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I [F] was born into a religiously strict household, got married, received a cream pie from a friend, and then spent time with my parents with cum inside me. [23F]

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This past Saturday, my regular guy texted me to say he wanted to see me, so after work, I went to his house. I was already running behind schedule, so we got started right away. At first, he bent me over his bed and gave me a hard fuck. He penetrated me from behind and gave my ass a severe spanking.

We then changed to me riding him. He repeatedly smacked my D cups while I was on his top, causing my tits to turn red and my nipples to become too sensitive. My mum then called me at this time. I made two turns in my speed. She questioned me and urged me to return home as soon as possible that morning. I informed her that I was returning and then hung up.

After that, he pulled me under him and snatched me up like a missionary. This time, he was rougher. He gave me an awful beating while I had my legs over his shoulders, slapping me in the face and tits at the same time. This time, I came. He smacked me twice, one after the other, and called me a cock-loving slut both times. He entered me and filled me with himself. Normally, I would take a shower, but since it was becoming late, I changed back into my clothes and hastened back home with the intention of taking a fast shower there.

When I got home, my parents had already decided to go shopping. Seeing how angry my mother was at me for being late, I didn’t claim that I needed a shower but instead offered the flimsy justification of bad traffic. I sat in the backseat of the car and periodically softly felt the tops of my clothes to check for any damp areas. I excused myself to use the restroom at the mall to check on how I was feeling and discovered that it was quite sticky and that my pants were covered in cum while still holding it in. I continued spending the remainder of the evening with my folks despite having cum within me because there wasn’t much I could have done about it.


  1. Do you enjoy the feeling of cum in you? Could you smell it on you all day?

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