because I was already running late. He gave me a hard fuck while bending me over his bed at first. He entered my body from behind and severely spanked my ass.

Then we switched to me riding him. While I was on his top, he continuously whacked my D cups, making my nipples excessively sensitive and my tits crimson. At that point, my mother called. I quickly made two turns. She asked me questions and told me to get home as soon as I could that morning. I let her know I was going back and hung up.

Then, like a missionary, he scooped me up by pulling me under him. The man was tougher this time. While I had my legs over his shoulders, he gave me a terrible pounding, smacking me in the face and tits at the same time. I showed up this time. He hit me twice, one after the other, and both times referred to me as a cock-loving slut. I let him within, and he filled me with himself. Instead of taking a shower as usual because it was becoming late, I quickly changed back into my clothes and went back home with the plan to quickly shower there.

My folks had already made the decision to go shopping when I came home. I supplied the thin reason of poor traffic instead of claiming that I wanted a shower after realizing how upset my mother was with me for being late. I checked the tops of my clothes for any damp spots while seated in the backseat of the automobile. It was pretty sticky, and my pants were coated in cum while still holding it in, so I excused myself to the mall restroom to check on how I was feeling. Despite having cum inside of me, I continued to spend the rest of the evening with my parents because there wasn’t much I could have done to stop it.

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