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I [F] want to go about my day using a sex toy invisibly. [23F]

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I keep thinking about how much I wish I could carry a dildo inside of me all day. I would spend the entire day drenched in water. Since my vagina is so sensitive, I wonder if I might even experience an orgasm as a result of the penetration. I often consider how sleazy it would be to be moving around with a toy inside of me while at the gym or at work. Although I’m pretty tight, I know it wouldn’t slip around too much if I wore some spandex shorts to keep it in place. Just the thought of a guy eyeing me or flirting with me while he doesn’t know I have a dildo inside my wet pussy makes me sooooo horny. I always notice guys looking at me at the gym. I can picture carrying it inside of me as I walk to class, then picturing how wonderful it would feel to sit in class and let it deepen. It would be really difficult to resist riding it there. Just imagining it had me dripping wet.

Ugh, I feel like I must realize this fantasy, but I’m so anxious!


  1. divineopenspaces Reply

    If you’re going to try this, you should probably try it out somewhere safe first like at home, to see how you react. I agree, it’s a really hot fantasy, but you’ve got to be smart about it.

  2. You need to try on your home first, then go out if u feel good with it.

  3. Rin_Tohsaka23 Reply

    You should do it in your comfort zone first, princess 😉.. have a naked walk in your house to feel comfortable from day by day, then you try to up yourself by maybe adding a buttplug 😉😉… Who knows, you’ll feel leagues better🥰

  4. Queasy-Place-6885 Reply

    Well described! 🔥 And why not? Go for it! I think some people here misunderstood your post and thought you had never used a dildo at all. If so, I would really start at home first. But as I understood, you clearly fantasize about carrying the dildo inside you almost all day long, even at the gym. Means you already used one at home. Sorry if I’m wrong.
    But yup, just try it out and do what turns you on.

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